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222/8 (50)
186/10 (48)
Afghanistan won by 36 runs.
Player of the match: Hashmatullah Shahidi
Afghanistan came in as the clear favourites and when you've got a bowling attack featuring Rashid and Mujeeb, it can hardly go wrong on a testing pitch for the batters. The Afghans are one-up in the series and will be eyeing a series win the next time they face the Netherlands later this week. But you can never write the Dutch off, especially in this format. That's it for this game's coverage though. We've had a blast covering the action but all good things come to an end. If you are still up for some action, do hop onto our coverage of South Africa's reply to India's 287 in the second ODI. This is Dwijesh, along with my colleague Soorya signing off! Good Bye and Take Care!
Hasmatullah Shahidi is the player of the match for his 94-ball 73!
Hashmatullah Shahidi (Afghanistan captain): We were 30 runs short and at the end our bowlers did well. The pitch was slow and the ball was keeping low in the first innings. Rahmat Shah is a senior player and we expect that from him. I believe a lot in him as a player. Rashid and the bowlers bowled well but we will try to bat better than today in the next game. We have good spinners but want our batters to improve and win games in the future. We have four in four in the Super League and want to finish this series on a high note going forward to the Zimbabwe series.

My son wanted me to play well in my first game as captain, which I was able to do. I felt some pressure but I learnt a lot from today. The ball wasn't coming onto the bat nicely so I wanted to bat deep. 
Pieter Seelaar (Netherlands Captain): A couple of missed chances that were not grabbed - the stumping of Rahmat Shah was crucial and we dropped Hashmatullah once or twice. With the bat were in it for quite a while but in the end the skill of Rashid Khan and Yamin Ahmadzai was too good for us. Not at all (if he regrets choosing to bowl) - at the halfway mark, 223 was a score we should have got. The wicket of Scott Edwards probably hurt us badly. Towards the end it's tough to get a lot off Rashid, Mujeeb and Ahmadzai. I thought pretty much all the bowlers were good. Scott batted really nicely and had a very good game plan. Unfortunately we just came up short in the end. We play a lot of cricket in the Netherlands and conditions are warm there. I've not experienced this in the Middle East - it was very cold and hopefully conditions improve going forward. I thought we competed well. We're here to win. Probably taking those catches in the game might make it look differently. (On the ODI Super League points up for grabs) We've got two wins, two losses and a no result. All to play for in the next two games. We've got to be a little bit better.
Afghanistan beats the Netherlands by 36 runs!

That's it! The Afghans clinch a 36 run win over the Netherlands, who have given a decent account of themselves in this encounter! Having been set a target of 223 on what was a tough pitch to bat on, Netherlands started in fine fashion with Scott Edwards and Musa Ahmed looking solid. However, it was Yamin Ahmadzai, who the first breakthrough for the Afghans at an opportune moment.

From that moment on, Netherlands were never allowed to go on the attack and even if they did, the bowlers responded with wickets. The Dutch middle-order couldn't withstand the spin threat that Afghan presented with only Scott Edwards able to hold his own with a well-compiled 68 off 82 balls! He found some support in the form of Pieter Seelaar, along with whom he stitched a 51 run partnership.

But again, just as the Netherlands look to up the ante, the duo of Mujeeb and Rashid Khan struck. The Afghan spin-twins accounted for as many as five wickets with pacer Yamin Ahmadzai also chipping with a couple. A special mention to Sharaf Ashraf, who turned out miserly figures himself.

At the end of the day, it was always going to be an uphill task for a depleted Dutch side to get the better of a spin-heavy Afghan side. Hashmatullah Shahidi and co take the lead in this series but the Netherlands have shown enough to keep them on their toes going forward without a doubt.
186 /10 score
cricket bat icon Fred Klaassen *
7 (8)
cricket bat icon Vivian Kingma
1 (6)
cricket ball icon Yamin Ahmadzai
2 /34
47.6 Yamin Ahmadzai to Fred Klaassen, RUN OUT! IT'S ALL OVER! Into the blockhole outside off, Klaassen hangs deep and shovels it out towards mid-on as he tees off. Najibullah picks it up and fires a direct throw at the stumps and Glover doesn't even bother grounding his bat. Very, very casual there and the square leg umpire doesn't even bother going upstairs. Afghanistan beat Netherlands by 36 runs!
Brandon Glover, RHB, is the last man in!

47.5 Yamin Ahmadzai to Vivian Kingma, DIRECT HIT! Absolutely poor from Netherllands! Slower one on a full length outside off, Kingma makes room shaping to power it through the covers but adjusts to tap it towards point instead. The overthrow forces the batters to consider a second run as Kingma is well outside his crease but it is Rashid with a sharp and accurate throw from long on at the bowler's end.

The replays confirm that Kingma was late in sliding his bat inside the crease and that'll be all. 9th one down and just the formalities remain! RUN OUT! 
47.4 Yamin Ahmadzai to Vivian Kingma, good length delivery angling into the corridor, Kingma hangs back and stabs it out along the pitch.
47.3 Yamin Ahmadzai to Vivian Kingma, OOH! There was a clear noise again - surely, that hit the stumps but the bails haven't come off. Keeps very low off a full-ish length around off, Kingma plays down the wrong line as the ball kisses the off-stump en route to the keeper upon beating the edge. Terrific bowling this!
47.2 Yamin Ahmadzai to Fred Klaassen, length delivery outside off, Klaassen half-crouches and flays it on the up towards sweeper cover for another single.
47.1 Yamin Ahmadzai to Fred Klaassen, back of a length and angling back into the corridor, Klaassen hangs back and keeps it out with a prod to backward point.
Netherlands needs 39 runs in 18 balls!

Rashid has his third and has seemingly put the game to bed with that over! The leggie is now just toying around with the tailenders, who have no idea of things coming at them. Mujeeb should prove to be a handful for them by the look of things too
184 /7 score
cricket bat icon Philippe Boissevain
9 (16)
cricket bat icon Fred Klaassen
6 (5)
cricket bat icon Vivian Kingma *
0 (3)
cricket ball icon Rashid Khan
2 /31
46.6 Rashid Khan to Vivian Kingma, much fuller outside off, Kingma leans forward for a wristy push to the bowler's left.
46.5 Rashid Khan to Vivian Kingma, BEATEN AGAIN! Flighted into a full length outside off, this one spins away a touch as Kingma plays down the original line to end up beaten again.
46.4 Rashid Khan to Vivian Kingma, ALMOST AN ACTION REPLAY! Flighted googly outside off, Kingma presses forward and is beaten comprehensively past the inside edge as it spins back in. There was a clattering noise and Rashid thought he had bowled him - the umpires converge and send it upstairs.

The ball just kisses the off bail from the looks of it but Gurbaz also dislodges it as he attempts to collect the ball. Really touch and go this and the TV umpire rules in favor of the batter. NOT OUT!
Vivian Kingma, RHB, is the new batter in!
46.3 Rashid Khan to Philippe Boissevain, OUT! CLEANS HIM UP! A Rashid Khan special this - wrong 'un on a length outside off, spins back in as Boissevain gets forward to work it into the leg-side. The ball beats the outside edge and knocks the off-stump to send him packing.

Philippe Boissevain b Rashid Khan 9(16b)
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