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Ajman Alubond 119/7 (10 ov)
Abu Dhabi 85/8 (10 ov)
Ajman Alubond beat Abu Dhabi by 34 runs
Player of the match: Asif Khan
A sorry tale for Abu Dhabi as they got nowhere close to the target in the end, courtesy some brilliant bowling from Ajman, who never let the batsmen to get away or get ahead of them at any point. Abu Dhabi needed to start well but it was a slow one for them, and they could never really pick up from there as no batsmen got going for them to their liking. They lost an early wicket, kept losing wickets, did not get enough runs and never looked like they were in it as nothing went their way and the search for two points still continues for them. 

An all-round bowling performance from Ajman as they went about defending this total, quite convincingly in the end and a comprehensive win for them, first setting a decent score on the board and then making it tough for the opposition to even get close. Two wickets apiece for Sheraz, Nazir and Ameer Hamza in a combined effort to restrict Abu Dhabi. Some really good bowling with the lines and lengths, good catching as well holding on to all the chances and a great show in the field for them. 

They move up the table then and these kind of wins are just exactly what you need to get that momentum going and take confidence into the games ahead. Time for Abu Dhabi to really pull their socks up if they want to get something for themselves up on that points table and they are going to have to rethink and comeback strong for that to happen!
An excellent final over from Sheraz to wrap things up for Ajman then. He will get a couple of wickets as well, deservingly for the way he has bowled tonight and the misery has come to an end for Abu Dhabi to say the least. Brilliant win for Ajman this and it has been a thorough performance from them defending this total for their first victory and it's been a comprehensive one as well! 
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 1 W W 2 1 Bowler: Sultan Muhammad Akhtar Score: 85/8
9.6 Sheraz Ahmad to Yodhin Punja, length ball on the legstump once again. Punja moves away from the stumps and manages to glide the ball along the ground to deep midwicket for a single to complete the formalities. Ajman Alubond win by 35 runs and register their first victory of the tournament. Meanwhile, the wait continues for the Abu Dhabi side. 
9.5 Sheraz Ahmad to Yodhin Punja, fuller length ball on the legstump and Punja comfortably tucks the ball off his pads to deep midwicket region for a single. however, the fielder is late on the ball as the skipper comes back for the second 
Sheraz on a HAT-TRICK as well then! DRAMA with a couple of balls still to go
9.4 Sheraz Ahmad to Fayyaz Ahmed, OUT! TWO IN TWO! a similar short of length delivery bowled on the batsman's ribcage. Ahmed tries to hoick the ball behind square, gets a top edge and the fielder at mid-on completes an excellent diving catch 
9.3 Sheraz Ahmad to Kamran Atta, OUT! CAUGHT! short of length delivery dug into the pitch. Kamran looking to thump the tennis ball bounce delivery over the long off fielder only manages to sky the ball up in the air and the fielder at mid off moves to his right and completes the catch 
9.2 Sheraz Ahmad to Fayyaz Ahmed, overpitched ball bowled on the fifth stump line. Ahmed leans into the drive and pushes it past the cover point fielder for a single to deep 
9.1 Sheraz Ahmad to Kamran Atta, short and wide outside off. Kamran reaches for it and drags the ball to deep midwicket fielder for a single only 
Sheraz Piya with the final over!
No choice for the batsmen but to swing their bats at everything and that has given Ameer two wickets in the over. Abu Dhabi just going down and they really haven't been able to pick up in this chase when they needed to. A very successful over and Ajman on the verge of victory now with just some formality left in this game! 

41 off 6 needed
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 W W 4 1 1 Bowler: Ameer Hamza Score: 81/6
8.6 Ameer Hamza to Fayyaz Ahmed, length ball bowled on the wide outside off line but within the tramlines. Ahmed tries to scythe the ball over the ring fielder at mid off but ends up toe ending the ball to point for no run
8.5 Ameer Hamza to Kamran Atta, length ball on the pads and the right-hander comfortably tucks the ball to short square off the backfoot for a single
8.4 Ameer Hamza to Kamran Atta, FOUR! SHOT! fuller length ball bowled outside off. Atta throws his hands at this one and creams the ball through extra cover for a boundary 
Ameer Hamza on a HAT-TRICK!! Can he get one tonight? 
8.3 Ameer Hamza to Osama Hassan, OUT! TWO IN TWO! short of length delivery bowled on middle and leg. Hassan tries to pull the ball in front of square but completely mistimes the shot as the midwicket fielder pouched it comfortably 
8.2 Ameer Hamza to Waqas Gohar, OUT! CAUGHT! back of length delivery dug into the pitch outside off. Gohar dances down the track, tries to go over the in-field but gets an outside edge as the ball skies up and lands into the hands of the fielder at mid off
8.1 Ameer Hamza to Osama Hassan, back of length delivery on the offstump. Osama tries to go over the top but inside halves the ball to short fine leg for a single
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