Ajman Alubond 95/3 (10 ov)
Match completed
Player of the match: Jiju Janardhanan
Right then, quite a one-sided affair in the end as Fujairah Pacific Ventures secure a 5-wicket win over Ajman Alubond. We hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Do switch tabs and join us for the final encounter of the day as the Emirates Blues take on Abu Dhabi. Till then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, and my partner, Sooryanarayanan Shesha, signing off! Stay home, stay safe and continue tuning in to Sportskeeda for the latest updates as well as live commentaries of matches from all across the globe!
Jiju Janardhanan has been adjudged as the Man of the Match for his brilliant performance with the ball, which saw him pick two wickets and finish with figures of 2-19 from his two overs

Juju Janardhanan: 
I was under pressure when I dropped his catch but it was great to pick up his wicket. We thought they might score 100-115 but I am glad I could pick a couple of wickets back-to-back and restrict them to under 100.

Ahmed Raza (winning captain): We were playing full-strength today like I said at the toss. This is our perfect eleven and we have a good squad which has allows the players to be rotated and tried. The players have gotten plenty of opportunities. Hope the good run continues!
Fujairah Pacific Ventures win by 5 wickets!

Fujairah did not get off to the best of starts as they lost the wicket of the hard-hitting Usman Khan cheaply for just 4 runs as he charged down and lost his shape while heaving across the line, resulting in an edge that was gobbled up by the keeper.

After that, it was just a Waseem Muhammad and Chirag Suri show as the duo mercilessly smashed the bowlers all around the park, stitching a partnership of 64 runs in just 25 deliveries before Muhammad fell to an arm ball by Hamad Arshad, holing out to the long off fielder and had to walk back for a 15-ball 37.

Chirag Suri fell soon after as he top-edged another arm ball by Arshad, departing for a quick-fire 14-ball 33. Yasir Kaleem was undone by an absolute ripper from Hassan Khalid, the wily left-arm wrist-spinner as his stumps were rattled, leaving him completely clueless. The spinners, Arshad and Khalid, turn the game on its head as they wreak havoc with the ball and run through the middle order of Fujairah Pacific Ventures. Skipper Ahmed Raza looks to finish the game early, ended up lofting one straight down the throat of the long on fielder. 

The spin twins tried their best and picked up wickets in clumps but there just weren't enough runs to defend. Alishan Sharafu held his nerves as he comes in at a tricky situation and raced to an unbeaten on a 10-ball 17. A scare in the middle for Fujairah but Sharafu and Janardhanan joined hands and saw their team across the line. 

As for the bowlers, Danish Qureshi began proceedings with the ball and bowled a decent over, conceding just 8 runs while picking up a wicket too. Hamed Arshad was the pick of the bowlers, retuning with figures of 3-12 from his two overs and Khalid finished with 1-18 from his quota. Apart from them, none of the others had figures to write home about. 
Over: 8 | Summary: 6 0 1 0 1lb 6 Bowler: Hassan Khalid Score: 99/5
7.6 Hasan Khalid to Alishan Sharafu, SIX! SEALS THE GAME IN STYLE! Hasan has been super impressive tonight but alas, he did not have enough runs to play with. Flights a full delivery at the stumps, Alishan gets on one knee and slogs it way over wide long on to seal the game! Fujairah experienced a few hiccups but they eventually romp home by 5 wickets and 2 whole overs to spare!
7.5 Hasan Khalid to Jiju Janardhanan, flighted outside leg, tucked fine off the front pad for a leg bye
7.4 Hasan Khalid to Jiju Janardhanan, gives it a lot of air on off, leans forward to a defense under his eye line as the ball rolls square. Alishan was halfway down the pitch for a suicidal run but the keeper failed to pick up the ball on time so the former reaches home with ease
7.3 Hasan Khalid to Alishan Sharafu, flighted on a length outside off, brings his bat down and chops it towards point for a single
7.2 Hasan Khalid to Alishan Sharafu, on a good length outside off, slashes but fails to connect
7.1 Hasan Khalid to Alishan Sharafu, SIX! High and just over long on! Flighted on a full length at the stumps, clears his front leg and slogs on one knee over long on; the fielder was interested in it but the ball just about clears him
Hassan Khalid to continue
Well well well, have the tables turned here? The fall of wickets in clumps has given Ajman a sniff at an absolutely unreal win, should it come off. Skipper Ahmed Raza holes out to the long on fielder in a bid to finish the game. Suddenly, the pressure is on the batsmen now. However, the Fujairah side bats deep and will be expected to get the job done.

Fujairah Pacific Ventures need another 11 runs from 3 overs
Over: 7 | Summary: 0 W 1 1 0 1 Bowler: Hamad Arshad Score: 85/5
6.6 Hamad Arshad to Alishan Sharafu, 1 run
6.5 Hamad Arshad to Alishan Sharafu, fired full on middle stump, flicked back to the bowler
6.4 Hamad Arshad to Jiju Janardhanan, flighted full in the channel, leans into a push towards mid-off for his opening run
6.3 Hamad Arshad to Alishan Sharafu, flighted on a length on leg, steps out and works it square of the wicket for a single
6.2 Hamad Arshad to Ahmed Raza, OUT! Caught at long on! Is there a twist in the tale? Slog sweeps a length delivery around off very high and goes straight down the throat of long on! 
6.1 Hamad Arshad to Ahmed Raza, WHAT WAS THAT? Raza dances down the pitch across off before sticking his leg out on seeing the line much closer to leg stump, Hamad appeals with all his energy to no avail 
This is some exquisite display of spin by Hassan Khalid. An absolute ripper from him sends Kaleem back for a golden duck! The batsmen are unable to execute their plans and gets the big runs and have to make do with only singles and doubles, which will do the trick for them.

Fujairah Pacific Ventures need another 14 runs from 4 overs
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