Albano 67/7 (10 ov)
Bergamo United Cricket Club won by 30 runs.
Player of the match: Mukhtar Muhammad
Boy what a finish to this game! Four wickets in that final over and Albano going down losing them in a flurry. Mukhtar with the first hat-trick of the Milan leg and he could not have had a moment any better to have done it, wrapping the game up for his side. Albano faltering in a must-win game and the road ahead only gets tougher for them from here. They had a slow start and failed to pick up throughout as the required rate went on rocketing sky high, too much so that it went totally out of their reach in the end. A disappointing performance from them and they required a better approach in the chase. 

Credit has to be given to the way the Bergamo bowlers bowled, right from the beginning, keeping things tidy and never allowing the batsmen at any point of time to get away. Mukhtar being the pick of them coming in that final over and walking away with four wickets! How often do you see that happening? An all-round effort with the ball and the ground fielding from them was worth appreciation as well. not letting Albano get those boundaries and building the pressure. 

A great comeback from them with the ball and as we did say at the half-way point, these chases can tend to get tricky and it went completely wrong for Albano in the end, falling short by a margin of 31 runs. They lacked the firepower after that slow start and they will have to work upon that. Momentum booster for Bergamo to win games like these and it will only do good to them as a unit. That's all we have from this game as I (Rishab) and Prashanth take your leave. Do stay tuned for more games coming your way for the day! 
Bergamo finishing this off in style! Wickets in the final over and Albano just did not accelerate when they needed to. Four wickets in the final over for Mukhtar and a terrific finish for him with the first HAT-TRICK in Milan! Certainly has to be a magnificent feeling for him and a handsome win for Bergamo in the end, by 30 runs! 
Over: 10 | Summary: W 1 1 W W W Bowler: Mukhtar Muhammad Score: 67/7
9.6 Mukhtar Muhammad to K Singh, OUT! HAT TRICK TO FINISH! Full-length ball on off-stump takes the leading edge as they tries to help it away to the leg side and it is pouched safely by the point fielder. First hat-trick of the tournament!
9.5 Mukhtar Muhammad to Shahroze Usman, OUT! CAUGHT! Another one and this time for a golden duck, full ball on stump line and it is sent straight down the throat of the fielder at long-on again. Mukhthar on a hat-trick
9.4 Mukhtar Muhammad to Parveen Kumar, OUT! CAUGHT! Full ball on stump line, Kumar trying to power this one down the ground, sends it straight up in the air and it is caught by the fielder at long-on.
9.3 Mukhtar Muhammad to K Singh, full-length ball on stump line, digged out to the leg side for a single only
9.2 Mukhtar Muhammad to Parveen Kumar, DROPPED! Full-length ball outside the off-stump and Kumar powers this one down to the fielder at long-on, who tried to take it with one hand and ends up dropping this one
9.1 Mukhtar Muhammad to Asim Ali, OUT! CAUGHT! Full ball on stump line, Asim tries to clear his front leg and send this one over mid-wicket, gets the leading edge and it goes miles up in the air and the fielder at deep mid-wicket and holds onto this one safely at the end
Too much left for the end and this is going wrong for Albano. Trying hard but they just haven't been able to find the runs and this is brilliant bowling yet again. Bergamo have been good in the field as well. Nothing happening for Albano and it doesn't look likely that they will go past the line now, does it? 
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 0 W 0 0 1 Bowler: Faisal Muhammad Score: 65/3
8.6 Faisal Muhammad to Asim Ali, slower one, full and outside the off-stump and Asim can only play it out to the cover fielder for a single
8.5 Faisal Muhammad to Asim Ali, beaten for pace, full and outside the off-stump and Asim is very late with his attempt at this slog over mid-wicket
8.4 Faisal Muhammad to Asim Ali, short of a good-length on stump line and does not offer Asim room to cut it away through the off side, dot ball
8.3 Faisal Muhammad to Monu Lal, OUT! CAUGHT! Low full-toss outside the off-stump and Lal tries to pump this one over mid-wicket, the fielder at mid-wicket adjusts well and pouches this one safely as Lal did not get the timing right
8.2 Faisal Muhammad to Monu Lal, slower one, full and outside the off-stump and Lal was early into his shot as he tried to heave this one over mid-wicket and does not make contact
8.1 Faisal Muhammad to Asim Ali, full and at the stumps, Asim helps this one away to the deep mid-wicket region for just a single
This seems to be getting tougher for Albano now, with the runs not coming as they need them to and the required rate mounting. Losing a wicket and this is a terrific over from Azmat Ali at this stage. Bergamo have done well so far and should they carry along this way, they might end up defending the total. Albano need the big over!!
Over: 8 | Summary: 2 W 1 1 1w 1 1 Bowler: Azmat Ali Score: 63/2
7.6 Azmat Ali to Asim Ali, full-length ball outside the off-stump, Ali goes down on one knee and slog sweeps this one on the bounce to the deep mid-wicket fielder
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