Alby Zalmi CC 123/4 (10 ov)
SMI 44/7 (10 ov)
Alby Zalmi CC won by 79 runs.
ALZ trumps SMI by 79 runs!

This is as one-sided as it can get in T10 cricket as Alby Zalmi CC trash Stockholm Mumbai Indians. After posting a mammoth total of 124, the ALZ bowlers hit the mark from the word go as the SMI innings never got going. The fact that they could only manage two fours in their allotted overs throws some light on what has been an abject performance! Azam Khalil starred with both bat and ball (36 off 15 and 3/8) for ALZ, who has started its campaign in the best possible fashion!

That's it from me, Dwijesh Reddy and my partner, Kartik Iyer from this game! ECS T10 action continues as SMI look to get past this result as they face Pakistanska Foreningen. Until then, stay safe and keep washing your hands!
9.6 F Tariq Choudhary to S Kaklij, struck on the pad. No runs. End of a painful SMI innings!
9.5 F Tariq Choudhary to A Donagre, played out for another single.
9.4 F Tariq Choudhary to S Kaklij, single.
9.3 F Tariq Choudhary to S Kaklij, dropped at long-off and two runs taken. Kaklij is making a case for a promotion here!
9.2 F Tariq Choudhary to S Kaklij, tries to go for a big shot, doesn't connect.
9.1 F Tariq Choudhary to S Kaklij, boundary through covers. A juicy full toss from Tariq and Kaklij smashes it through point! A bit too late perhaps..
36/7 after 9 overs! The last over coming up. This has been a dominating performance from Alby Zalmi!
8.6 Azam Khalil to A Donagre, dot ball. End of a brilliant spell from Azam!
8.5 Azam Khalil to S Mahajan, clean bowled. A harmless delivery on off-stump from Azam. The batsman misses it completely and perishes! SEVEN DOWN now for SMI! Azam is having a field day today with both bat and ball!
8.4 Azam Khalil to S Kaklij, played to midwicket for a single.
8.3 Azam Khalil to S Mahajan, bye taken. The ball beats everything there and the batsmen come around for a single!
8.2 Azam Khalil to S Mahajan, dropped at deep midwicket and goes for the first boundary. FINALLY! Something to cheer for the SMI fans!
8.1 Azam Khalil to R Dhage, lofted to long-off and easily taken. Looks to go after the bowling but Dhage has to perish! Goes for 11!
30/5 after 8 overs! 
7.6 S Khalil to R Dhage, cut for a quick single. Takes the total to 30!
7.5 S Khalil to R Dhage, beaten outside off.
7.4 S Khalil to R Dhage, couple to point. A high full-toss and Dhage blasts it over the in-field. Good fielding at deep point, who had to cover some ground!
7.3 S Khalil to S Mahajan, single to long-on. Full length delivery outside off. Can only get a single for that!
7.2 S Khalil to S Kadam, stumped. Brilliant bowling there by the leggie. He flights the ball to induce the batsman to come forward but gets it to turn a bit. Ball misses the bat and an easy stumping for the keeper! 5 down now for SMI!
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