Alvalade CC 67/8 (10 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura 70/2 (5.4 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura won by 8 wickets
MCCV win the match by 8 wickets.

They started off in some explosive fashion as they got 40 runs and lost only a solitary wicket in the powerplay. Muhammad Adnan (29 runs in 9 balls) and Zafar Ali (23 runs in 18 balls) steadied the ship after the early loss of the wicket and marauded every bowler coming their way as the pair put up a winning partnership of 45 runs and took the team across the line with their crucial contributions.

Much like their struggle with the bat, AACC struggled to contain the flow of runs with the ball as only Rana Sarwar (1/23 in 2 overs) and Rao Muhammad Imran (1/6 in 1 over) picked up wickets and tried to stem the flow off runs as MCCV got to the target with 26 balls to spare.

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5.4 Parveen Singh to Amir Zaib, FOUR! GAME OVER! Short delivery this time and Amir pulls this one brilliantly towards deep square leg, smashes it to the boundary with disdain to clinch the victory by 8 wickets! Malo CC Vilamoura just showed what they are capable of with the bat as well, rest of the teams shouldn't take them lightly and should wary of their variety of bowling, batting and not to forget their fielding has been magnificent!
5.3 Parveen Singh to Amir Zaib, FOUR! Short delivery, into the rib cage area, Amir rolls across and helps it along the long leg region for a boundary! 2 runs needed in 27 balls!
5.2 Parveen Singh to Zafar Ali, short once again and Zafar opens the face of the bat looked to guide it between backward point and third man, but instead hits it straight to the point fielder and Amir was in big trouble had he been short of an inch here! Single in the end.
5.1 Parveen Singh to Amir Zaib, short delivery, came back to him sharply and Amir guides it towards third man for a single.
MCCV lose the wicket of Adnan in the over, but that doesn't stop Zafar Ali from taking Imran to cleaners. Gets 10 runs in the over and MCCV reach touching distance of the target. MCCV are on 60/2 after 5 overs and need 8 runs in 30 balls 
4.6 Rao Muhammad Imran to Zafar Ali, FOUR! Slower delivery and Zafar SLAPPED it straight back to the bowler and Umpire sways away, that one races away to the long on boundary!
4.5 Rao Muhammad Imran to Zafar Ali, good delivery, right on the money this time, middle and leg line, Zafar respects it and defends it on the off side, no run!
4.4 Rao Muhammad Imran to Zafar Ali, FOUR BYES! Short delivery on the outside of off stump and it dipped on the keeper as he fails to collect it and that races away to the fine third man boundary!
4.3 Rao Muhammad Imran to Amir Zaib, short and wide and Amir misses to punish it as he gets a bottom edge, just a single in the end.
4.2 Rao Muhammad Imran to Zafar Ali, good delivery, on the good length, middle and off stump line, Zafar punches this one towards covers and takes a single.
4.1 Rao Muhammad Imran to Muammed Adnan, OUT! It was in the arc, Adnan looked to smoke it over long on boundary and doesn't time it well and skies this one towards long on and the fielder in deep takes a dolly and the dangerous Adnan has to go! Plays a reckless shot there, Adnan, and hands the long on fielder an easy catch to hold on to. Imran gets a wicket on the first ball there.
Good over for MCCV as they get 10 runs in the over. They are inching closer and closer to the target as they are now in touching distance of their first win. MCCV are on 50/1 after 4 overs, needing 18 runs in 36 balls. 
3.6 Parveen Singh to Muammed Adnan, it was touch short, kept low as well on the pads, Adnan looked to flick it, but didn't get as much bat as he would've liked, single in the end.
3.5 Parveen Singh to Muammed Adnan, SIX! It was full and Adnan SMOKED it straight down the ground towards long on and goes all the way, the fielder watches it sail all the way. Authority stamped all over the ball there as it travels all the way over the ropes for a six!! Good shot this from Adnan.
3.4 Parveen Singh to Zafar Ali, it was full, Zafar drives it beautifully down the ground to long off for a single.
3.3 Parveen Singh to Zafar Ali, short delivery, Zafar jumps on this one and punches it between cover and point, they pick up a couple of runs in the end.
3.2 Parveen Singh to Zafar Ali, good delivery, on the good length, outside of off stump, Zafar goes for a big swing and misses it.
3.1 Parveen Singh to Zafar Ali, short delivery, Zafar was too early into the shot and hits him in the rib cage area, misses that one big time.
MCCV are on 40/1 after 3 overs. Good over for AACC, considering that they gave away only 9 runs in the over. MCCV are closer to the target as they need only 28 runs now from 42 balls. Only a miracle can save MCCV.
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