Amigos CC Ansiao 97/4 (10 ov)
Rossio CC 103/5 (9.5 ov)
Rossio CC won by 5 wickets
Phew! Let's take a breather here! What a match this ended up to be.

Rossio CC lost a couple of wickets early on.They were 27/2 from 3 overs and needed someone to steady the ship.

Harjit Singh and Azher Andani got together and steadied the ship for a few overs before Harijit holed out scoring 21 off 12 when Rossio CC needed 47 runs in 30 balls. A disastrous run-out in the immediate next over put the pressure back on Rossio CC.

Azher Andani kept his calm composure and kept scoring the runs. He was well supported by Arslan Naseem who hammered few boundaries to put Rossio CC back in the game. Arslan was lucky early on in the innings as his catch was dropped but the drama unfolded again when Arslan got out in the 19th over. With 10 needed off 7 balls and a new man at the crease, Azhar smashed a mighty six in the last ball of 19th over to give them just 4 runs to chase in the last over.

Amigos CC captain took the responsibility of bowling the last over, he almost pulled it off with 1 run needed in 2 balls but Absar Alam smoked a Six to finish off the innings.

Amigos CC will be happy with their performance considering how bad they played in the last match. They batted well in the first innings to negate the swing and put on 97 on the board. They bowled well early on in the innings and kept the pressure but the sun came out and the conditions became better for batting. So, it looks almost the end of the tournament for the Amigos CC who are still at the bottom of the point's table. They still have one more game to play later today and they will be looking to end the tournament on the winning note.

So, that's it from our end. We enjoyed bringing the coverage to you. Don't forget to tune in to our live coverage of the rest of the matches today. This is Nikhil along with my partner Pradeep signing off.
9.5 Chris Redhead to Absar Alam, SIX! GAME OVER! In the slot and Absar against what happened in the over, he has absolutely POUNDED that one over long off boundary for a maximum to win it for Rossio CC! What a nail-biting finish this was! Azher held this innings through and ensured the team crosses the line comfortably and that SIX in the end sealed the game for them!
1 run needed from 2 balls now!
9.4 Chris Redhead to Absar Alam, BEATEN! Back of a length, climbed on the outside off, Absar goes across and goes for the big hoick and misses it. DOT BALL!
9.3 Chris Redhead to Absar Alam, full delivery and Absar smashes it down the ground and the long fielder cuts it off and keeps it to just 2 runs in the end.
9.2 Chris Redhead to Absar Alam, slower delivery, unlucky to have not knocked off the stumps, inside edge by Absar and goes to the fine leg and they pick up a couple of runs, but Umpire calls one short!
9.1 Chris Redhead to Absar Alam, short delivery, it was touch slower and Absar goes for a wild swing at it and misses. DOT BALL!
Rossio CC 94/5 from 9 overs. Six from the last ball has ruined all the excellent efforts made by Andrew Winter in the over. Rossio CC are favorites to win this. There is a new batsman at the crease and Amigos CC should target to bowl to him but unfortunately they don't have more runs on the board to defend!

Rossio CC need 4 runs from the last over now.
8.6 Andrew Winter to Azher Andani, SIX! Back of a length and Absar goes for the pull and SMOKES it over deep square leg and it sails over the boundary for a maximum! What a shot from Azher under the circumstances!
8.5 Andrew Winter to Arslan Naseem, OUT! Back of a length delivery on the outside off, Arslan picks it from the off stump and smashes it towards deep mid wicket and the fielder runs forward to pouch an easy catch!
8.4 Andrew Winter to Azher Andani, in the block hole on the leg stump, Azher gets some bat on that as it goes towards short fine leg and the fielder does well to stop that from going to the boundary, single in the end.
8.3 Andrew Winter to Arslan Naseem, slower delivery in the block hole, Arslan did well to dig out towards deep mid wicket and another single.
8.2 Andrew Winter to Azher Andani, slower delivery on the 4th stump line and Azher pushed it through to the extra cover and they pick up a quick single.
8.1 Andrew Winter to Arslan Naseem, back of a length delivery and Arslan helped it towards fine leg region for a single.
Rossio CC 84/4 from 8 overs. A Six and a Four was smashed off the last over. Arslan Naseem has joined the party now. 14 runs coming off the last over.

Rossio CC need 14 runs in 12 balls. 
7.6 Raghu Raghu to Azher Andani, full toss, good change of pace once again as Azher looked to hoick it over deep square leg boundary and he misses, was too early into the shot and is beaten.
7.5 Raghu Raghu to Azher Andani, FOUR! Good change of pace and excellent shot from Azher who waits on it and guide it fine towards third man boundary and the short third man fielder chases it as it races to the boundary!
7.4 Raghu Raghu to Arslan Naseem, slower delivery, Arslan swings that one towards leg side, but gets an inside edge, runs a quick single.
7.3 Raghu Raghu to Arslan Naseem, SIX! Slower delivery, in the slot and Arslan WHACKED that one towards deep extra cover and that goes all the way, dispatched it brilliantly!
7.2 Raghu Raghu to Arslan Naseem, slower delivery as Arslan looked to play it towards deep square leg, gets a leading edge, goes towards long on, they scamper for a quick brace.
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