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Andhra 124/9 (20 ov)
Delhi 128/4 (17 ov)
Delhi won by 6 wickets
Delhi win this match comfortably by 6 wickets and 3 overs to spare!

Andra needed early wickets to make this encounter into a low-scoring thriller and they just did that courtesy to Harishankar Reddy who took the big wicket of Shikhar Dhawan and Hiten Dalal and created some pressure on Delhi early on.

Nitesh Rana and Anuj Rawat (33 in 31) struggled at the start but did well to set themselves in and saw through the powerplay. Rawat was the one who took on the dominant role and started to cut loose himself and collected the boundaries.

Andra did not introduce spin in the first of the innings and continued with their pace attack. Unfortunately for them, Delhi batters Rana and Anuj continued to bat through and calculated the pace of the innings quite nicely.

Sasikanth finally got the breakthrough for Andra in the 11th over where Anuj after hitting a boundary looked to work it down to the third man but instead edged it straight to the keeper. Rana continued bat through at the other end. Himmat who joined Rana did not waste much time and got going.

Rana unfortunately was run out and his stay came to an end. Himmat Singh (32* in 23) towards the end just took the attack to Harishankar Reddy and created the most expensive over for the match to help Delhi get over the line with 3 overs to spare.

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Andra and Delhi. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Pradeep Somashekar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Himmat looks in a bit of a hurry and might be hungry for his lunch here. He just belts away for a maximum and a couple of boundaries to the bowler who took a couple of early wickets. Lalit hammers the winning runs and helps Delhi cross the finish line with 3 overs to spare.
16.6 Harishankar Reddy to Lalit Yadav, FOUR! ALL OVER AND DELHI WINNING THIS CONVINCINGLY AGAIN! Short delivery into Lalit who swiveled to pull that one over the mid-wicket region which races away to the boundary in the end
16.5 Harishankar Reddy to Himmat Singh, change of pace from Harishankar as Himmat went for the hoick and top edges just past the backward point fielder and falls in front of the two fielders in the end as they pick up a single. THE SCORES ARE LEVELED!
16.5 Harishankar Reddy to Himmat Singh, WIDE! A bumper which was bowled outside the off stump as Umpire signals that a wide. He'll have to reload that again!
16.4 Harishankar Reddy to Himmat Singh, FOUR! CARNAGE IN WANKHEDE! Himmat wasting no time as he blasts this back of a length delivery outside off to the deep extra cover and it races away in no time to the fence. This is some onslaught by Himmat in this over! Only 3 runs away from the win Delhi!
16.3 Harishankar Reddy to Himmat Singh, FOUR MORE! Low full toss on the pads as Himmat whacked that one like a bullet towards cow corner as the fielder from long-on had no chance to cut that one off! Down to 7 runs now!!
16.2 Harishankar Reddy to Himmat Singh, SIX! KABOOM! DISPATCHED IT WITH DISDAIN! Short delivery into Himmat and he gets on top of the bounce brilliantly as he swiveled to pull that one way over the deep mid-wicket boundary for a monstrous six in the end! What a shot from Himmat! Down to just 11 runs to win now!
16.1 Harishankar Reddy to Lalit Yadav, back of a length on the outside off as Lalit waits for it and cuts it away from the point fielder as they pick up a single
Lalit hammers a couple of boundaries and really makes it easy for his side to reach closer to the target in the previous over. Delhi now need just 18 runs in 24 balls!

Change in the bowling as Harishakar Reddy comes on to bowl the 17th over!
15.6 Ashwin Hebbar to Lalit Yadav, touch full on the fourth stump line as Lalit leaned forward to drive it down to deep extra cover for a single to finish the over
15.5 Ashwin Hebbar to Lalit Yadav, FOUR! EVEN BETTER FROM LALIT! Overpitched on the fourth stump line as Lalit gets on the front foot and absolutely hammers that one towards deep extra cover as the long-off fielder's dive goes in vain as it goes over the ropes in the end for a boundary
15.4 Ashwin Hebbar to Lalit Yadav, FOUR! Full delivery outside off. Lalit goes for the hoick and slices this one way over the backward point region which runs away to the boundary as the two fielder starts chasing that one
15.3 Ashwin Hebbar to Himmat Singh, good length delivery on the off stump as Himmat tucks it away to the mid-wicket region for a single this time
15.2 Ashwin Hebbar to Himmat Singh, full again on the outside off. Himmat goes to slice that one past the point fielder but straight to him, no run
15.1 Ashwin Hebbar to Himmat Singh, full delivery outside off as Himmat drives this one on the up, straight to the cover fielder, no run
Quite a good over for the batting side the previous one and are inching closer to the win here! They need just 28 runs in 30 balls now!

Ashwin Hebbar comes on to bowl the 16th over!
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