Ariana AKIF 102/7 (10 ov)
Ariana Cricket Club 102/2 (10 ov)
Match Drawn
So, this was me, Shrey Gupta along with my colleague, Dwijesh Reddy bringing you all the live action of the ECS Malmo T-10 League Match 19. We hope you enjoyed this segment of ours. Do stay to Sportskeeda for many such games. Until next time, it's goodbye from us!
Ohhh!! Goodness Gracious!! Desolation for AAKIF! The AAKIF skipper looks inconsolable! He has messed just at the last moment of the match and gifted this one to the Arian Cricket Club! One has to feel for him! That is what pressure does to you at times! Succumbs to collect the ball and that's the match for ACC!

This match was an eventful one, and more so was the golden ball! Chasing 103, ACC never looked comfortable in the first half of the chase as they found it difficult to connect the ball well! But, as soon as Nusratullah Sultan came to the crease, a turn in fortunes happened and a rare sight of victory dawned over them. Every time when things slipped out of their hands, Sultan's odd strikes recovered them well to bring them back to the game! Such was the nature of ebbs and flows in this game that even the 20 overs weren't able to give a conclusive result and the match went to the golden ball!

With 2 runs required off the golden ball, Sultan mis-hit that one and looked disappointed. But, a misfield from the fielder and a failure from the AAKIF skipper ensured that they complete the couple and win this one!
GOLDEN BALL: O Gholami to N Sultan, ACC HAS PULLED OFF A THRILLER! A full ball on middle and leg, Sultan plays it to the leg-side and seems dejected as he cannot get it past the square leg fielder! However, the fielder and keeper panic and fail to affect a run-out which allows Sultan to come back and complete the double with a full-fledged dive as ACC beat AAKIF!
9.6 Oktai Gholami to Nusratullah Sultan, IT IS A TIE! GOLDEN-BALL TIME! Full toss on middle and leg and Sultan pulls it to the square leg region and can only get a double! So, the batting team has to score 2 or more runs off the golden ball to seal the match! If they don't the bowling unit wins this one!
9.5 Oktai Gholami to Nusratullah Sultan, SIX! That is what confidence does to a man!  Why run singles when you can hit them that long! Backs himself, Sultan as he dispatches it for a maximum! Full ball on the stumps and Sultan launches it over long-off for a massive six! 3 required off the last ball!
9.4 Oktai Gholami to Nusratullah Sultan, full ball on off-stump, Sultan can't get under it and plays it along the ground to deep square leg. Rejects a single! Takes of his helmet for the next ball as well!
9.3 Oktai Gholami to Bashir Ahmed, Bashir pulls a short ball towards cow-corner where the fielder makes a decent stop. Just a single!
9.2 Oktai Gholami to Nusratullah Sultan, full ball on the stumps, Sultan drags a pull shot to square leg for a single
9.1 Oktai Gholami to Bashir Ahmed, full ball outside off, Bashir drives it to sweeper cover for a single. Over to you, Sultan!
Baluch did everything well until that last ball for his team! Still, a decent penultimate over! The match is evenly poised even after 19 overs! Last over 12 runs needed!
8.6 Naser Baluch to Nusratullah Sultan, SIX! Ohh! Baluch missed the yorker and instead went for a juicy full-toss. Sultan just puts the bat on ball as he has flicked it over the deep midwicket fielder for a crucial SIX! Is that the match?
8.5 Naser Baluch to Bashir Ahmed, full and on the stumps this time, Bashir digs it out to the off-side for a single
8.4 Naser Baluch to Bashir Ahmed, another scathing yorker that cuts the batsman in half. More importantly, it is a dot!
8.3 Naser Baluch to Nusratullah Sultan, full ball outside off, Sultan shuffles in his crease and turns it to the leg side and collects a single
8.2 Naser Baluch to Nusratullah Sultan, full ball outside off, Sultan drives it deep extra cover for a brace!
8.1 Naser Baluch to Bashir Ahmed, Naser nails a yorker first-up but the ball fizzes past the leg-stump! The keeper fails to collect cleanly and allows a bye to be stolen!
Sultan is doing the job here! Can he take his team up to the finishing line? Let's see as this one is going down to the wire!
7.6 Delawar Khan to Nusratullah Sultan, FOUR! Excellent picking by Sultan yet again! Short ball outside off and Sultan crashes it over backward point for a wonderful boundary! No fielder there to save this one and Sultan is on a roll! End of an eventful over!
7.5 Delawar Khan to Nusratullah Sultan, slower ball outside off and beats Sultan once again!
7.5 Delawar Khan to Nusratullah Sultan, wide ball outside leg. Not what Khan needs at the moment!
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