Ariana AKIF 153/5 (10 ov)
Gothenburg Cricket Club 107/3 (10 ov)
Ariana AKIF won by 46 runs.
That's it from match no.12 of ECS Malmo T10. It's me, Mohamed Farzan and my partner, Abhinav Singh signing off. Good Bye! The action doesn't stop here at Sportskeeda. Tune into SK at 5 PM for an exciting clash between Karlskrona Zalmi Cricketforening and Ariana Cricket Club.
AF's openers were off to a good start and had laid the foundation for the team with a good partnership. Debarchan Dash scored a brilliant 92 of 32 balls which included 3 fours and 11 sixes. Anish Pimpalkhare bowled an excellent spell of 2/8 but Ariana AKIF managed to score 153 runs. Coming out to chase 154, all eyes were on the opener Bharath Shivanna Gowda and he proved too hot to handle as he smashed 73 runs off 38 balls which included 3 fours and 9 sixes but unfortunately the team ended up on the losing side. The bowlers were not able to pick up several wickets but a few economical overs helped AAKIF to emerge victorious.

Ariana AKIF won by 46 runs.
9.6 M Babak to YC Chauhan, back of a length delivery and batman tried to loft it over mid off but couldn't get the distance, bowler dived to his left to catch the ball but couldn't make it.
9.5 M Babak to YC Chauhan, length ball bowled on the pads and the batsman cannot get bat on the ball
9.4 M Babak to Shashank, another yorker and the batsman inside edges it to to fine leg for a single 
9.3 M Babak to Shashank , full ball in the hole, batsman cannot dig it out 
9.2 M Babak to B Gowda, length ball, Gowda attempts his trademark sweep shot but ends up getting a top edge, the bowler runs around in his follow-through and completes the catch  
9.1 M Babak to Shashank, fuller delivery and flicked off to square leg for a single
Baluch gave 16 runs off his first over but bounced back by just giving 2 runs off his second. It's almost done as 50 runs required in 6 balls.
8.6 N Baluch to Shashank, full ball bowled in the blockhole and the batsman misses it yet again
8.6 N Baluch to Shashank, bowled wide outside off! UMPIRE rightly calls this one a WIDE
8.5 N Baluch to Shashank, full ball, just bounces over the stumps. Phew! Close call!
8.4 N Baluch to Potdar, full delivery, the batsman comes down the track but bowler pitches it further away from him, the non striker runs blindly but the keeper runs him out 
8.3 N Baluch to Potdar, short and wide yet again, Gowda misses the ball yet again 
8.2 N Baluch to Potdar,  short and wide outside off, big swing and a miss from the batsman 
8.1 N Baluch to Gowda, length ball pitched on middle and leg, lobbed up to short leg by batsman for a single
23 runs coming off the over. GCC move to 102/1. They require 52 runs in 12 balls.
7.6 D Singh to P Potdar, fuller delivery, played straight back to the bowler 
7.5 D Singh to B Gowda, flighted delivery, mistimed to deep midwicket for a single
7.4 D Singh to B Gowda, flighted delivery and smashed over cow corner for a SIX
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