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Asian Latina Cricket Club won by 7 wickets
That's it from this game, we hope you enjoyed our coverage, do join us for the rest of the games today! Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Pradeep Somashekar and alongside me, Lavil Saldanha signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Asian Latina Cricket Club beat Roma Capannelle Cricket Club by 7 wickets!

It was all easy when you have two batsman dominating the bowling, isn't it? Exactly what happened here as Amandeep Singh 48(20) and Charanjeet Singh 34(19) just took on the Roma Capannelle from the get go. Amandeep especially was looking in great form as he picked the bowlers really well to bludgeoned them to all parts of the ground by stamping his authority in the chase. Roma Capannelle did get a good start as they picked up couple of early wickets but Amandeep did the counter attack from the other end showed no intent of leaving that till the end by occupying the crease which set the tone for the Asian Latina to chase this down easily with 2.3 overs to spare.

For Roma Capannelle, well, their bowlers didn't turn up well at all, Michele Morettini and Safi Badar did pick up early wickets, but they just couldn't stop the onslaught from Amandeep and Charanjeet who were all over them and took the game away from them in no time. They desperately needed to pick Amandeep's wicket as he was in full charge during the chase, but they failed to do so, Asian Latina will be delighted with this win as their first game of the tournament.
7.2 E. Ghulam to H.Dhinsa, FOUR!!. Good length ball whacked to deep midwicket for a glorious four and that is the end of the match as ALCC beat RCCC by 7 wickets and register their first win of the tournament and end the tournament on a high!!
7.2 E. Ghulam to H.Dhinsa, No Ball!! Full length ball, hit to mid on for a quick single as the umpire calls it a no ball. Fielding restrictions violated and RCCC will have to pay a price for this blunder. Free hit coming up
7.1 E. Ghulam to H.Dhinsa, no run. that was bowled on the good length, Hashmat dabs it on the off side for no run!
Kevin bowled some rank full tosses to give away 11 runs but he picked up the danger man Amandeep Singh who goes without scoring the fifty here! Asian Latina just need 7 runs in 18 balls!

ALCC are 84/3 after 7 overs!
6.6 K. Kekulwala to A. Singh, OUT! Full length delivery spinning in and it castles him on the last ball and it crashes his stumps. A.Singh departs for a well made 47
6.4 K. Kekulwala to A. Singh,full length ball on the off stump swatted away straight to the fielder, no run
6.3 K. Kekulwala to A. Singh, full length ball hit hard and it goes to midwicket for a Four!! Lovely striking from ALCC as they are a few runs away from the victory
6.2 K. Kekulwala to C. Singh, full ball hit to the fielder for a single
6.1 K. Kekulwala to C. Singh, FOUR!! Full legth ball, drives it through the covers for a four. That was cut hard from Charanjeet and it goes past the covers for a boundary. Asian Latina are racing along here.
Sumair Ali bowled good line and length up and until 3rd ball and then Charanjeet whacks him for a couple of boundaries. RCCC just didn't wanted to that to happen.

ALCC are 73/2 after 6 overs!
5.6 L. Jayrajah to C. Singh, full ball, high in the air, falls safe and the batsmen get a run
5.5 L. Jayrajah to C. Singh, FOUR AGAIN!! 2 in 2 as he bowls a similar line and length this time again and goes to the ropes
5.4 Sumair Ali to C. Singh, FOUR!. Full length ball hit hard for a boundary. It was touch short and Charanjeet was on it in a flash and help it go down the long leg boundary.
5.3 Sumair Ali to C. Singh, well directed short ball going to keeper. No run again! 3 DOT balls on a row, this is good bowling from Sumair Ali!
5.2 Sumair Ali to C. Singh, length ball, clubbed hard but goes to fielder. No run. 2 DOT balls, Roma need much more than that, may be a wicket here somewhere to make a come back.
5.1 Sumair Ali to C. Singh, good length ball, batsman swings it hard but goes to the keeper
Some freebies from Leandro in that over as Charanjeet took full advantage of it and smoked him for a SIX and a boundary in that over! Asian Latina are going along nicely here and should chase this one down pretty easily.

ALCC are 64/2 after 5 overs!
4.6 L. Jayrajah to C. Singh, good length ball hit to fielder for a single
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