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Asian Latina Cricket Club won by 41 runs.
Player of the match: Hashmat Dhindsa
That's it for this match from me, Sudheer, and my co-commentator Pradeep. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda as the final match of the tournament is coming up in short while. Cheers and keep enjoying our coverage.
Sharif SM Raihan might finish as the highest run scorer of this tournament and Gurdip Singh is the leader in the bowlers list with 11 wickets to his name.

Asian Latina won the match quite convincingly in the end defending a target of 126. No batsmen from Rome Bangla line up looked like they were threatening this target as Sharif SM Raihan got out early for 21 in the innings and others couldn't keep up with the required rate. Chandra Bhomic and Rajib Ahmed were in the middle for a good period but could not find boundaries and that pushed the runrate high and they got out as their team lost by 41 runs.

Asian Latina have been consistent with their bowling through out the tournament and it wasn't any different in this match. Every bowler was able to control the opposition from going big and Dhindsa was the chief wrecker with 3 wickets. Charanjeet Singh and Amandeep Singh picked one wicket each and they are the winners of the 3rd place match in this tournament. They must be dissapointed to finish third in the tournament after being on top of the table with most number of wins in the league stages losing to Royal Roma earlier in the day in semi-finals.

Over: 10 | Summary: 1 0 5w 0 0 6 6 Bowler: Sarbjit Kumar Score: 84/5
9.6 Sarbjit Kumar to Ali Abbas, SIX MORE! But doesn't matter as Asian Latina secure the third spot! Tossed up full on the oustide off as Ali once again backs away for room and SLAMS that one straight down the ground towards long-on for another maximum!
9.5 Sarbjit Kumar to Ali Abbas, SIX! BOOM! Flighted delivery on the off-stump as Ali walks down a couple of steps and POWERS that one way over the deep square leg region for a huge maximum!
9.4 Sarbjit Kumar to Ali Abbas, full delivery on the outside off, quicker one as well. Ali once again looks to whack that one away but misses it
9.3 Sarbjit Kumar to Ali Abbas, tossed up, full on the outside of as Ali dances down the track and looks to loft that one on the off-side but misses
9.3 Sarbjit Kumar to Ali Abbas, WIDE! FOUR! Drifted down the leg-side as Ali went for the hoick and misses as it races away to the fence for a boundary
9.2 Sarbjit Kumar to Ali Abbas, full delivery on the outside off as Ali went for the huge heave on the on-side but misses, gets beaten
9.1 Sarbjit Kumar to Ravidu Umayanga, short delivery on the outside off as Ravidu cuts that one through the covers as the sweeper cover comes across to cut it off, single taken
Charanjeet finishes his spell as one of the joint highest wicket takers of this tournament as he gave just 9 runs in his two overs. Last over to come up. To be bowled by Sarbjit Kumar.
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 1 0 0 1 1 Bowler: Charanjeet Singh Score: 66/5
8.6 Charanjeet Singh to Ravidu Umayanga, good length into Ravidu on the off-stump, came back to cramp for room as he manages to get some bat on it and on the off-side as they run a quick single
8.5 Charanjeet Singh to Ali Abbas, another slower one delivery, it was full again on the outside off as Ali lofts this one in the air towards mid-on and they run a single as it falls safely
8.4 Charanjeet Singh to Ali Abbas, excellent change of pace once again, full on the outside off as Ali went for the shot too early and misses it
8.3 Charanjeet Singh to Ali Abbas, short delivery on the outside off, extra bounce for Charanjeet as Ali was surprised by it and sways away from it, through to the keeper
8.2 Charanjeet Singh to Ravidu Umayanga, change of pace, full toss on the toes as Ravidu tucks it through the mid-wicket region for a single
8.1 Charanjeet Singh to Ravidu Umayanga, PEACH! Good length on the outside off, straight one as Ravidu plays through the line of it and gets beaten in the end
It's all going down the hill for Rome Bangla as they lost three wickets in that over. Hashmat Dhindsa is having a wonderful day with both bat and ball. Last two overs to come up in the innings as Asian Latina seems to have this match in their bag.
Over: 8 | Summary: 4 W W 4lb W 0 Bowler: Hashmat Dhindsa Score: 63/5
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