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Marsa CC 119/5 (10 ov)
Atlas UTC Knights CC 84/7 (10 ov)
Marsa CC won by 35 runs.
That's the end of our coverage for this game and the ECS T10 Malta league. We will be back soon with our coverage of the next edition of the league. Untill then, stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more live updates of cricketing action from across the globe, and ofcourse, our match commentaries. This is Rishab, with my colleague, Dwijesh, signing off! 
Atlas Knights hadn't lost a single game and were going to be a tough side to beat, specially with the pressure of the final. But Marsa CC had the nerves, played superbly to emerge victorious on the big occasion. Their bowlers backed up the high finish in the batting really well. It's surely heartbreaking for the Knights as their only loss in the tournament proved to be a one that took the title away from them, which they looked favorites to get. 
So it's the Marsa CC have come out on top! It's been a brilliant performance from them in this high-octane clash! They are deservingly the champions! Great composure and character shown by their bowlers to go out there and defend the total! They had to bowl really well which they did. It was a complete effort from the bowlers, keeping it tight and getting timely wickets. Completely dominated the Knight's batsmen. 

The Knights needed either of Basil or Samuel to stay till the end, they failed too and no one else could really carry the innings for them. The pressure got too much and they eventually faltered! Not having lost a single game in the tournament and losing the one that mattered the most, it cannot get any worse for them! They've had a brilliant tournament but will be heartbroken with this finish! 

Lot of the credit should go to the skipper of the Marsa CC, who batted superbly to get his side to the total they got to, giving the bowlers the runs on the board to play with, and sure enough, they repaid by defending the total! A wonderful performance from Marsa CC as they end the tournament being crowned the champions of the league! 
Marsa CC are the champions! They have won this game by a resounding margin of 35 runs! They were exceptional with the ball to restrict the best team of the tournament! Boy what a performance it has been from them! 
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 1 0 2 1 0 Bowler: Fanyan Mughal Score: 84/7
9.6 Fanyal Mughal to Nithin Babu, SWING AND A MISS! Fanyan goes past Nithin Babu's wild slog but it doesn't matter as Marsa CC are the champions of the ECS T10 Malta League 2020
9.5 Fanyal Mughal to Justin Shaju, a full ball on the stumps, Shaju drives it towards the man at long-off for a single
9.4 Fanyal Mughal to Justin Shaju, IN THE AIR AND FALLS SAFE! Shaju top-edges a pull shot off which the ball is skied towards the keeper, who couldn't get to it! Two runs taken!
9.3 Fanyal Mughal to Justin Shaju, Shaju tries to swing at a length ball but ends up playing all over it! Good bowling from Fanyal!
9.2 Fanyal Mughal to Nithin Babu, a length ball angled into the batsman, who tucks it away for a quick single!
9.1 Fanyal Mughal to Nithin Babu, SIX! A length ball bowled outside off, Babu smashes it over the long-off fielder for his first boundary!
Another good over from Tavilla! He's been good with the ball, doing his job really well! The Knights are now 7 down and staring at a big defeat! Marsa have done it! They'll be delighted with their performance today! 
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 6 1W 0 1 W Bowler: Glenn Tavilla Score: 74/7
8.6 Glenn Tavilla to Asif Sha, WICKET! Glenn Tavilla has his wicket as he outfoxes the batsman yet again, who top-edges one to the keeper, who takes a very good catch!
8.5 Glenn Tavilla to Justin Shaju, DROPPED! A back of a length delivery bowled outside off is chipped towards the man at point by the batsman but the man at point drops a tough chance!
8.4 Glenn Tavilla to Justin Shaju, PLAY AND A MISS! A back of a length delivery from Tavilla gets the better of Shaju, who can't get the desired contact!
8.3 Glenn Tavilla to Justin Shaju, RUN-OUT! Shaju has run-out another one of his partners as he plays a full ball down the ground and calls for a double! However, the return is good and the bowler effects the run-out rather easily!
8.2 Glenn Tavilla to Justin Shaji, SIX! Much-needed for AUK as Shaju gets hold off a lofted shot over the long-on fielder for a maximum!
8.1 Glenn Tavilla to Sujesh Appu, a full ball on the off-stump, Appu plays it down the ground for just as single
Over: 8 | Summary: 4 0 1 1 1 1 Bowler: Score: 0/0
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