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Delayed : Atlas UTC Knights CC won the toss and elected to bat
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose, and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekar, signing off.
The match has been abandoned!

Winning the toss and electing to BAT first in this reduced game of 8 overs, Knights got off to a mixed start with 19/2 from the first 2 powerplay overs. As the innings progressed, wickets fell at regular intervals and the batsmen found it hard to keep any rhythm going. Manoj Panicker scored 13 runs from 6 balls but it was all about Samuel Stanislaus who remained unbeaten and took his team to a decent total. He added 32 runs from 20 balls in a very difficult batting condition. From the bowling department, Basil Joy took 2 wickets, while Thomas and Manuel Antony struck a blow each. Knights toiled hard and managed on 67/6 from 7 overs with the rain starting to come down again.
Unfortunately with the rain in full flow, the match has been called off. 
Both the teams will now share the points.
The rain is heavy now and the Umpires have decided to go off, the covers are coming back on here. We're going to see another stoppage!
End of the penultimate over
Knights CC 67/6
Extras Given : 5
Samuel Mangat is batting on 32 runs from 20 balls along while skipper Sujesh K Appu is unbeaten on 1 run from 1 ball. 
Over: 7 | Summary: W W 1 1 4 1lb Bowler: Manuel Antony Score: 67/6
6.6 Manuel Antony to Samuel Mangat Stanislaus, another slower one and Sam goes for the almighty swing at it and misses, hits him on the back pad and they scamper through for a quick leg bye in the end
6.5 Manuel Antony to Samuel Mangat Stanislaus, FOUR! Poor delivery, full toss, outside off, Sam hammers it past the extra cover fielder and that runs away to the boundary in the end. Overpitched and wide and the batsman makes no mistake. Simply bangs it away through the extra cover region.
6.4 Manuel Antony to Sujesh K Appu, slower one, change of pace on the pads, Sujesh flicks it away down the ground to long-on for a single
6.3 Manuel Antony to Samuel Mangat Stanislaus, full toss, outside off, Sam hammers it down the ground to long-off for a single
6.2 Manuel Antony to Bose Paul, RUN-OUT! Full delivery on the off stump, straight to the extra cover fielder, Bose casually runs for a single and the fielder darts in a brilliant throw, direct-hit and Bose is well short of his crease and has to go, hits the bulls eye in the end. Bose Paul departs without disturbing the scorers. Warriors have been on top. What a piece of fielding that is.
6.1 Manuel Antony to Nithin Sunny, OUT! EXCELLENT! That was a slower one to start with and Nithin was too early into the shot and misses, that crashes into the stumps in the end to send Nithin packing. Sunny departs scoring 7 runs from 5 balls. And with that wicket, we have half of the team back in the hut.
End of the 6th over
Knights CC 60/4
Shijil Joy completes his gem-alike spell of 2 overs conceding only 12 runs. 
Last 2 overs remaining, let's see if the batsmen can go gung-ho and reach close to the 90 mark.

Projected Score : 80 
Over: 6 | Summary: 2 1 1lb 1 1w 1w 2 1 Bowler: Shijil Joy Score: 60/4
5.6 Shijil Joy to Nithin Sunny, COMEDY OF ERRORS! That was full and Nithin inside edges on to his pads, the ball rolls to the bowler and Nithin looks to take a single but was in half mind and Shijil was in half mind to which way to throw and they get a single in the end
5.5 Shijil Joy to Nithin Sunny, full delivery, wide outside off, Nithin slices this one over the extra cover region and the fielder runs forward but falls short of him, they come back for a brace in the end
5.5 Shijil Joy to Nithin Sunny, WIDE! Another wide, this time sprayed down the leg side and Umpire signals that a wide. Warriors suddenly losing their way here!
5.5 Shijil Joy to Nithin Sunny, WIDE! Bowled full, wide outside the off and Umpire calls that a wide
5.4 Shijil Joy to Samuel Mangat Stanislaus, short delivery, outside off, Sam hammers it straight to the deep covers, that was traveling and they get only a single
5.3 Shijil Joy to Nithin Sunny, short delivery, angled into Nithin who goes for the pull and hits him on the shoulders, runs to the short third-man region and they scamper through for a single
5.2 Shijil Joy to Samuel Mangat Stanislaus, on the good length, angled into Sam on the leg stump line who shuffles across and taps it around the corner on the on-side, runs a quick single
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