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India 302/5 (50 ov)
Australia 289/10 (49.3 ov)
India won by 13 runs.
Player of the match: Hardik Pandya
That's it from this game and the Dettol ODI Series! It's been a great game and we look forward to many more in this tour. Stay tuned for more live updates and match commentaries. This is Rishab VM, along with my colleague, Shashwat, signing off! 
Aaron Finch, Australia: 

I thought we fought really well. It was a great partnership between Hardik and Jadeja. Had we got one of those wickets, we could have chased 240 max. 

Cameron Green came and made an impact with ball and bat, showed he belongs here. Agar bowled beautifully, it was a good day in terms of the changes we made.

The impact that the two spinners are having, that's important. It's nice when the guys in the top order contribute and then Maxi (Maxwell) can come in and do his thing with Carey and other guys. Hopefully he's (Starc) ready for the T20ls. Was just a niggle.
Virat Kohli (winning captain), India:

We were put under the pump in the first half and in the second half of Australia's innings. Shubman and others coming in, it brings in a bit freshness. I think the pitch was much better for the bowlers. 

So the confidence levels go up. Playing international cricket for so long, that's the challenge you face and those are the kind of comebacks you make. We were clinical with the ball and in the field. 

Happy with the performance and hopefully we take the momentum forward. I would have liked to go on for a bit longer, but it was a great partnership between Pandya and Jadeja. The team needed that kind of a boost. That's needed when you play a team like Australia. 

Steve Smith is the Man of the Series for top-scoring with 209 runs from three matches, including two centuries.
Hardik Pandya is the Man of the Match for his 76-ball 92

I will be okay to play in the T20s. Very happy for Natarajan and the rest of the bowlers, it's been quite a story for him. You need to be at your best to play against Australia in Australia. You have to push hard and face the challenge against them. I dont' mind if Jadeja keeps that name, I am a father now (On being called the Indian cricket team's rockstar)
Well, India finally have their first win on this tour! It's been a fabulous performance from the men in blue! It's a consolation win alright as the series was lost but it's a big win, to comeback like this after the first two games. This will do real good to the team's morale heading into the T20I series. 

More on this game, it's been absolutely brilliant how the youngsters responded under such high pressure! Natarajan and Shardul were magnificent at the death. That is do good to see, the way they responded and showed character! India got the early wickets, but Finch was going strong at one end, he was dropped a couple of times but fortunately it's not cost India the game. At one point it didn't look like the game would get as close as it did, the bowlers were really good in the middle. But it was Maxwell who turned this game around! He batted brilliantly well and it looked like he was going to take it away from India. Timely wickets at the end and some real tight bowling however got India back into it! 

Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja deserve real credit as well they way they batted in the end overs. They put up what turned out to be a match winning partnership. Both of them stayed unbeaten, batting under pressure and putting those much needed runs on the board for India, that eventually gave the bowlers an opportunity to win this game! 

Lots of positives and individuals standing up for India from this game. This is a real good sign for India moving ahead in this tour. Each of them stepping up at crucial moments be it with the bat or ball! India have put up a terrific fight in this game. 

Australia would have really fancied their chances with Maxwell going the way he was. But his wicket was the ultimate game changing moment. They would also have liked to restrict India and finish the bowling innings well, which they couldn't. They're not an easy side to beat at home! 

Australia have won the series 2-1, but with this win, India have sent the message clear that they are here to fight and win! They would really like to carry forward this momentum in the T20 series that follows! 
And Bumrah has finished this off! Just how India would have liked to, with a wicket. Australia have been bowled out for 289. India have won this game by 13 runs and get their first win of the tour! 
49.3 Jasprit Bumrah to Adam Zampa, OUT! PLUMB IN FRONT! THAT IS THAT! Full delivery on middle and off stump and Zampa looks to play across the line. However, he is late on the shot and ends up playing all around it as the ball thuds into the front pad. The umpire raises his finger in a jiffy! But, hang on! THere is a bit of drama as Zampa reviews!  

There seems to be no bat involved and Ball Tracking returns with three reds! India finally win on this tour!
49.2 Jasprit Bumrah to Adam Zampa, slower delivery on a back of a length outside off stump. Zampa swings nearly a couple of days early and misses the ball by an absolute mile
49.1 Jasprit Bumrah to Josh Hazlewood, low full toss that hones in on leg stump. Hazlewood gets his foot out of the way and jabs it towards backward point for a single
Another wonderful over from Shardul. He's put in a great performance today. Coming in and delivering in a pressure game! It's not easy but he's been very good. It's 15 needed off the last over! 
Over: 49 | Summary: 0 1 2 1 1 1 Bowler: Shardul Thakur Score: 288/9
48.6 Shardul Thakur to Josh Hazlewood, back of a length delivery outside off stump. Hazlewood goes back and across and cuts it fiercely towards the fielder at deep point. Just one more run though!
48.5 Shardul Thakur to Adam Zampa, slower yorker on middle and leg stump. Zampa is nearly beaten by the lack of pace but does enough to poke it down to long off for one
48.4 Shardul Thakur to Josh Hazlewood, full delivery on middle stump. Hazlewood clears his front leg and drills that one down the ground towards the fielder at long on. Just another single
48.3 Shardul Thakur to Josh Hazlewood, low full toss outside off stump. Hazlewood backs away and drives that one powerfully towards deep point. Hazlewood seems to be struggling for the second run but eventually makes his ground
48.2 Shardul Thakur to Adam Zampa, slower delivery on a length outside off stump. Zampa gets onto the front foot and carves the ball towards deep point for just another single
48.1 Shardul Thakur to Adam Zampa, full delivery well outside off stump. Zampa looks for the ramp stroke but reveals his hand too early as the bowler pushes the ball outside his hitting arc. Plays and misses in the end
Natarajan is going to remember this game for a long long time. Might have given away a few runs but he's comeback so well when it was needed the most! He's been fabulous in his last couple of overs! Into the final two overs now. This game has been really tight! 
Over: 48 | Summary: W 1 1 0 1 1 Bowler: T Natarajan Score: 282/9
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