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Australia 186/5 (20 ov)
India 174/7 (20 ov)
Australia won by 12 runs.
Player of the match: Mitchell Swepson
Alright then, another nail-biting finish we've witnessed and the shortest format is done and dusted, it's time we shift our focus on to the test series starting on 17th December. 

We hope you enjoyed our live coverage of this particular encounter. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda and catch all the live cricketing action that's happening around the world, until next time, this is, Pradeep Somashekar, along with my colleague, Shashwat Kumar, signing off! Stay safe!
Australia won the match by 12 runs!

What a game of cricket witnessed, India almost took this home as well but Australia held their nerve in the end. That penultimate over from Tye proved to be a match winning one as he scalped the big fish Virat Kohli who was looking ominous of Australia's chances of getting a consolation win in this T20i series and they also break the 10 match winning streak for India. 

Once Pandya perished, it was always difficult to score 36 runs in 12 deliveries and then Virat Kohli later on put the final nail in the coffin. Shardul Thakur had other ideas in the end, he was connecting right out of the screws and hit couple of maximums but it was too much to ask from him as they needed 23 off the final over and they fell short of just 12 runs in the end.

At the start of the chase, India had a dreadful start, they lose KL Rahul for a duck as Maxwell did the trick for them, the fielder was positioned just for that at deep mid-wicket and Rahul goes deep in his crease and hammers it straight down the throat of the fielder. Dhawan looked scratchy throughout, although managed to hit a few boundaries in that innings but never felt like he was in today. 

Swepson who was introduced soon after the powerplay scalped Dhawan who looked to go after him as Sams takes a stunning catch at deep square leg. Virat Kohli finds himself lucky today as Steve Smith dropped on of the easiest catches you'll ever see and as they say, these the drop catches from Indian fielders have got contagious for Australians as well. 

Kohli getting a couple of life's meant he marched on to keep scoring those crucial boundaries. With Samson in the middle, India thought they could chase this down once but Samson plays a rash shot that helped Australia to come back into the game as Swepson soon after scalps Iyer dead in front and India find themselves 100-4 after 13 overs. 

With Pandya and Kohli in the middle, they needed 80 plus in the last 6 overs and that was kind of a too much to do in the end. Kohli and Pandya kept smashing Sams in one over for 20 runs to signal the opposition that they have a lot to worry about in the next few overs. 

Zampa was introduced into the attack and Pandya perished of the first delivery meant it was all down to Kohli to take them home but once again of the first delivery of the penultimate over Kohli perishes trying to play his shot and it was all down to Sundar and Thakur in the end and after that we all know what happened.

India go down fighting in this last T20 game but they still end up winning the trophy. With the test matches around the corner, India will now shift focus on to that and they have a lot to plan with a warm-up game coming up on the 11th. For now, they'll bask in the moment of winning another T20I series down under.
Presentation Time!

Mitchell Swepson has been adjudged the Man of the Match!

says, feels really good to get in among the wickets through the middle overs. Happy to have made an impact and finished on a good note. Have to challenge yourself against the best and this Indian side is the best T20 side for a reason.

Finch says, good to be on the right side of the result. It was a good series and we were on the wrong side on the first two. For the first time, we've had two leg spinners in our line-up and the character they've shown is phenomenal considering the short boundaries up here.

Kohli who holds the trophy in the hand says, T20 cricket you have to take your chances. Thought with Pandya they had their chances and but it was too much to ask at the end.

Hardik Pandya has been chosen the Man of the Series!
India go down fighting in this 3rd T20i encounter as they lose this by 12 runs. Sean Abbott holding the nerve in the end, he got clobbered for a maximum of Thakur but gets a big wicket of Sundar not before he hits a boundary of the first delivery.
Over: 20 | Summary: 4 W 6 2 0 2 Bowler: Sean Abbott Score: 174/7
19.6 Sean Abbott to Shardul Thakur, DROPPED! A FITTING END TO A SCRATCHY FIELDING SERIES! Banged into the track outside off stump and Thakur has an almighty heave at that one. He top edges it towards deep mid wicket where Sams grasses the chance. Thakur gets two as India fall short by 12 runs!
19.5 Sean Abbott to Shardul Thakur, another off pace short delivery outside off stump. Thakur swings himself off his feet but only fails to connect with the fresh Sydney air! A bit of an anti climax! 
19.4 Sean Abbott to Shardul Thakur, slower bumper outside off stump. Thakur gives it everything he has but the lack of pace means that he can only drag it towards deep square leg for a couple
19.3 Sean Abbott to Shardul Thakur, SIX MORE! MY WORD! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL ALONG! Low full toss on middle and leg stump. Thakur sits deep in his crease and wallops it way over cow corner for a maximum! Need 17 runs off 3 balls!
Just hit that really well to hit that down to deep point fielder's throat, thought for a second he'd that away from the fielder but no, he holds out as Tye runs forward and takes a dolly in the end!

Deepak Chahar is in the middle, right-hand-hat!
19.2 Sean Abbott to Washington Sundar, OUT! OH DEAR! High full toss well outside off stump and in fact, that would have been a wide had he left it. He reaches out for it though and chalks it off the toe end of the bat towards deep point where Tye makes absolutely no mistake! 
19.1 Sean Abbott to Washington Sundar, FOUR! THERE IS LIFE! Back of a length delivery outside off stump. Sundar waits on the back foot and clubs it over extra cover for a much needed boundary!
HANG ON, Can Thakur take this home for India? That last shot was a screamer, flicked it away, into the crowd she goes. Amazing shot.

With Kohli gone, the job is almost done for Australia, they have to bowl good six deliveries in the right spots to win this encounter.

Final over coming up! India need 27 runs in 6 balls!
Over: 19 | Summary: W 1 0 1 1 6 Bowler: Andrew Tye Score: 160/6
18.6 Andrew Tye to Shardul Thakur, SIX! RIGHT OUT OF THE SCREWS! In the slot on middle and leg stump and Thakur sits deep in his crease before walloping it way over deep square leg for a maximum!
18.5 Andrew Tye to Washington Sundar, slower delivery on a length on leg stump. Sundar is way too early into his shot and ends up dragging his stroke towards deep backward square leg for one
18.4 Andrew Tye to Shardul Thakur, high full toss outside off stump. Thakur swings his bat at it and slices it off the outer half of the bat towards the sweeper at deep point for a single
18.3 Andrew Tye to Shardul Thakur, low full toss outside off stump. Thakur looks to tonk that one to Adelaide but ends up missing it by an absolute mile. The mountain is getting steeper by the moment! 
18.2 Andrew Tye to Washington Sundar, slower yorker on middle and leg stump. Sundar is taken aback by it and he only manages to work it into the leg side towards mid wicket for a single
Another big one for Australia, as they are holding on to catches brilliantly, Kohli departs. Andrew Tye does the trick for Australia and that must be it for India, if there's anything Sundar has to play a blinder here to score those 36 runs in 11 deliveries!

Shardul Thakur, the new man in the middle, right-hand-bat!
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