154/6 (20)
155/5 (19.5)
SL won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Kusal Mendis
This has been Prakhar and myself signing off for the day. This has been a thrilling contest but we have more action coming your way on this very space. So do stay tuned and have a great Sunday!
Well, what a thriller this turned out to be. Going right down the wire and eventually, Sri Lanka managing to secure their first win of the series and importantly, avoid that white-wash as well. This win will do a world of good to their morale after being 0-4 down and make them believe in themselves as a unit. 

They bowled well, barring those final overs to keep Australia down to a total that was always going to be chasable. They then had their best powerplay of the series despite losing a couple of wickets. The intent to score was there right from the beginning and that early push in the powerplay put them in a good position, so much so that they were pretty much in the game despite losing their way for a bit in the middle. Charith Asalanka looked good for his cameo at the top. 

However, it was that partnership between Kusal Mendis and skipper Dasun Shanaka that really set the game for them. They absorbed the pressure and ensured to stay out there in the middle. Still a few errors in the batting that Sri Lanka need to work on but it was a far better display from them compared to what we have seen throughout the series. 

Australia will finish 4-1 and they would have loved a whitewash. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic game of cricket and only fitting way to end the series!
Aaron Finch: I thought we were out[played in the powerplay. That was the difference. The partnership between Wade and Sams was good but it wasn't good enough. We've got a lot of answers and it has been a fantastic series. Sri Lanka are a dangerous side and to win four games in a row was good. The flexibility of Inglis throughout the order was good. Depth in our bowling continues to grow. Agar has bowled well too. 
Dasun Shanaka: We bowled very well throughout the series. When we come to the World Cup we will be prepared. We could have done better in the series. Kusal has been outstanding. He has been on and off but when they get a consistent run he performs well. I want to thank the crowd for their support throughout the series all over Australia and we are happy to see them. 
Glenn Maxwell, Player of the Series: It was a really good performance. We saw the emergence of Inglis and it was outstanding. There are a whole bunch of payers for different situations and its nice to get a few guys for a big run of T20 cricket going into the World Cup
Glenn Maxwell is the Playe of the Series award. 
Kusal Mendis, Player of the Match: Today was a very good game. I think Charith and Shanaka batted really well. 
Kusal Mendis win the Player of the Match award for his unbeaten FIFTY! 
That is that! First win off the series for Sri Lanka and they will be pretty happy with this effort. This has been a much-improved effort from their batters tonight and it has given them the desired result as well. Smiles all around for the visitors. Indeed a good win this, by five wickets in the end!
19.5 Daniel Sams to Chamika Karunaratne, 2 runs,  SRI LANKA WIN! Full ball on off stump. Karunaratne slogs the ball in the air. The ball falls in the no man's land and Karunaratne takes two to take his side home. Sri Lanka avoid a series white wash and end the series with their heads held high! 
And now, Richardson is going off the field. Daniel Sams will take over. DRAMA!
Chamika Karunaratne, RHB, comes to the crease
Hold on, there is some drama still in this game. Kane gets Shanaka. 1 off 2 needed!
19.4 Kane Richardson to Dasun Shanaka, OUT! BOWLED! OH NO! Full ball wide of off stump. Shanaka shuffles to the off side and goes for a ramp. The ball takes an inside edge and hits the stumps. 
Colossal hit from the skipper. Sri Lanka are just a run away and their first win off the series. What a chase this has been from them. Brilliant!
19.3 Kane Richardson to Dasun Shanaka, SIX! IN THE STANDS! SCORES LEVEL! Short ball wide of off stump. Shanaka swings hard and sends the ball way way back in the stands. 
19.2 Kane Richardson to Dasun Shanaka, 2 runs, slow full ball on off stump. Shanaka swinghs his bat hard. The ball falls just short of the deep square-leg fence. Shanaka runs two. 
19.1 Kane Richardson to Dasun Shanaka, no run, slow good length ball on off stump. A swing and a miss from Shanaka! 
Sri Lanka have done very well to pick up singles and then the boundary off this over. Excellent over for them this and they will back themselves to get this in the final over. Nine runs is what they need. Could still go anywhere though, what a game this has turned out to be. Big final over coming up!
146 /4 score
cricket bat icon Kusal Mendis *
69 (58)
cricket bat icon Dasun Shanaka
27 (27)
cricket ball icon Jhye Richardson
0 /38