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Vienna Afghan CC 174/7 (10 ov)
Austria CC Wien 103/4 (10 ov)
Vienna Afghan CC won by 71 runs.
Thank you guys for joining us today. This is me (Mohamed Farzan) and my colleague, Abhinav Singh signing off. Until next time, Tae Care & Good Bye!
Vienna Afghan CC won by 71 runs

Vienna Afghan CC started the game as favourites and put up a mammoth total of 174 on the board. The team once again continued dominating the game with the batting experts in the team. Thanks to Razmal Shigiwal who score 61 runs in just 19 balls which included six fours and five sixes. He, along with Aman Ahmadzai who scored 44 runs in 13 balls with 6 massive hits over the rope put up a strong partnership for their team. A few other batsmen also contributed to this massive total with a few fours and sixes. Talking about ACW's bowlers, Aman Ahmadzai picked up 2 wickets each in both of his overs. He ended with figures 4/38. Pacer Sharan Gill also contributed to his team by picking up two wickets and finished with 2/29 but the bowling side leaked away too many runs which added more pressure onto them while batting. 

The chase looked very difficult from the initial stage but ACW's opening batsmen Hassan Ashfaq didn't lose his hope and scored 48 runs in 23 balls including 10 boundaries in total. Sahel Zadran sent him back to the pavilion after bowling a loose ball to him and Hassan mistimed the shot and sent the ball straight into the fielders hands. Once, Hassan had the leave the middle the team completely lost its hopes. The bowlers and fielders were excellent during the match. One notable performance today was by Zabi Ibrahim who picked up two wickets is the final over of the game. His bowling figures are 2/11.

Vienna Afghan CC's players put in an all-round performance today while batting, bowling and fielding too. They deserve to be on the winning side after an excellent performance. The captain and the team management will be extremely happy with what their players have done today.
9.6 Zabi Ibrahim to F Mohideen, FOUR! last delivery of the inning, dragged in short by Zabi and Mohideen goes back in his crease and clobbers the ball to extra cover region for a boundary 
9.5 Zabi Ibrahim to F Mohideen, flighted delivery, hit powerfully to the extra cover fielder for no run
9.4 Zabi Ibrahim to F Mohideen, tossed up outside iff and batsman attempt an ugly hoick!
9.3 Zabi Ibrahim to Sarfaraz Zadran, TIMBER! flighted ball, Zadran attempts a horizontal bat shot, misses the line and ball crashes onto his tumps! A Sad end to the ACW inning!
9.2 Zabi Ibrahim to Kanth Chopra, tossed up, takes the inside edge of batsman to fine leg for a single!
9.1 Zabi Ibrahim to Sharan Gill, OUT, flighted ball, Gill plays across the line and misses the ball completely and it crashes onto his middle stump! Ibrahim waves goodbye to Gill!
Vienna Afghan CC captain is asking several bowlers to try their hand in bowling this game as they have got nothing to lose. ACW 98/2 after 9 overs. 77 required in 6!
8.6 N Ahmadzai to Sharan Gill, short of length delivery, defended to point for a quick single. The fielder hits the stumps directly but the batsmen survives as he is in! 
8.5 N Ahmadzai to Sharan Gill, full ball on the pads and flicked to long leg for a boundary! A welcome boundary!
8.4 N Ahmadzai to Sharan Gill, short ball outside off on seventh stump line and Gill throws the kitchen sink on that one
8.3 N Ahmadzai to Sarfaraz Zadran, overpitched, driven down the ground to long off for a single
8.3 N Ahmadzai to Sarfaraz Zadran, slow short ball outside off, WIDE called 
8.2 N Ahmadzai to Sarfaraz Zadran, another ball on a similar line and the batsman this time lets it go!
8.1 N Ahmadzai to Sarfaraz Zadran, full ball outside off, batsman plays from bis crease and misses the line of the ball. DOT ball
Looks like to batsmen are losing interest in this game as they accept that the run-chase is not possible at this point now. ACW 91/2 with 2 overs left!
7.6 A Ahmadzai to Sarfaraz Zadran, bowled into the stumps and worked around to deep square leg for a single
7.5 A Ahmadzai to Sharan Gill, length ball, chipped over mid off for another single
7.4 A Ahmadzai to Sarfaraz Zadran, full ball on pads, worked to square leg for a single
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