Gros Islet Cannon Blasters beat Babonneau Leatherbacks by 96 runs
Dreadful game for Babonneau-leatherbacks they ended up scoring just 77 off 10 overs. All of their batsmen struggled to score, only Alvin Lafeuille(14) and Nehemiah Wilfred(21) scored in double digits. They have lost their 2nd consecutive game. They dropped 6 to 7 catches and their bowling looked clueless. Lot of things to work on, they need to pull up their socks quickly.

Gros Isle Cannon Blasters have again won by a huge margin. Credit to their bowlers as well who bowled at good lengths today and didn't take it lightly of the high score. Melius and Gabriel again showing their batting prowess, they have not been dismissed yet in the last two games.They put up the highest score(173) of the tournament surpassing their earlier one of 166. It's insane to even think of these scores in a T10 game.

We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. This is Nikhil Kulkarni and Dwijesh Reddy signing off.
9.6 D Polius to N Wilfred, length ball and Wilfred dances down the track and heaves it to the leg-side for a run! GICB has thrashed BLS by a whooping 96 runs!
9.5 D Polius to N Wilfred, dot ball! A swing and miss from Wilfred!
9.4 D Polius to S Abraham, full-on leg-stump, Abraham gets a single!
9.3 D Polius to S Abraham, length ball on off-stump, Abraham pushes it to mid-wicket and comes around for a quick double!
9.2 D Polius to N Wilfred, a thick outside edge there and they run three!
9.1 D Polius to N Wilfred, SIX! That was smashed by Wilfred over the long-off boundary for a big six!
BLS:- 64/6 after 9th over. BLS need 110 runs now from last 6 balls. 

8.6 L Solomon to N Wilfred, another full ball on to the stumps and Wilfred hits it to long on for yet another single!
8.5 L Solomon to N Wilfred, full bull hit straight to short midwicket
8.4 L Solomon to A Lafeuille, WICKET! Fuller this time from Solomon and Alvin heaves it straight down the throat of the deep midwicket fielder! The sixth one goes down for the Leatherbacks!
8.3 L Solomon to N Wilfred, another length ball on leg stump, Wilfred hits it straight to long-on for another run!
8.2 L Solomon to A Lafeuille, a muted appeal for LBW turned down. Perhaps an inside edge on it!
8.1 L Solomon to N Wilfred, length ball on the hips, Wilfred tucks it away for a run!
BLS:- 60/5 after 8th over. BLS need 114 runs from 12 balls.
7.6 D Edward to N Wilfred, played to the leg side for just a run! 
7.5 D Edward to N Wilfred, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME, WILFRED! Bowled in the slot and Wilfred has smashed that with disdain for a massive six over long-on!
7.4 D Edward to N Wilfred, EDGED AND JUST PAST THE STUMPS! Wilfred goes for a mighty heave but gets an inside edge to fine-leg for a brace!
7.3 D Edward to C Thomas, CAUGHT! WHAT A REFLEX CATCH THAT IS FROM EDWARD! That was smashed back at the bowler by Thomas and quick reactions from Edward, who plucks that one out of thin air! Brilliant effort from Dornan Edward! 
7.2 D Edward to A Lafeuille, another run taken with a push towards leg-side!
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