Catalunya 150/5 (10 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC 123/9 (10 ov)
Catalunya won by 27 runs.
Badalona Shaheen CC started well with Babar Khan batting aggressively along with Kuldeep Lal but both perished early with Babar scoring 28 off 12 balls and Kuldeep scoring 18 off 9 balls. Their wickets put a dent on the scoring momentum. 

Hamza Aleem kept the hopes alive for some time but he was not supported by any other batsman at the other end. He scored 36 off 15 balls but that was never enough to chase this huge total. BSH need to work on their bowling, they cannot afford to give away so much of runs. 

On the other hand, Catalunya will be very happy with their performance. Though they were rescued by brilliant batting from Yasir Ali who scored 94, they need other batsmen to step up and score well. Their bowling also needs to improve, luckily the huge score on the board helped them but BSH still managed to put 127 chasing! 

So that's it from us today. We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you! This is Nikhil and my colleague, Abhinav, signing off! Do tune in tomorrow to Sportskeeda for the ball by ball commentary of the games! Stay Safe and Take Care!
9.6 Nawazish Ali to Malik Sami Ur Rehman, back of length delivery outside off, Sami Ur Rehman standing on his backfoot watches the ball closely under his helmet and cuts it to deep point for a single to finish the innings! BSH lose the match by 27 runs!
9.6 Nawazish Ali to Malik Sami Ur Rehman, sprayed down the legside, WIDE called! Will have to reload that one again!
9.6 Nawazish Ali to Malik Sami Ur Rehman, full delivery bowled way outside off, WIDE called by the umpire!
9.5 Nawazish Ali to Badar Iqbal, fulltoss on the offstump line, Badar not looking to hit any big shot comfortably gets behind it and drives the ball to extra cover region for a solitary single
9.4 Nawazish Ali to Malik Sami Ur Rehman, length delivery on middle stump line, tucked neatly behind square to long leg for a single 
9.3 Nawazish Ali to Badar Iqbal, length delivery outside off, the batsman on the backfoot punches it down to long on where the fielder throws a wild throw that allows the batsmen to come around for extra two runs!
9.2 Nawazish Ali to Malik Sami Ur Rehman, back of length delivery on the middle and leg stump line, the batsman pulls it half-heartedlt to deep midwicket for a single 
9.1 Nawazish Ali to Malik Sami Ur Rehman, overpitched delivery outside off, the tail ender, customary to his style defends the ball back to the bowler!
BSH: 114/9 after 9 overs!

Hamza Saleem's wicket in the previous over has put an end to all hopes BSH had! Two wickets and 10 runs coming off the last over. 37 needed in the last over for BSH! 
8.6 I Hussain to Umair Javed, FOUR! length ball drifting down the leg side, played with deft touch to fine leg for a boundary!
8.5 I Hussain to Umair Javed, RUNOUT! tossed up delivery outside off, the batsman tried to take a feel for it but got an outside edge back to the keeper. The non striker called for the single and Javed reluctantly obliged, only to find himself short of the crease!
8.4 I Hussain to Badar Iqbal, back of length delivery on middlestump line, the batsman shuffles in his crease and pulls the ball to deep square leg for a single 
8.3 I Hussain to Umair Javed, length delivery on stumps, played down the ground for a single 
8.2 I Hussain to Hamza Saleem, OU!T! AND that might be the game for Catalyunas CC! full tossed up delivery on the offstump line, Saleem tried to go over the top but miscued the shot down the throat of long off who took an easy catch!
8.1 I Hussain to Hamza Saleem, FOUR! POOR delivery down the leg, the batsman swivels in the crease and guided the ball behind square for a boundary!
BSH: 105/7 after 8 overs! BSH need 46 runs in 12 balls

Just two overs left in the innings. It's almost over for BSH unless a miracle happens. They will need 23 runs per over to win this one. 8 runs coming off the over. Hamza Saleem still at the crease scoring 32 off 13 balls! Can he pull this chase?
7.6 Raja Adeel to Badar Iqbal, an overpitched delivery outside off on a fourth stump line, the batsman is beaten by the pace and so does the keeper! The batsmen decide not to take a single to being Saleem on strike
7.5 Raja Adeel to Badar Iqbal, a searing YORKER on the legstump this time, the batsman tried to remove his leg but the ball was too quick and hit him on the back leg to fine leg for no run!
7.4 Raja Adeel to Badar Iqbal, another yorker in the blockhole, the batsman squeezed it out but only back to the bowler!
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