Catalunya Tigers CC 140/4 (10 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC 121/8 (10 ov)
Catalunya Tigers CC won by 19 runs.
Catalunya Tigers won this match by 20 runs!

What a rollercoaster of an innings this turned out to be at the beginning it looked like Badalona Shaheen would struggle to get to the target as they were 24/3 after 2 overs. Things started shifting for them once their skipper Dilawar Khan and Hamza Saleem decided to set themselves in and started scoring the much-needed boundaries.

Both these batsmen took the Tigers bowling apart as they belted huge sixes in all parts of the ground. Hamza who was struggling initially hit some great shots and even crossed his skipper in the scoring as he scored 41 runs off 22 balls by hitting 4 sixes and a couple of boundaries. Dilawar Khan who initially set the tempo by hit a quickfire 20 runs off 8 balls at the end managed to score 37 runs off 16 balls. He also hit 4 sixes and a couple of boundaries.

Things were looking rosy for Badalona and it looked like as long as these two batsmen are there at the crease they sure to cruise home comfortably. Unfortunately, that wasn't to the case so once Hamza departed at the end of the 7th over, things just went south for Badalona. 

Saljawal Khan the new batsman tried to keep up with the scoring rate as he hit a quickfire 10 runs off 2 balls. His stay at the crease although did not last long as he was also sent packing on his 3rd ball where he tried to crave off another boundary. What followed after that was absolute chaos as Badalona started to lose their wickets one after another.

As long as their skipper Dilawar was at the crease, Badalona still had a chance of getting those but even he perished at the start of the penultimate over and the game looked done and dusted from there.

The pick of the bowlers in that innings was Sarfraz Ahmed who managed to add 3 wickets to his tally. He also was the one who bowled the penultimate over and took the wicket of Dilawar. Following him was Muhammad Zeeshan who managed to get 2 wickets upfront.

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Badalona Shaheen CC and Catalunya Tigers. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Lavil Saldanha signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 Mohsin Ali to Awais Khan, full pitched delivery tapped back to the bowler. Dot ball to end the innings as CTC win the match by 20 runs
9.5 Mohsin Ali to Hamza Ali, length ball worked on the leg side for a single
9.4 Mohsin Ali to Awais Khan, switch hit from Khan there, the ball goes to the fielder for a single
9.3 Mohsin Ali to Awais Khan, over pitched delivery hit down the ground for a single
9.2 Mohsin Ali to Hamza Ali, full pitched delivery worked away on the on side for a single
9.1 Mohsin Ali to Hamza Ali, Length ball outside off, Hamza Ali has a play and a miss. BSH now need 26 runs off the 5 balls! Just one over and the game has turned on its head here!
8.5 Sarfraz Ahmed to Badar Iqbal, CAUGHT!! Iqbal looked to play the big shot there, gets a big outside edge and the ball goes only high, and the ball lands in Ahmed's safe hands
8.4 Sarfraz Ahmed to A. Khan, length ball hit to mid-wicket fielder for a single
8.3 Sarfraz Ahmed to Badar Iqbal, length ball flicked to square leg for a single
8.2 Sarfraz Ahmed to Umair Javed, BOWLED HIM!! Full pitched delivery on the off stump, Javed missed the ball and it crashed onto the stumps. Another wicket on the second ball! The BSH batting has now crumbled here as they have Lost 4 wickets in the last 4 balls!
8.1 Sarfraz Ahmed to Dilawar Khan, CAUGHT!! Length delivery from Ahmed there, Khan mistimes the shot and after a couple of juggles, the fielder holds on to the catch! BIG WICKET this one for Tigers!
At the end of the 8th over BSH are 113/5. They now need 28 runs off 12 balls!

This game is definitely going down to the wire here! Dilawar is still batting for the BSH and as long as he is there, BSH will still believe. 17 runs scored off the previous over but chaos towards the end for BSH. Sajawal had to take his chances in that over and he surely did as he managed to hit a couple of boundaries and lost his wicket in trying to get more those.
7.6 Kamran Raja to Umair Javed, length ball tapped back to the bowler. No run
7.5 Kamran Raja to Sajawal Khan, CAUGHT!! Full toss on the feet there, Khan mistimes his shot and hands an easy catch to the fielder to hold on to! Sajawal after hitting a couple of boundaries is sent back to the hut
7.4 Kamran Raja to Sajawal Khan, FOUR!! Full and wide outside off, Khan comes dancing down the track and send the ball running to the ropes for a boundary! Much-needed boundaries, BSH needs at least one more here to keep up with the scoring rate!
7.3 Kamran Raja to Sajawal Khan, SIX!! Back of a length from Raja there, Khan comes down the track and sends it sailing into the stands for a maximum! Sajawal throws the kitchen sink at it and in the end has gotten six runs from it
7.2 Kamran Raja to Dilawar Khan, length ball tapped on the on side for a single
7.1 Kamran Raja to Dilawar Khan, SIXX!! Full and in the slot, Dilawar hits the ball hard and sends it sailing into the stands for a maximum. A great start to the over for BSH!
At the end of the 7th over BSH are 96/4.

The partnership was floushing here for BSH but Adeel finally manages to get the break right at the end of his over. Hamza in process of trying to keep the tempo going tried to hammer another one down the ground but this time he could not get the distance and was caught at long-off! The next over needs to be a big one for BSH here! BSH now need 45 runs in 18 balls!
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