111/5 (10)
115/8 (9.4)
BSH won by 2 wickets
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Badalona Shaheen beat Falco by 2 wickets.
Babar Khan 45 (15) | Hassan Ali 2/13
Adeel Abbas 25* (8) | Farrukh Sohail 2/14

Badalona were in the chase throughout their innings but somehow they see-sawed to a highly simple victory. Some might argue that they made life difficult for themselves. Babar Khan gave his side a brilliant start and the middle-order batters such as Dilawar Khan and a few others made sure that the total was breached, however much they stuttered in the beginning. 

Falco bowled rather well, and took this game right down to the wire, and they deserve full credit for their efforts. Kamran Raja bowled the penultimate over of the game, and a lot was expected of him. 

He did deliver, bagging two wickets off the first two balls, but was carted all around the park in the latter half of the over. However, the last over bowled by Shabaz was all that was needed for Adeel Abbas to finish the game off! These two teams face each other in another match that is about to start a few minutes from now.
9.4 Shabaz Ahmed to Adeel Abbas, game set match. What a blow from Adeel Abbas to end the game. Was right in the slot from Shabaz Ahmed and Abbas holds his position and swings through the line. Very clean hitting and it comfortably sails over the long-on fence. 
9.3 Shabaz Ahmed to Adeel Abbas, that is an exceptional shot by Adeel Abbas. Exposes all three stumps and lifts this fuller-length delivery on middle towards the deep extra cover region for a boundary. 
9.2 Shabaz Ahmed to Adeel Abbas, on a length around leg. A swing across the line but misses it completely. 
9.1 Shabaz Ahmed to Adeel Abbas, that was swung hard across the line. Gets it from the outside half of the bat but falls in no man's land. A couple of runs taken. 
Shabaz Ahmed (1-0-15-1) will bowl it.

9 needed off 6! Hold on to your seats.
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Kamran Raja
8.6 Kamran Raja to Adeel Abbas, that was a full one just a tad outside off. Adeel Abbas gets an inside edge towards the short fine leg region for a single, 
8.5 Kamran Raja to Adeel Abbas, what a lovely bat swing and this could well be the game changer. On a length around middle, a mighty swing across the line as he deposits this well over the deep midwicket fence. 
8.4 Kamran Raja to Adeel Abbas, Adeel Abbas just gets it over the long-on fence for a maximum. Was a length delivery on the middle-stump, Adeel Abbas clears his front leg and launches this down the ground. Was struck from the bottom half of the bat but still clears the fence. 
8.3 Kamran Raja to Sami Ur Rehman, on a length around off. That has been sliced away just short of the cover-point fielder and a single taken. 
8.2 Kamran Raja to Jahangir Hassan, one more bites the dust. This has been a gigantic collapse from Badalona Shaheen. On a length around off and middle. Jahangir Hassan swings across the line, a horrible to shot to say the least and his stumps goes for a toss. 
Jahangir Hassan, RHB, is in.
8.1 Kamran Raja to Dilawar Khan, big big moment in the game. Kamran Raja steps up with the ball. Back of a length delivery around off, Dilawar Khan goes for the pull and ends up slicing that straight down the throat of the long-on fielder. For the first time in the day, Falco are ahead in the game.

Dilawar Khan c sub Hardev Singh b Kamran Raja 12 (6b 1*4 1*6)
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The game is still within reach for Badalona. They need 29 runs off the last three overs.
83 /5 score
cricket bat icon Dilawar Khan *
7 (2)
cricket bat icon Bilawal Khan
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Shahbaz Ahmed
2 /15
6.6 Shabaz Ahmed to Dilawar Khan, Dilawar Khan just manages to clear the long-on fence. Was a length delivery on the middle-stump channel, Dilawar Khan clears his front leg and launches this up and over. Was struck more from the bottom half of the bat but still enough to clear the long-on fence. 
6.5 Shabaz Ahmed to Bilawal Khan, a low full toss around the middle-stump channel. Worked away towards the square leg region for a single.