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Hawks CC 99/5 (10 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC 102/3 (6.3 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Malik-Mati-Ur-Rehman
Malik Mati ur Rehman the man of the moment for Badalona Shaheen with his fabulous match-winning cameo! Some blistering sixes as he took apart the bowling to make light work of the chase in the end. An unbeaten 40 off just 12 deliveries, including as many as five sixes in that knock. Badalona did lose Babar Khan and Hamza Saleem early but it was Sarmad Ali who took the attack from one end keeping them well in the hunt matching with that required rate. A 16-ball 38 that set the tone up for Mati ur Rehman to come later on seal the deal in style. Dilawar Khan as well delivering a couple of mighty sixes and an all-round batting display as they comfortably got past the line, with three and a half overs and seven wickets at their disposal!

Not enough runs for the Hawks to defend. They needed to pick early wickets, which they did as well but where they lacked was the failure to keep things tight. Right throughout the innings they were unable to control the flow of runs as Badalona went racing along despite a couple of early blows. Maybe a few tidy overs in the middle could have made the chase more interesting but it wasn't to be!

A convincing win for Badalona in the end. Although, the one thing that they need to focus a lot more on is their bowling in the final overs. After having started so well, for the second time in the day they failed to restrict the opposition from getting a competitive score. They will certainly take the momentum from this game. The final game of the day coming your way with two new teams set to take the stage! Stay tuned for all the action as this has been myself (Rishab) and Dwijesh as we take your leave!
Just some really poor bowling from Waheed Elahi this! Mati ur Rehman in some hurry as he's dealt in sixes. Wonderful hitting and he's sealed the deal in style for his side! 40 unbeaten off just 12 deliveries and he's played an absolute blinder for Badalona Shaheen here! Comprehensive win done quite comfortably in the end then
Over: 7 | Summary: 1w 6 1w 6 6 Bowler: Waheed Elahi Score: 0/0
6.3 Waheed Elahi to Malik Mati ur Rehman, SIX AND THAT'S IT FOR THIS GAME! Similar ball once again, Mati gets underneath that one and whacks it over cow-corner for a huge six as Badalona Shaheen decimate Hawks CC by 7 wickets!
6.2 Waheed Elahi to Malik Mati ur Rehman, SIX MORE! A full ball in the slot, Mati plays a Yuvraj Singh-esque slog over long-on for a maximum! Brilliant batting there!
6.2 Waheed Elahi to Malik Mati ur Rehman, WIDE! Another one down the leg-side. An easy decision for the umpire!
6.1 Waheed Elahi to Malik Mati ur Rehman, SIX! A loose ball on the pads, Mati flicks it off his front foot and gets a maximum over deep square leg!
6.1 Waheed Elahi to Malik Mati ur Rehman, WIDE! A wide down the leg-side to start the over as Elahi will have to bowl that one again!
Muhammad Shabaz getting the massive wicket of Sarmad Ali! Just what the Hawks needed at this stage as a good innings came to an end there. Although, the runs continuing to come for Badalona as they need them and the Hawks need to keep it tight as well if they want to give themselves a chance! Back to back sixes for Dilawar Khan and that is some exhibition there! 
Over: 6 | Summary: W 0 1 1 6 6 Bowler: Shahbaz Muhammad Score: 82/3
5.6 Muhammad Shahbaz to Dilawar Khan, SIX MORE! A full ball on the leg-stump but no change in the end result,. Dilawar gets down low and murders that one over the man at deep midwicket for a huge six!
5.5 Muhammad Shahbaz to Dilawar Khan, SIX! It was in the slot and Dilawar gets down on one knee to slog it over cow-corner for a maximum!
5.4 Muhammad Shahbaz to Malik Mati ur Rehman, a full ball bowled well outside off, Mati pulls it to long-on for a single
5.3 Muhammad Shahbaz to Dilawar Khan, a quicker one on the off-stump, Dilawar digs it out to long-on for a single
5.2 Muhammad Shahbaz to Dilawar Khan, a full ball bowled on the leg-stump, Dilawar misses the flick and misses out the runs as well
5.1 Muhammad Shahbaz to Sarmad Ali, BOWLED! A full ball bowled outside off, Ali goes for another pull shot but he ends up dragging it on to his stumps! Is there a twist in this tale? Big big wicket for the Hawks this!
The only way the Hawks can give themselves a chance is by picking wickets! Badalona just starting to run away with this game at the moment as Sarmad Ali continues to fire. Brilliant batting this and poor bowling that. Badalona well in control of the chase now. Fireworks from both ends and they are racing along!
32 more needed off 30
Over: 5 | Summary: 4 1 1 4 1 6 Bowler: Muhammad Sanaullah Score: 68/2
4.6 Mohammad Sanaullah to Malik Mati ur Rehman, SIX! Filthy delivery from Sana, a short ball on the stumps, Mati pulls it over deep square leg for yet another maximum!
4.5 Mohammad Sanaullah to Sarmad Ali, a full ball bowled outside off, Ali drills it down to long-on for a single
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