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Pak I Care 104/9 (10 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC 108/3 (9.2 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC won by 7 wickets
PIC won by 7 wickets and with 4 balls to spare

And there's the end of the game with the PIC side winning comprehensively, turning the match into a single-sided affair. Even they started off slow, the batters eventually escalated and crossed the target pretty comfortably. The Badalona bowlers never really got going except for a few overs in the end when things had already fallen out of favor for them.

Both Awais Ahmed (43 of 20) and Hamza Saleem (39 of 25) batted confidently and built their respective innings with panache. They never allowed the bowlers to take any advantage by playing some very safe shots all across the ground.

On the bowling front, it was F. Azeem, A. Muhammad, and M. Babar who chipped in with a wicket each, even though they couldn't create any pressure on the batters who consistently scored runs seamlessly. 

The PIC would be highly impressed by their all-round effort as they managed to restrict the Badalona unit to an average total and then chasing down the total quite dominantly. They would be eager to move forward into the coming games with the same momentum. While on the other hand, the Badalona side has a lot of breakdown to do in terms of recognizing their flaws. 

So that was the end of the coverage of this game. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest news and more match commentaries from games all across the globe. This is my colleague, Lavil Saldanha, and I, Arpit Shrivastava signing off. Stay safe.
9.2 Sheroz Ahmed to Malik Mati Ur Rehman, FOUR!! GAME, SET AND MATCH!! Full and wide outside off, Rehman chips it over the infield and the ball runs away for a boundary to cap off the chase. BDS win the match by 7 wickets 
9.1 Sheroz Ahmed to Malik Mati Ur Rehman, full-length yorker on the middle stump, Rehman digs it out and plays it to mid-wicket for a single. An overthrow allows them to get another run. Scores Level
A tidy over by M.Babar consisting of a wicket. The waiting game of PIC being victorious is continuing. Just 3 needed of the last over.
8.6 Muhammad Babar to Malik Mati Ur Rehman, length ball worked away to the covers for a single
8.5 Muhammad Babar to Sajawal Khan, CAUGHT!! ANTI CLIMAX IN THE GAME!! Full and wide outside off, Sajawal gets the toe end of the bat, doesn't connect well and lands safe in long on's hands
8.4 Muhammad Babar to Sajawal Khan, overpitched delivery, gets the inside edge and raps him on the pads. No run
8.3 Muhammad Babar to Sajawal Khan, full and wide outside off, Sajawal dances down the track but misses. No run
8.2 Muhammad Babar to Dilawar Khan, length ball hit to dep midwicket for a single
8.1 Muhammad Babar to Dilawar Khan, SIX!! Full and in the slot from Babar there, Khan tonks teh ball hard and teh ball sails over the ropes for a maximum
A really good over by A.Muhammad ultimately ending with a four would be mightly disappointing and discouraging for the team. The PIC side is firmly heading towards a comprehensive victory over the battered Badalona unit.
7.6 Atif Muhammad to Sajawal Khan, length ball tapped back to the bowler, no run
7.5 Atif Muhammad to Sajawal Khan, FOUR!! Wide down the leg side, the batsman gets the outside edge and the runs away to the ropes for a four
7.4 Atif Muhammad to Dilawar Khan, length ball played on the leg side for a single
7.3 Atif Muhammad to Hamza Saleem, CAUGHT!!! The pressure has the better of Saleem there. Back of a length delivery from Muhammed there, Saleem looked to play the big shot, mistimes it and the ball lands in long on's hands
7.2 Atif Muhammad to Hamza Saleem, full and outside off, Saleem only swishes it in thin air. No run
7.1 Atif Muhammad to Hamza Saleem, length ball outside off, Saleem is beaten for pace there as he has a play and a miss
7.1 Atif Muhammad to Hamza Saleem, back of a length and wide outside off, umpire signals a wide
Finally, a wicket which, however, probably will not matter in the long run as the game is clearly heading towards its predictable outcome in the favor of the PIC side. Only a miracle will now able to turn things around for the Badalona bowlers. It's 88-1 after the end of 7 overs.
6.6 Farhat Azeem to Hamza Saleem, length ball driven to mid-wicket for a single
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