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Dunabogdany Cricket Club won by 13 runs.
Key/In-form Players to look out for
Baggy Blues Cricket Club
  • Asanka Weligamge
  • Muhammad Hasnain
  • Sandeep Mohandas
  • Dunabogdany Cricket Club
  • Amit Parihar
  • Dheeraj Gaikwad
  • Izaz ali
  • Key Points
  • Final match of the day and two most exciting teams of the tournament will go tooth and nail with each other. Baggy Blues and Dunabogdany Cricket Club are expected to bring some serious heat into the tournament.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    Baggy Blues will have to really play out of their skins to beat a strong team like Dunabogdany who have looked omnious in the only match they have played.The team will be looking to employ the services of pace bowlers who can constantly bring in myriad change-ups in pace, line and length. The spinners, owing to the ground's dimension have gone for a plenty here.
    Baggy Blues Cricket Club won by 13 runs

    started the game well and put up a total of 82 runs on the board. Ali Yalmaz led the team with 39 runs in 26 balls. The team struggled a big during the middle but managed to get past the hurdles. On the other hand, Jeremy Polarouthupicked up four wickets and ended with figures 4/14. A few other bowlers also picked up a few wickets for their team.

    83 runs never looked difficult but Baggy Blues Cricket Club failed to chase down the total. The team were facing several difficulties in connecting the ball with the ball and thus ended up on the losing side. All all-round performances by all the bowlers especially by Bibek Singh who picked up 3 wickets in his two overs helped DBCC emerge victorious.

    That's it from today's matches of ECS T10 Hungary. Thanks for joining us at Sportskeeda. Good Bye!
    9.6 Izaz Ali to Kamran Shah, SWING AND A MISS! Kamran looks to heave a short ball towards the leg side but misses out as Dunabogdany beat Baggy Blues by 13 runs!
    9.5 Izaz Ali to Raghav Sharma, full ball outside off, Raghav drives it to the man at mid-off for a single
    9.4 Izaz Ali to Raghav Sharma, FOUR! Short ball on leg, Raghav guides it past the keeper for a boundary!
    9.4 Izaz Ali to Kamran Shah, wide ball down leg side and the batsman take an extra run!
    9.3 Izaz Ali to R Sharma, length ball on leg-stump, Raghav heaves one to the leg-side for only a single
    9.2 Izaz Ali to Kamran Shah, short ball outside off, Kamran bottom-edges one and takes off for a quick single. Completes it in the end!
    9.1 Izaz Ali to Kamran Shah, short ball on the leg-side, Kamran plays it past the man at fine-leg for a much-needed boundary! Too late for this?
    9.1 Izaz Ali to Kamran Shah, Shah has a go at a length ball but it goes down leg for a wide!
    Baggy Blues Cricket Club need 28 runs in 6 balls!!! Looks very difficult for them to achieve the target. Nevermind, score is 55/4 after 9 overs.
    8.6 Bibek Singh to Sachin Chauhan, Chauhan holes out at long-on and Bibek has his third! A rubbish full-toss outside off and Chauhan can only get it as far as the man at long-on!
    8.5 Bibek Singh to Kamran Shah, length ball bowled wide, Kamran edges one past the keeper for just a single
    8.4 Bibek Singh to Sachin Chauhan, short ball on the stumps, Chauhan drags it to the deep square leg region for a run!
    8.3 Bibek Singh to Vinoth Ravindran, short ball outside off, Vinoth skies one in the air and the keeper takes it! ANOTHER WICKET for Bibek!
    8.2 Bibek Singh to Sachin Chauhan, full ball on off-stump, Sachin drives it to the man at long-on for just a single
    8.2 Bibek Singh to Sachin Chauhan, wide ball outside off! Not the result DUCC will be hoping for!
    8.1 Bibek Singh to Vinoth Ravindran, full ball from Bibek and Vinoth turns it to the leg-side for just a single
    It's almost done! Doesn't look like Baggy Blues Cricket Club can win this game from here as they require 33 runs in just 12 balls. BBCC 50/2 after eight overs.
    7.6 Salman Jamil to Asanka Weligamage, BOWLED! Full-toss on middle stumps, Asanka goes for a blind hoick and the ball crashes into the stumps! Is that the final nail in the coffin?
    7.5 Salman Jamil to Asanka Weligamage, BEATEN! Length ball bowled outside off, Asanka looks to guide it to the third-man region but fails to get bat on ball!
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