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Bangla Tigers 128/2 (10 ov)
Delhi Bulls 129/3 (8.5 ov)
Delhi Bulls won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Rahmanullah Gurbaz
We had three absolute crackers to start the T10 league in Abu Dhabi. And more action is coming our way, with three matches scheduled for tomorrow as well. Until then, this is Pragadeesh on behalf of my fellow textpert Maanas Upadhyay signing off for now. Cheers and Bye...
Rahmanullah Gurbaz is the Player of the match
Dwayne Bravo: "It's a good game all around. Fletcher and Charles played well with some good cricketing shots... Happy with the win and good to get points on the board. A little bit of dew and it's always expected in Dubai. We can get better and we would as the tournament progresses".
Time for the Presentation
What a chase!!! The Bulls won the match by 7 wickets with one over left. Evin Lewis' smile says it all and the Delhi Bulls start the tournament on a winning note.

It all started when Gurbaz smashed Mujeeb for a six straight down the ground and a dropped catch in the same over proved too costly for the Tigers. Gurbaz went all guns blazing and showed no mercy to this inexperienced Tigers' bowling attack. He gave a fiery start, scoring 41 runs off just 15 balls, before getting dismissed by Karim Janat in the third over. Two dropped catches in the middle Overs and a couple of missed run-out attempts turned the match in favour of the Bulls... Bopara played a very good cameo inning and he was equally supported by Evin Lewis, who remained unbeaten on 32 runs from 18 balls.
8.6 Mohammad Irfan to Sherfane Rutherford, WIDE! An anti-climatic finish! Length ball sliding down the leg side, evades the attempted swivel-sweep by Rutherford but the umpire adjudges that as a wide! That will do it for them as the Delhi Bulls beat the Bangla Tigers by 7 wickets!
8.5 Mohammad Irfan to Sherfane Rutherford, FOUR! Scores Level! Full toss outside off, Rutherford leans in and drives that powerfully through the extra cover region for a boundary! Will he finish it off in style?
8.4 Mohammad Irfan to Sherfane Rutherford, SIX! BANG! Full ball on the off stump, Rutherford clears his front foot and clobbers that straight back down the ground for a huge maximum! That was absolutely spanked! Wonderful swing of the bat and collects half a dozen runs!
8.3 Mohammad Irfan to Evin Lewis, full ball on the off stump, Lewis makes room and drives that powerfully to extra cover for a single. Good fielding there! That was hit like a bullet!
8.2 Mohammad Irfan to Evin Lewis, no run, nails the yorker on the middle stump, jammed back to the bowler. 
8.1 Mohammad Irfan to Sherfane Rutherford, full ball on the middle stump, Rutherford makes room and slices it to sweeper cover for a single. 
13 runs needed from 12 balls. Mohammed Irfan to continue
Despite losing Nabi, Evin Lewis made sure the momentum didn't swing in the Tigers' favour completely. He smashed 17 runs in Janat's over and the Bulls are in cruise control now. Meanwhile, the Tigers have to work a lot on their fielding before the next match as they were sloppy throughout the match.
Over: 8 | Summary: W 4 1w 6 4 2 0 Bowler: Karim Janat Score: 116/3
7.6 Karim Janat to Evin Lewis, no run, back of a length ball outside off, no foot movement from Lewis as he goes hard on the pull. Cannot make any connection!
7.5 Karim Janat to Evin Lewis, full ball on the middle stump, clipped to deep backward square leg for a couple of runs. 
7.4 Karim Janat to Evin Lewis, FOUR! That is poor fielding! Low full toss on the off stump, Lewis absolutely pumps that down the ground and Garton lets that slide through to the rope!
7.3 Karim Janat to Evin Lewis, SIX! BANG! Back of a length ball on the middle stump, Lewis rocks back quickly and pulls that handsomely over the mid-wicket regions ro a maximum!
7.3 Karim Janat to Evin Lewis, WIDE ball sliding down the leg side.
7.2 Karim Janat to Evin Lewis, FOUR! He would have had his heart in his mouth, did Lewis. Full ball outside off, Lewis flashes hard at it and lofts that aerially. The fielder at long off puts in a dive but cannot get to the ball. Runs away to the fence. 
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