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Pune Devils 115/3 (10 ov)
Bangla Tigers 119/2 (8.5 ov)
Bangla Tigers won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Tom Moores
Bangla Tigers won this match by 8 wickets!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Bangla Tigers and Pune Devils. Switch tabs and follow the next game which certainly is a heavyweight clash as Team Abu Dhabi will take on the Nothern Warriors starting in the next 5 minutes. Till then this is Navjeevan and alongside me, Pratyush signing off take care and stay safe!!
So, Tom Moores was awarded the Player of the match and the following is what the Bangla Tigers skipper had to say in the post-match presentation.
" Yea when I get run out I get a bit emotional as I would rather want to be out some other way because it feels I gave my wicket away. Tom surely played well and it is good to see that we are getting good contributions from the lower order. Suri played well again and I am soo happy about that I hope we just relax tomorrow and celebrate the win."
Post-match presentation updating shortly, stay tuned!
Pune Devils who had a decent start with the ball just did not have other bowlers to really keep things tight.  Karan KC, Ahmed Raza, and Hardus Viljoen were taken to the cleaners by the Tigers. Looking back, the Devils were surely 10 runs short and things might have been different but a comprehensive victory for the Tigers nonetheless.
Tom Moores played a gem of an innings as he remained not out till the end and scored 38 runs in just 12 balls. Chirag Suri stayed there till the end and finished the game off by hitting the winning runs.
The required rate crept up to 13 runs for the Tigers and they needed a huge over as 39 runs were needed from 18 remaining balls. Tom Moores then unleashed and went ballistic in the 8th over tonked Monir Hossain for 3 maximums in a row to really get things back towards the Tigers.
Andre then joined the party as well, he belted Karan for a boundary and a couple of maximums to really get things going for himself. But his carnage did not last long as he was run out off a drop chance by Kennar.
Andre got a couple of loose deliveries from Hardus towards the end of the 4th over and was able to add a couple of boundaries to his name. Chirag then took on his countryman Ahmed Raza to the cleaners and collected 17 runs in the 5th over and shifted gears
Andre who was struggling ate up a lot of balls in the floating powerplay as well which created pressure on Charles to go for the big shot and lost his wicket. Chirag Suri then joined alongside Tigers skipper and took his time to settle in as well.
Coming in to chase 116 runs, the injured Andre Fletcher and Johnson Charles came out to the middle. Charles who took the strike took started to hit the boundaries but it was some good bowling by Mohammad Amir and Monir Hossain who kept things quiet in the powerplay overs.
Tom Moores went absolutely ballistic in the last 2 overs as had no dot balls in the 12 balls that he faced. He scored 38 runs which consisted of 4 sixes and a boundary and Chirag finish the game off in style by hitting a maximum to seal the game with 1.1 overs to spare!
Over: 9 | Summary: 4 6 2 1 6 Bowler: Hardus Viljoen Score: 0/0
8.5 Hardus Viljoen to Chirag Suri, IN THE AIR! SURI FINISHES IT OFF IN STYLE! Short of a length delivery angling into Suri, who helps it on it's way with a big heave towards deep backward square leg! The heaved pull shot was mistimed by Suri and the fielder in the deep was interested in a catch but his effort is not enough to stop the ball from going over the fence!

Bangla Tigers win by 8 wickets (with 7 balls to spare).
8.4 Hardus Viljoen to Tom Moores, low full toss on off stump, was the slower delivery as Moores mistimes his drill towards deep midwicket, to get a single
8.3 Hardus Viljoen to Tom Moores, full delivery wide of off stump, Moores drills it towards deep extra cover, to get a couple. Down to 4 runs needed!
8.2 Hardus Viljoen to Tom Moores, SIX! WOW! Full delivery into the pads, Moores sweeps the fast bowler and gets a hold of that one to dispatch it over fine leg for a huge six! Andre Fletcher is pumped in the dugout! Just one more maximum away from the win now are Tigers!
8.1 Hardus Viljoen to Tom Moores, FOUR! SHOT! Overpitched delivery wide of off stump, Moores gets low to play a crunching drive through extra cover, for a boundary! Just 12 runs needed now!
Tom cuts himself loose in the previous over and hits 3 sixes in a row to really pull things back in favor of the Tigers. Tigers have reached the 100 run mark and now just need 16 runs from 12 balls to seal this match!

Hardus Viljoen comes on to bowl the penultimate over!
Over: 8 | Summary: 2 6 6 6 2 1 Bowler: Monir Hossain Score: 100/2
7.6 Monir Hossain to Tom Moores, fullish delivery on off stump, Moore mistimes his drive towards long off, to get a single
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