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Qalandars 104/3 (10 ov)
Bangla Tigers 97/6 (10 ov)
Qalandars won by 7 runs.
Player of the match: Ahmad Daniyal
Qalandars won this match by 7 runs!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Bangla Tigers and Qalandars. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan and alongside me, Anurag signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
With that, the Qalandars remain unbeaten in this tournament soo far. 
The following is what Qalandars skipper Sohail Akhtar: "Yes Zahid is a very good bowler, he has got pace and I confident that Zahid will concede just 13-14 runs and surely not 21 runs. My plan was Jordan who has been the senior-most bowler, who has excellent bowling spell in the last few matches."
21 runs were needed from the last over and Zahid was given the ball by the Qalandar skipper. Zahid got the wicket of Tom Moores right on the first ball of that over and shattered the hopes of Bangla Tigers to get to the finish line. Qais Ahmed looked promising but 21 runs from 5 balls was just too big of an ask for Qais.
This helped the equation to come down to 23 runs needed from 2 overs. Chirs Jordan then who came on to bowl the penultimate over conceded just 2 runs from it and was outstanding with his changeups.
The Tigers were still limping behind the scoring rate as the overs started to deplete for them. Tigers needed 41 runs from the last 3 overs and Tanvir who was bowling pretty well was taken to the cleaners by Tom as pumped Tanvir for a couple of sixes and a boundary
Mohammad Zahid who came on to bowl the 6th over provided the opportunity for them as Chirag was able to muster a couple of boundaries at the start of that over but then was caught out of a fantastic ripper by Zahid
Chirag Suri and Tom Moores who have been in good knick for the Tigers were on the crease and need to bat long. Qalandars were able to keep the batting duo quiet as they were unable to find the big overs.
Coming in to chase 104 runs, Johnson Charles (12 off 8) provided a firing start as he collected 3 boundaries in a row in the first over itself. Things slowed down a bit for them Sohail Tanvir was able to get the wicket of Charles and in the next over Andre Fletcher was sent packing as well.
A dramatic final over makes it one of the exciting first match for the day. Tom who was dismissed on the first ball of that over really made it difficult for the Tigers to win the match from there. Qais although played a handy knock and kept things exciting towards the end. Unfortunately it 21 runs was a bit too much to get and the winning streak for Qalandars continue.
Over: 10 | Summary: W 4 2 6 0 1 Bowler: Mohammad Zahid Score: 97/6
9.6 Mohammad Zahid to Qais Ahmed, length ball on middle stump, Ahmed looks to slog it away, doesn't time it and it just bobs over the bowler's head. Qalandars make it 5 wins in a row!
9.5 Mohammad Zahid to Qais Ahmed, short ball outside off, it's out of the batsman's reach and Ahmed can't get this one away! Using the pace and that some delivery by Zahid! All he now needs to do is bowl a legal delivery and Qalandars win as the equation is out of reach!!
9.4 Mohammad Zahid to Qais Ahmed, SIX! Friendly full toss on off stump and Ahmed muscles this over the cow corner fence for a maximum! Getting tense now! 9 needed of 2 balls. Is there still some fight left for the Tigers??
9.3 Mohammad Zahid to Qais Ahmed, yorker on middle stump, Ahmed flicks it to deep square leg for a single. Down to 15 runs needed from 3 balls!
9.2 Mohammad Zahid to Qais Ahmed, RUN OUT! IS IT? Comedy here! It was a full ball on middle stump and Ahmed drilled this one back over the bowler's head, Jordan who ran in from long-on saved it brilliantly, and threw it back to the keeper's end where Dunk found the batsman short of his ground! An extraordinary sequence of events here and they're checking if Jordan has saved this cleanly. The third umpire calls it a boundary! 17 runs needed from 4 balls now!
Who is the new batsman in? It's Qais Ahmed who comes out to the middle
9.1 Mohammad Zahid to Tom Moores, OUT! LBW! Dear oh dear! Looks like this is a shocking decision! It was a full ball that smashed into Moores' pads but it seemed to be pitching outside leg! But Moores has to go!
What a fantastic over that was by Chris Jordan. He bowled the bowlers, the change of pace deliveries, and did not allow Moores who faced a couple of balls much to do with. The Tigers need 21 runs of the last 6 balls!

Mohammad Zahid comes on to bowl the final over!
Over: 9 | Summary: W 0 0 1 0 1 Bowler: Chris Jordan Score: 84/5
8.6 Chris Jordan to Tom Moores, low full toss on off stump, Moores mistimes it to long-on and gets a single 
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