Bangladesh Kings CC 138/6 (10 ov)
Barcelona Gladiators 69/10 (9.3 ov)
Bangladesh Kings CC won by 69 runs.
Player of the match: Moshiur Rahman
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A big win for Bangladesh Kings as Barcelona Gladiators have been bowled out for just 69 runs handing the Kings a comfortable win by 69 runs. It was tough going for the Gladiator batsmen against the accurate bowling by the Kings' bowlers. Not a single batsman managed to cross the personal score of 20, which highlights how difficult it was for the Gladiator's batsmen to chase the total down. All credits to the Bangladesh Kings bowlers. Sofiqul Islam picked three wickets. Hussain Aminul, MD Rahul, and Kosrul Ahmed picked two wickets each to dent the Gladaitors' chase. 

Earlier in the match, Moshiur Rahman, the Bangladesh skipper played a whirlwind knock of 60 from 23 balls hitting four fours and six sixes to propel his side to a huge total of 138/6 in 20 overs. He was helped by the likes of Moshiur Rahman and Shakil Mia. 

To sum up it was a good all-round show by the Kings to win this match! 
Over: 10 | Summary: W 0 W Bowler: Sofiqul Islam Score: 0/0
9.3 Sofiqul Islam to Ali Khan, IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! A full ball bowled on middle and leg, Ali gets down low and launches one towards long-on where the fielder completes the catch! With that, the Kings beat the Gladiators by a massive margin of 69 runs!
9.2 Sofiqul Islam to Ali Khan, a full ball bowled outside off, Ali drives it to the man at covers for no runs!
9.1 Sofiqul Islam to Ameer Taimur, WICKET! A length ball bowled on the stumps, Taimur tries to flick it into the leg-side but is struck in front of the stumps as the umpire gives that one without any hesitation!
MD Saiful struggled to finish the over but in the end, the over was done and dusted. The Gladiators are now going through the motions. 
Over: 9 | Summary: 2 1w 1 W 1w 5nb 1w 1 0 1w 1w 0 Bowler: MD Saiful Islam Score: 67/8
8.6 MD Saiful Islam to Zahid Akbar, a length ball bowled outside off, Akbar has a wild swing at it and misses as the over finally comes to an end!
8.6 MD Saiful Islam to Zahid Akbar, WIDE! This time on the off-side as Saiful bowls a very loose ball outside the tramline!
8.6 MD Saiful Islam to Zahid Akbar, WIDE! Another wide down the leg-side as Saiful continues to struggle with his line and length!
8.5 MD Saiful Islam to Zahid Akbar, a length ball bowled across the stumps, Akbar has a swing but is unable to make contact
8.4 MD Saiful Islam to Ameer Taimur, a full-toss on the stumps, Taimur plays it to the leg-side and gets a single for his troubles!
8.4 MD Saiful Islam to Ameer Taimur, WIDE! The horror show continues as he bowls another wide outside off!
Zahid Akbar walks out to bat. 
8.4 MD Saiful Islam to Ameer Taimur, NO-BALL! Another poor ball from Saif and beats everyone on the leg-side! These are bonus runs for the batting side!
8.4 MD Saiful Islam to Ameer Taimur, WIDE! A wayward ball down the leg-side and he will have to bowl that one again!
8.3 MD Saiful Islam to Mohammad Umar, RUN-OUT! What has happened here? A length ball bowled into the stumps, Umar plays it into the off-side and comes through for a double courtesy of an overthrow. However, lack of communication has cost them and Umar will have to depart!
8.2 MD Saiful Islam to Ameer Taimur, a length ball bowled into the stumps, Taimur heaves it into the leg-side for a single
Muhammad Umar is the new batsman in the middle. 
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