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Fateh CC 87/4 (10 ov)
Bangladesh Kings CC 91/1 (6.5 ov)
Bangladesh Kings CC won by 9 wickets
That's all we have for this match's live commentary as I, Lavil Saldanha, and my colleague, Abhinav Singh, sign off. Do check Sportskeeda for all the live match commentaries and latest news articles and feature pieces. Until next time it's goodbye from our side. SEE YA!!
Kings CC win the match by 9 wickets 

A comprehensive victory for KCC, in the end, to finish their campaign on a high. They restricted Fateh CC to an under-par total. Batting second, they got off to a blazing start and made sure they finished off the chase early, in order to give their NRR a boost. Jubed Miah, who was serving a one-match suspension was drafted back in the team and made an instant impact, scoring a belligerent half-century and also finished the game for his side with 19 balls to spare.

Fateh CC rather ended their disappointing tournament on a low with a defeat. They had a disappointing bowling show as Jubed Miah blew them apart with the willow in hand.Gurvinder Singh was the only bowler to get a wicket. None of he other bowlers got a wicket as KIngs CC cruised to a comfortable victory
6.5 Manjinder Singh Lovely to Moshiur Rahman, 4BYES! slow length ball angled into the batsman's pads, Rahman couldn't manage to get his bat on the ball and the white kookaburra snuck in between his bat and pads. The keeper who was blindsided missed the ball and it raced away to the fine leg boundary to give a comprehensive victory to the Bangladesh Kings CC who would feel good that they have bowed out of the ECS with some pride!
6.4 Manjinder Singh Lovely to Moshiur Rahman, fuller length delivery on the stumps, the batsman gets behind it and defends it for no run back to the bowler!
6.3 Manjinder Singh Lovely to Moshiur Rahman, SIX! overpitched delivery in the batsman's slot outside off, the batsman standing tall with a steady pace, waited for the slow delivery, and clobbered it across over deep midwicket fielder for a maximum! Gets the full toss on the bat, Rahman gives it a powerful heave and sends it across the line for a huge maximum. Just a run needed now
6.2 Manjinder Singh Lovely to Moshiur Rahman, FOUR! short of a length delivery on the middle stump line, the batsman had been waiting for it and he pulled it with sheer force to deep square leg boundary for FOUR runs! Slower short length delivery from Lovely there, Rahman sets himself up for the shot and times the ball with all the brute force for a boundary.
6.1 Manjinder Singh Lovely to Jubed Miah, slow length ball delivered at a leisure pace outside off, the batsman chipped it to wide long on for a single
The 6th over is done and dusted here as KCC get 9 runs in the over. Victory is in sight for them and they will look to finish things off in style. KCC are on 76/1 after 6 overs and need 12 runs in 24 balls 
5.6 Randip Singh Daid to Moshiur Rahman, length ball drifting down the pads, dabbed back to the keeper for no run!
5.5 Randip Singh Daid to Moshiur Rahman, SIX! DEPOSITED! short of length delivery on the waist length height, the skipper swivels in the crease and absolutely crunches the ball in front of square for a MAXIMUM! Gets the short-pitched delivery in the arc there, Rahman tonks the ball hard and it goes out of the ground for a maximum
5.4 Randip Singh Daid to Moshiur Rahman, fuller length delivery angling into the batsman who goes for a wild heave and misses the line of the ball
5.3 Randip Singh Daid to Jubed Miah, back of length delivery on stumps, pulled to deep midwicket fielder for a single
5.2 Randip Singh Daid to Moshiur Rahman, back of length delivery dug into the pitch, the batsman went for the pull, miscued it and the ball went straight up in the air, the keeper came from behind and so did the bowler but in the end none of the fielder took it and the ball landed safely in between
5.2 Randip Singh Daid to Moshiur Rahman, bowled way outside off the tramlines, WIDE called!
5.1 Randip Singh Daid to Moshiur Rahman, length ball on the legstump, the batsman swivels but gets the underedge of the bat back to the keeper, No run!
Gurvinder Singh gets the wicket of Omar Ali in the over but is not spared from the wrath of Jubed Miah as he hits him for two back to back maximums in the over. 14 runs and a wicket came in the over, KCC are on 67/1 after 5 overs, needing 21 runs in 30 balls
4.6 Gurvinder Singh Jr. to Moshiur Rahman, short of length delivery banged in short and pulled in front of square by the skipper for single to get off the mark!
4.5 Gurvinder Singh Jr. to Omar Ali, CAUGHT! FINALLY! length ball outside off on the sixth stump line, Ali standing in the crease takes a prod at it but mistimes the ball straight into the hands of long-off who takes an easy catch! Ali looked to join the party here, looked to imitate his partner at the other end, and mistimes the shot, handing an easy catch to the long-on fielder. First blood for FCC
4.4 Gurvinder Singh Jr. to Jubed Miah, back of length delivery from around the wicket, tapped to long on for a single
4.3 Gurvinder Singh Jr. to Jubed Miah, SIX! JEEZ! overpitched delivery in the batsman's arc, Miah sees it, dances down the track and clobbers the ball in the blue Barcelona sky for another gargantuan MAXIMUM! Jubed Miah looks in a hurry here, smashes another maximum in the over and gets to his 50 on the return back in the playing XI
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