141/6 (20)
137/5 (20)
Bangladesh won by 4 runs.
Right then, a close game as compared to the first one and the Kiwis put up a spirited effort to take it down the wire. 141 was always going to be a challenging score to chase on this surface with the Bangladesh bowling attack but they came agonizingly close. They did not have a good start losing two quick wickets. However, skipper Tom Latham and Will Young stitched together a useful stand that helped them pave their way back into the game. 

Tom Lathan remaining unbeaten on 65 batted really well, carrying the innings through and if he could have got some support from the others, the Kiwis would surely have pulled this off. Unfortunate that they kept losing wickets from the other end, that was the real difference eventually. It did get tough for them towards the end and it looked like Bangladesh were going to have it easy. 

However, there was then that little twist where Mustafizur bowled a no-ball and Latham somehow managed to get it to the fence, that took them close. They were lucky there but not quite enough as the fizz held his nerve to see Bangladesh through. 

The spinners were once again vital for the hosts, making life difficult for the Kiwi batsman in the middle. Mahedi Hasan was outstanding with figures of 2/12, while Shakib picked up a couple of wickets as well. All in all, a good all-round effort from Bangladesh as continue their winning run over a period of time now. 

As for New Zealand, they might have lost the game but this has been a very good recovery from the first game, which is a huge positive going into the rest of the series as they have lots to play for still. The hosts are 2-0 up and with three more games to go, they would look to take an unassailable lead of 3-0 to seal the deal. A must-win game for the Kiwis to keep the series alive and we can expect another cracking contest. 

Until then, stay tuned for more cricket coverage as we bring you action happening from across the globe. This has been Rishab and Pradeep as we take your leave. Have a great Friday evening people!
Mahmudullah, Man of the Match and Bangladesh Captain: I think in T20 games you have close finishes. Happy that we came across with a win that is what matters. Mustafizur held his nerve quite well and we went close because of that no-ball but he delivered well. The wicket was much better today. I think I have always believed that we are very good as a team in this format. We need to back our skills and we are happy to continue the streak. 
Tom Latham, New Zealand Captain: It was a great game and to take it down to the last over for us is about trying to learn and we did well with the bat. I think we bowled well up top. A better surface makes for a better game and that was the case. The spinners did a good job and it is about executing our skills. 130-140 was a competitive score and we gave ourselves a chance in that last over. Partnerships work slightly different. My role was to try and bat through. You are going to lose wickets but I am really proud of the guys the way we managed to turn it around from that first game. 
That is that! You've got to feel for Latham, fighting a lone battle and a little bit of support would have helped. Nonetheless, spare a thought for the Kiwis because they came pretty close. Bangladesh will be relieved but this has been a real good game of cricket. The hosts lead 2-0 and continue their dominant run at home! 
137 /5 score
cricket bat icon Tom Latham *
67 (49)
cricket bat icon Cole McConchie
15 (12)
cricket ball icon Mustafizur Rahman
0 /36
19.6 Mustafizur Rahman to Tom Latham, OH! Length delivery on the off-stump and Latham swipes that one through the square leg region for just a single. Bangladesh go 2-0 up, so close and yet so far for the Kiwis in the end, fell short by 4 runs!
6 off the last ball then. Looks simple, not really though. Can Latham give his side a dream finish? 
19.5 Mustafizur Rahman to Tom Latham, nails the yorker into Latham on the off-stump as he shuffles across to whip that one away and they come back for a brace.
Oh dear! No-ball! Four and this is an unexpected twist in the tale! Hang on folks, this is still on. 8 off 2! As interesting as it can get! 
19.5 Mustafizur Rahman to Tom Latham, OH MY! NO-BALL AND A FOUR! Slipped out of the hands of Fizz and goes over the batters head and what's more is Latham gets a toe end of the bat that runs away to the fine-leg fence for a boundary. FREE-HIT coming up and 8 needed now off 2!
This is going Bangladesh's way. Two sixes is what the Kiwis need! 
19.4 Mustafizur Rahman to Cole McConchie, length delivery on the stumps as Cole makes room and cuts it away through the covers, they had the two on offer but Latham denies it. He needs to connect this one big otherwise it's all over for New Zealand!
New Zealand need boundaries! Doesn't look like it's happening with Mustafizur operating though!
19.3 Mustafizur Rahman to Cole McConchie, change of pace again, short on the off-stump as Cole makes room and cuts it away fiercely as the sweeper comes around and they scamper back for the second. 14 off 3!
19.2 Mustafizur Rahman to Tom Latham, slower one, full on the outside off as Latham looks to get underneath that one to power it away but slices it in the end towards long-off for just a single. 16 off 4!
19.1 Mustafizur Rahman to Cole McConchie, OH! Could've been a sensational catch had that fielder who charges in from deep mid-wicket held on to it. Short delivery on the leg-stump line as Cole looks to power it away but miscues it in the end, they come back for the third. 17 off 5!
In runs the fizz!
20 off the last 6!
What an over this has been! Drama keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. Bangladesh could have been a lot relaxed had Nurul not made a mess of that run-out. Nonetheless, the hosts are still on top here. Excellent over from Saifuddin and with Mustafizur to bowl the final over, you'd reckon this should be it for Bangladesh anyway!
122 /5 score
cricket bat icon Tom Latham
59 (45)
cricket bat icon Cole McConchie *
9 (9)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Saifuddin
0 /36
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