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Raval Sporting CC 140/3 (10 ov)
Barcelona Gladiators 103/8 (10 ov)
Raval Sporting CC won by 37 runs.
Player of the match: Karan Datta
Raval Sporting then securing their spot in the semi-finals with a convincing victory in the end! They batted well, bowled well and fielded well too producing an all-round performance to get past the Gladiators in a game that held high stakes for them. It was their skipper Karan Datta who set it up with a captain's knock getting them to a big total on the board to go out and defend. Was always going to be a tough task for any opposition to scale that down with the likes of Guarang Mahyavanshi in their bowling line-up! 

The Gladiators need a solid start which they could not get. Of course they got a few quick runs but losing wickets at the top was a key factor and Raval did well to keep that pressure on throughout the innings picking timely wickets. Once again it was Mahyavanshi, the leading wicket-taker, rising to the occasion when his side needed him picking a couple of wickets. Muhammad Rizwan as well with a terrific spell with figures of 2/7 from his two overs doing a marvelous job. 

It looked like the Gladiators were out of the game only until their skipper, Babar, turned the heat on with a fantastic cameo smashing four sixes in a row and just for a tiny moment, it looked like there was some life back into the game for them. Unfortunately he couldn't carry on and Raval in the end romping home comfortably. 

An all-round dominating performance for them as they now march into the semi-finals and this win will give them a lot of confidence. The Gladiators losing all of their games today as their campaign comes to a disappointing end and with this result, Minhaj is the other side which is also out of the race now. Some brilliant action then and do not go away just yet for we have the final game of the day coming your way in quick time! 
And that's the game for Raval! A bit of a scare while Babar was out there but they have survived it to make the semi-finals! Beating the Gladiators by 37 runs and that also means that Minhaj are out of the race. Nine wins in a row and Raval going ahead looking a solid all-round unit for sure! 
Over: 10 | Summary: 1w W W 1lb 1w 1 0 1w Bowler: Manish Manwani Score: 0/0
9.6 Manish Manwani to Tahir Nawaz, no run, full ball outside off, Nawaz swings wildly but cannot make any connection. With that, the Raval Sporting beat the Barcelona Gladiators by 37 runs and seal a playoffs spot!
9.6 Manish Manwani to Tahir Nawaz, length ball but well outside off. Adjudged as a WIDE!
9.5 Manish Manwani to Tahir Nawaz, no run, full ball on the pads, Nawaz misses out on the heave and is rapped on the pads. 
9.4 Manish Manwani to Tanzeer Ur Rehman, length ball outside off, tapped towards cover for a single.
9.4 Manish Manwani to Tanzeer Ur Rehman, WIDE ball outside off. 
9.3 Manish Manwani to Tahir Nawaz, no run, length ball on the body, Nawaz is rapped on the pads and the batsmen take a single as the ball trickles towards fine leg.
9.2 Manish Manwani to Ali Zafar Khan, DROPPED! OUT! RUN-OUT! It's all happening here! Length ball outside off, cut uppishly but the fielder at point drops it. Khan is well outside the crease, looking for the single as the keeper collects the throw and whips off the bails. 
9.1 Manish Manwani to Tanzeer Ur Rehman, OUT! Nadeem Muhammad RUN-OUT! What have they done? Brain fade moment! Yorker on the middle stump, dug out into the off side. The bowler is quick to collect that while the batsmen are stranded mid-pitch while deciding whether they want to take the single or not
9.1 Manish Manwani to Tanzeer Ur Rehman, length ball sliding down the leg side. WIDE called
Huge sigh of relief for Raval as Babar seemed like he was all set to pull off a miraculous win! What a knock from him nonetheless giving Raval a mini scare there. Big big wicket and that might just be curtains for the Gladiators when they had a ray of hope out of nowhere. Game of nerves as we said earlier and Raval holding them better. Two wickets in the over and a brilliant over from Rizwan under tremendous pressure this! 43 off 6 and it certainly seems impossible for the Gladiators now
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 W 1 0 0 W Bowler: Muhammad Rizwan Score: 98/6
8.6 Muhammad Rizwan to Zahid Akbar, OUT! CLEANS HIM UP! Length ball on the off stump, Akbar makes room and goes for the wild hoick into the leg side. Plays in the completely wrong line and the ball goes on to cop the top of off stump!
8.5 Muhammad Rizwan to Zahid Akbar, nails the yorker outside off, Akbar crouches low and looks to dig that out but fails to make any connection. No run!
8.4 Muhammad Rizwan to Zahid Akbar, no run, length ball outside off, Akbar swings and misses
8.3 Muhammad Rizwan to Tanzeer Ur Rehman, length ball outside off, driven uppishly to mid off for a single.
8.2 Muhammad Rizwan to Babar Basharat, OUT! CAUGHT! Full ball on the middle stump, Basharat gets his front foot out of the way and looks to heave it away. Ends up slicing it in the air and the fielder at point takes a comfortable catch!
8.1 Muhammad Rizwan to Babar Basharat, no run, back of a length ball on the off stump, Basharat shuffles across and looks to pull it. Misses and is hit on the shoulder instead. 
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