Bengal Tigers CC 128/10 (19.1 ov)
GYM Helsinki Gymkhana 99/10 (18.3 ov)
Bengal Tigers CC won by 29 runs.
Bengal Tigers beat Helsinki Gymkhana by 29 runs!

A thoroughly professional performance from the BTC bowlers, led by the new ball pairing of Tonmoy Saha (1/14) and Rony Sardar (3/16). The GHG innings never got going with wickets falling at regular intervals. The bowling was well complemented by the fielding with a couple of run-outs to show for their efforts. Only Yousufzai (32 off 37) and Brar (27 off 32 balls) managed to put up a fight, which wasn't enough in the end. First win on the board for Bengal Tigers while GHG has some thinking to do after a disappointing loss today!

That's it from our side. Hope you enjoyed the coverage of yet another Finnish Premier League game. Until then, This is Dwijesh Reddy and my partner Kartik Iyer signing off! Stay safe! See you soon!
18.3 R Sardar to Z Tariq, run out. GHG all out for 99. BTC wins by 29 runs.
18.2 R Sardar to Z Tariq, lofted over point for a welcome boundary. Tariq manages to clear the in-field, into the vacant area for a boundary!
18.1 R Sardar to Z Tariq, struck on the pads, no run.
95-9 after 18 overs! GHG needs 34 off 12 balls!

Barring a miracle, the Bengal Tigers look set for their first win! 
17.6 T Saha to A Rehman, beaten outside off. Deceives the batsman with a clever variation!
17.5 T Saha to A Rehman, played to deep square leg for a boundary.
17.4 T Saha to A Rehman, played straight down the ground for a couple. Opens his account!
17.3 T Saha to A Rehman, another dot ball.
17.2 T Saha to A Rehman, doesn't try to hit the free hit. No run.
17.2 T Saha to A Rehman, played to midwicket. Free hit coming up. An anti-climax this as a catch goes down although it wouldn't have counted anyway.
17.1 T Saha to S Brar, That was plumb as Brar played across the line. The last hope is also gone. GAME, SET and MATCH BENGAL TIGERS! If it wasn't clear already! Saha delivers the big wicket and it is only a matter of time now with only one wicket remaining. 88-9 GHG
88-8 after 17 overs! GHG needs 41 off 18 balls!

Bengal Tigers inching towards a win. Brar stands in their way though..
16.6 R Sardar to Z Tariq, beaten outside off. Tariq has a poke at it and is lucky to get some bat on it.
16.5 R Sardar to M Hassan, clean bowled trying to go for a ramp shot. The EIGHTH WICKET FALLS! You miss, I Hit stuff there and Sardar has his second!
16.4 R Sardar to S Brar, dances down the track and bunts into the on-side for a single. Sardar doing well against Brar this over!
16.3 R Sardar to S Brar, straight-driven for another couple. These are handy runs for GHG but they need a boundary!
16.2 R Sardar to S Brar, walks down the pitch and plays out to the off-side for a couple. Pressure telling on the fielder as he midfield, allowing the batsmen to come back for a double!
16.1 R Sardar to M Hassan, played into the covers for a single. Quick single taken. Brar is happy to be on strike!
82-8 after 16 overs! GHG needs 47 after 24 balls.

An uphill task for GHG at the moment! Can Brar pull off a heist?
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