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Hyderabad (India) 157/10 (20 ov)
Bengal 161/4 (18.2 ov)
Bengal won by 6 wickets
It did seem that Hyderabad had made a comeback in the middle with those quick wickets after Bengal got off to flying start in the powerplay. They were simply cruising and scoring for fun at that stage before they lost a few in the middle that did put some pressure on them. It was Kartikeya who got the important break first and then Ravi Teja followed it up with two more in not much time. That was the only phase in this chase where it looked the contest would get even and Hyderabad would have sensed some chance of winning this game. 

But it wasn't to be with Goswami out in the middle! What a terrific night he's had. Four dismissals with the gloves and then he's come out to play a knock that had class, responsibility, style and the intent ton stay out there and take his side through. When wickets were going at the other end, he held one up, batted with composure and in the end, finish the game like they were in no trouble at all. An unbeaten 69 that had as many as eleven fours! You have to say it was his night and he put no foot wrong whatsoever. 

With the quick wickets of Vivek, Majumdar and Tiwary falling, Goswami needed someone to support him out there and that job was done pretty well by Writtick Chatterjee. He came in at a tough situation and getting an unbeaten 39 that had 3 fours and a couple of sixes. A crucial innings in the context of this game and a match-winning partnership being put up there. He was dropped once and he made it count, that drop eventually proving costly, way too costly, for Hyderabad!

Hyderabad did not start well with the ball. Bengal were racing away right at the start and that put them under immense pressure. Although, they did fightback in the middle and it looked like this game was going down the wire. But the bowling, for most part was ordinary and they failed to apply pressure on Goswami and Writtick, who were rotating the strike quite well and getting the boundaries all the time. Hyderabad put down a few chances as well, their fielding wasn't up to the mark and the intent was lacking. From the position they had gotten themselves in, they could have done a lot more better.

Eventually a convincing win for Bengal by six wickets and ten deliveries to spare. They now move up to the second place in the points table, equal on 12 points with Tamil Nadu and it will give them a lot of confidence. Two losses for Hyderabad and they have some thinking to do after how this game has panned out for them. That's all from this game folks! This is me ( Rishab) and my partner Maanas signing off, have a good night!
Finished in style! Bengal winning this game by 6 wickets with 10 balls to spare as well! This will do their NRR some good as well and a convincing victory in the end. They did look to be in trouble at one stage but Goswami and Writtick playing superbly and an unbeaten partnership there to see Bengal past the finish line with much ease in the end. 73 run stand that and a truly great effort. Taking their tally to 12 points now!
18.2 Rahul Buddhi to Writtick Chatterjee, FOUR! SHOT! Short ball outside off, Chatterjee gets onto the back foot in a flash and cuts that over point for a boundary! That will wrap up proceedings here as Bengal comprehensively beat Hyderabad by 6 wickets!
18.1 Rahul Buddhi to Writtick Chatterjee, no run, length ball outside off darted in, the batsman is surprised by the bounce and fails to connect with the shot
They're doing it ease now the Bengal batsmen. Hyderabad seem to have given up looking at the body language. The fielding has been poor and they have paid for it. Just excellent batting and the scores are now levelled! Just 1 needed of 12
The batting has been simply brilliant and they have overpowered this Hyderabad bowling attack!
Over: 18 | Summary: 1 1 4 1 1 4 Bowler: Tilak Varma Score: 157/4
17.6 Tilak Varma to Shreevats Goswami, FOUR! SHOT! Overpitched delivery outside off, Goswami hangs back and drives that powerfully through the extra cover region for a boundary!
17.5 Tilak Varma to Writtick Chatterjee, short ball on the body, Chatterjee works that towards long on for a single. 
17.4 Tilak Varma to Shreevats Goswami, length ball outside off, Goswami punches that to sweeper cover for a single 
17.3 Tilak Varma to Shreevats Goswami, FOUR! CRUNCHED! Full ball outside off, Goswami clears his front foot and smacks that over covers for a boundary!
17.2 Tilak Varma to Writtick Chatterjee, full ball on the middle stump spinning in, clipped to deep square leg for a single. 
17.1 Tilak Varma to Shreevats Goswami, short ball outside off, Goswami drives that to sweeper cover for a single. 
Alright so Bengal seem to be in a hurry to wrap this up now! Poor bowling and Writtick putting them away with ease, he was dropped and he's making it count now. He's supported Goswami well and looking to attack and free his arms now. Expensive over and Bengal in touching distance now. 13 needed off 18 
This has been the partnership that has taken it away from Hyderabad after they did manage to create some pressure in the middle. 
Over: 17 | Summary: 1 1 6 4 0 0 Bowler: Kartikeya Kak Score: 145/4
16.6 Kartikeya Kak to Writtick Chatterjee, no run, short ball outside off, Chatterjee leaves that alone. 
16.5 Kartikeya Kak to Writtick Chatterjee, no run, length ball outside off, tapped straight to the fielder at mid off. 
16.4 Kartikeya Kak to Writtick Chatterjee, FOUR! Full toss and punished! Way outside off and Chatterjee pounces on the width on offer. Slashed through the point region for a boundary!
16.3 Kartikeya Kak to Writtick Chatterjee, SIX! SHOT! Back of a length ball on the off stump, Chatterjee shuffles across and whacks that away for a huge maximum over mid-wicket!
16.2 Kartikeya Kak to Shreevats Goswami, full ball outside off, Goswami leans in and chips that towards sweeper cover for a single. 
16.1 Kartikeya Kak to Writtick Chatterjee, length ball on the off stump, Chatterjee slaps it towards mid off for a single. 
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