Bengali CC 98/4 (10 ov)
Fateh CC 84/5 (10 ov)
Bengali CC won by 14 runs.
Player of the match: Mosaraf Hossain
A clinical victory at the end of Bengali CC as they wrap this contest up in convincing fashion, they win this contest by 14 runs. 

had their moments in the run-chase here but unlike the Bengali CC they didn't have a moment that sustained long enough to make a match-winning impact.

They got off to an excellent start as the opening pair 26 runs for the first wicket in real quick time as well but they kept losing wickets at regular intervals since then.

The real set back came in the sixth over as they lost both the set batsmen in the same over and they never recovered from there. Manjinder gave brief hopes but Hussain was too good in the penultimate over for the batsman and saw the back of Manjinder right in time.

Bengali have won all three of their games and they are looking like a real side to beat here in this tournament, the way the came back with the bat after being under pressure at 3 down for close to nothing showed everyone they are here to stay.

That's all from us here at Sportskeeda from day 3 of the ECS, we will be back tomorrow with ECS action but until then, stay safe and good night!
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 2w 1 0 1w 1w 6 W 0 Bowler: Omar Ali Score: 84/5
9.6 Omar Ali to Lakhvir Singh Vinty, full ball outside the off-stump, he drives it down to long-on but Kuldeep Singh denies him a single
9.5 Omar Ali to Iqbal Wajid, OUT! Fuller ball on the off-stump, tries to go big downtown but miscues it up in the air. It is straight down the throat of Bepari who can do no wrong tonight
9.4 Omar Ali to Iqbal Wajid, SIX! Long hoick from the bowler, he stays right back and pulls it away over the square leg boundary for a maximum
9.4 Omar Ali to Iqbal Wajid, another wide, this time down the leg-side. These extras could be costly in a closer encounter
9.4 Omar Ali to Iqbal Wajid, short and wide once again, the umpire says it is a bit too wide
Unless there is any drama with extras, Fateh cannot win this contest
9.3 Omar Ali to Iqbal Wajid, low full toss swinging in from wide of off-stump, he leaves it alone expecting a wide but the umpire denies it
9.2 Omar Ali to Kuldeep Singh, good length ball angling into the batsman, swings it away to deep mid-wicket for a single
9.2 Omar Ali to Iqbal Wajid, short delivery well wide of the off-stump. The keeper attempts a runout but that allows an extra run
9.1 Omar Ali to Iqbal Wajid, nails the yorker straightaway, batsman swings across the line but connects only with thin air
Mosaraf Hussain absolutely killing that run-chase in the first ball of the over as he got rid of the dangerous Manjinder and since then there was no way they were getting close to this.

For what it's worth they need 26 runs off the last 6 balls, Omar Ali will be the bowler.
Over: 9 | Summary: W 1 1 0 2w 2 1 Bowler: Mosaraf Hossain Score: 73/4
8.6 Mosaraf Hossain to Iqbal Wajid, low full toss on middle and leg, he gets a thick inside edge during the attempted heave
8.5 Mosaraf Hossain to Iqbal Wajid, length ball outside the off-stump, slices it over point. The fielders converge to retrieve that but they collect a couple in the process
8.5 Mosaraf Hossain to Kuldeep Singh, goes for the straighter yorker this time but errs in the line. The keeper falls in the attempt to pouch it and they steal a bye
8.4 Mosaraf Hossain to Kuldeep Singh, right in the blockhole outside the off-stump, tries to dig it out but makes no contact
8.3 Mosaraf Hossain to Iqbal Wajid, fuller ball on the off-stump, hoicks it to the fielder at deep mid-wicket
8.2 Mosaraf Hossain to Kuldeep Singh, short of a length delivery outside the off-stump, gets a thick outside edge as he tries to cut it
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