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Gracia CC 131/5 (10 ov)
Bengali CC 99/5 (10 ov)
Gracia CC won by 32 runs.
Player of the match: Gurwinder Bajwa
A fantastic victory for Gracia then to wrap up the week's matches then! Brilliantly set up by Gurwinder Bajwa who's heroics powered them to a huge score and it proved to be too much for Bengali CC to scale down. They needed to start with a bang, but lost a wicket in the very first over and never got going in the powerplay overs. A slow start in the first half meant that there was way too much left for the end and even though they tried hard, quite obviously they ended up falling short in the end, not even managing to get to a 100 runs. 

Mosaraf Hossain and Shafiqur Rahman with a late surge but that was never going to be enough as they lost wickets in the middle. A complete bowling effort as Kuldeep Lal, Harkaman and Trilochan Singh, all were economical and kept the brakes on the scoring. The Gracia bowlers did not allow the batsmen to score freely at all and they never really looked to be in the chase in the first five overs as well. 

A comprehensive win for Gracia CC after their loss to Catalunya Tigers early on in the day and this performance will help them to put that game behind and gain back their confidence. An action packed first week as ECS returned and we anticipate similar action in the weeks to come as well. Until then, this has been Rishab and Bala as we sign off. Have a great night!
Bengali trying hard in the end but they're well short! Was certainly going to be a hurricane task for them to comeback after the first half of the chase and a comprehensive victory for Gracia CC. Powered on the back of a thrilling century from Gurwinder Bajwa and then the bowlers getting the job done! A 33-run win as that brings an end to the games for this week!
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 W 1w 0 1lb 0 1 Bowler: Tinku Manoj Kumar Score: 99/5
9.6 Manoj Kumar to Alauddin Siddique, full ball on the off-stump, slices it to the left of long-on. They run a couple but the umpire signals one-short!
9.5 Manoj Kumar to Alauddin Siddique, attempts the pull off the short of a length delivery but the ball doesn't bounce as much as he anticipates and gets beaten
9.4 Manoj Kumar to Shakil Islam, another swing and miss off the length delivery, the keeper fails to collect it as well. Siddique calls him through for a single
9.3 Manoj Kumar to Shakil Islam, length ball swinging away outside the off-stump, swings across the line and makes no connection
9.3 Manoj Kumar to Shakil Islam, short and wide of off-stump, swings at it but it is a bit too wide
9.2 Manoj Kumar to Riaz Howlader, OUT! Slightly short of a good length, goes for the pull and gets good connection but not the elevation, hits it straight down the throat of the fielder at deep square leg
9.1 Manoj Kumar to Riaz Howlader, short delivery hurrying the batsman on the pull, mistimes it to square leg and once again denies the single
Some firepower towards the end as Bengali are still fighting and in the game! Looks almost impossible for them now though with way too much left to do in the end! Six sixes? Would be great fun if that happens
Over: 9 | Summary: 2w W 0 6 4 1 0 Bowler: Mukhtiar Singh Score: 96/4
8.6 Mukhtiar Singh to Alauddin Siddique, low full toss on off and middle, drives it down to long-on. Howlader denies the single
8.5 Mukhtiar Singh to Riaz Howlader, straighter this time, eases this down to long-on for a single
8.4 Mukhtiar Singh to Riaz Howlader, FOUR! Dances down the track, the bowler sees this and bowls it full and wide, Howlader has to stretch but he gets enough connection to hit it through the point for a boundary
8.3 Mukhtiar Singh to Riaz Howlader, SIX! Drags this down, the batsman rocks back and pulls it away over deep mid-wicket for a maximum
8.2 Mukhtiar Singh to Riaz Howlader, length ball angling into the batsman, misses the flick and gets hit on the pad
8.1 Mukhtiar Singh to Tamjid Bepari, full ball outside the off-stump, huge swing across the line but miscues it straight up in the air, the fielder at covers settles under it and takes a straight forward catch
8.1 Mukhtiar Singh to Riaz Howlader, angles in trying to cramp him up but drifts down the leg. The keeper manages to get a hand on it
A brilliant delivery to get the wicket of Shafiqur Rahman! Although, given the target they were chasing, should Bengali have sent Bepari in a lot earlier knowing what he's capable of? Seems like they may have missed a trick there. Too much left in the end for him to do now! Not impossible yet as Bengali hanging in with that chance. 
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