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Bengali CC 104/4 (10 ov)
XI Stars 102/6 (10 ov)
Bengali CC won by 2 runs.
Player of the match: Tabish Qahqous
WELL WELL THEN! What a contest this has turned out to be eventually. Intense drama and in the end, Bengali CC holding their nerves to pull this one off from the closest of margins. XI Stars were cruising at one stage as Tabish had the stage set on fire with his magnificent hitting, which gave us the impression that this game was definitely not going down to the wire, which it did in a turnaround of events! Excellent final over from Omar Ali under such pressure getting the job done for Bengali and it has certainly been a great effort from them the way they came back to defend that target!

XI Stars lost a couple of early wickets but despite that, Tabish was racing along from one end giving his side a terrific start in the powerplay! A magnificent 24-ball 50 from him and it most certainly looked like he was well and truly on the way to take his team home in style. Wasn't to be though as himself and Amir Hamza, who was also striking it well getting out at the wrong time, which did look like it was a bit late, but this game is not over until it really is, and it was a dramatic turnaround in the end. XI Stars had it in their control and they will be mighty disappointed of not being able to go past the line. So close but yet so far! 

Riaz Howlader, the Bengali CC skipper, leading from the front with couple of crucial wickets, including the one of Tabish, that proved to be the turning point in the game! They dropped quite a few at the top before eventually being able to hold on to their catches, lucky getaway in this game but they're going to have to improve there, a costly drop eventually proving to be the difference for XI Stars, even if by the closest of margins. And that final over from Omar of course, superb stuff under pressure helping his side pull off a win which wasn't likely for them till almost the very end!
Omar Ali started the over really well and it looked like this was going down to the final delivery and it certainly did! Two tight deliveries on that off stump line but then Asif Mehmood picking the overpitched one well and putting it away for a maximum. Run-out then followed by an excellent delivery to get rid of Asif! Brilliant stuff and some high-end drama in the final over. Just what we all love to see and what a game this has turned out to be in the end! Omar Ali is the star for Bengali and what a terrific final over he's bowled under immense pressure! XI Stars throwing this one away and this has been a thriller of a contest!
9.6 Omar Ali to Ali Ahmed, good length delivery and it's borderline wide but the umpire is happy with that one! Dot ball! The XI Stars throw another game away!

Bengali beat the XI Stars by 2 runs!
9.5 Omar Ali to Asif Mehmood, BOWLED HIM! WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT? Good length delivery angling into the batsman, who clears his front foot and goes for the heave but fails to connect and sees hit stumps get shattered! This one's a nail-biter! Not a golden ball again, surely?
9.4 Omar Ali to Asif Mehmood, RUN OUT! Peach of a yorker by Ali and Asif can only jam it back to the bowler, but the non-striker has ran out wildly and Omar does well to hit the stumps
9.3 Omar Ali to Asif Mehmood, SIX! OH YES! Overpitched delivery on off stump, Asif gets under that one and dispatches it over the long on fielder who just sails it over his head for six! Stars only need 3 more to win!
9.2 Omar Ali to Roheed Islam, full slower delivery on off stump, Islam swings and gets an inside edge to scamper through for a run. 9 off 4!
9.1 Omar Ali to Asif Mehmood, good length delivery outside off stump, slapped towards deep extra cover, for a single
Mosaraf keeping it full and on the stumps! The yorkers coming in nicely under pressure and some good pace as well! This is a terrific over under pressure and the game is certainly not done yet! Bengali fighting back and this is going down to the final over! 11 off 6 it is then!
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 1 1w 1 0 0 W Bowler: Mosaraf Hossain Score: 94/4
8.6 Mosaraf Hossain to Asif Mehmood, RUN OUT! Full and into the batsman, who can only jam that one out and go for a hopeless single and Sohail has to depart!
8.5 Mosaraf Hossain to Asif Mehmood, OH BEAUTY! Executes the yorker to perfection again and Asif can't connect with one as he tries to heave it
8.4 Mosaraf Hossain to Asif Mehmood, OH! Quicker delivery outside off stump, Asif swings and misses! Dot ball!
8.3 Mosaraf Hossain to Aamir Sohail, yorker into the pads again, dug out a drive to long on, to get the single
8.3 Mosaraf Hossain to Aamir Sohail, good length delivery but it's a bit wayward. Wide called.
8.2 Mosaraf Hossain to Asif Mehmood, low full toss as Asif comes down the track and plays an inside out drive towards deep cover, for a run
8.1 Mosaraf Hossain to Aamir Sohail, yorker right on the money, jammed out a drive towards long on, for a run
This chase is getting intense with the big wicket of Tabish falling in the previous over! Brilliant over from Hakim, on the stumps and tight. No boundaries from it at all and that is some good bowling. Still a good over though as the XI Stars just need a few hits to get it done! 15 off 12 needed
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1 0 1 2 1 Bowler: Hasan Bin Hakim Score: 90/3
7.6 Hasan bin Hakim to Aamir Sohail, low full toss, jammed out a drive towards long on, for a single
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