Bergamo United Cricket Club won by 9 runs.
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Gaurav Kadam, signing off.
Winning the toss and electing to BAT first, it did not go entirely according to the plan. With 20/1 after 4 overs, BUCC looked to struggle in the middle and found it difficult to break free. The wickets crumbled down at regular intervals and the batsmen lacked intent. Rizwan Tahir and Javaid contributed 21 runs and 12 runs respectively, while Mubashir Amin top-scored with 23 runs from 14 balls. From the bowling department, Khayer Abul took 4 wickets while Haseeb Khan, Adnan, and Kolli took 1 wicket each. BUCC toiled hard and finished on 75/8 from their 10 overs which was no way close to being a decent score.
Chasing a low target, BCC got off to a dreadful start with 17/3 after the first 3 powerplay overs. They fell prey to the chasing pressure and lost wickets at tandem. Sarfraz scored 10 from 4 balls while Iftikhar added 13 runs to the scorecard. Muhammad Adnan gave hope but eventually got dismissed scoring 21 runs from 13 balls. From the bowling department, Ravi Paul, Faisal Muhammad, and Ahsan Akram took 2 wickets each. Each of the bowlers, bowled exceptionally well to prevent the chasing team to gather any momentum. BCC fell short and finished on 66/8 from their 10 overs.

BUCC thus win this low-scoring thriller by 9 runs and register their 1st win of the tournament. 
End of the innings
BCC 66/8 from 10 overs

BUCC win the match by 9 runs
9.6 Faraz Ali to Faizan Hussain, DOT! Another dot ball for Ali as the shorter delivery is missed again by the batsman!

BUCC have defended a paltry total of 75 to win the match against BCC by 9 runs!
9.5 Faraz Ali to Faizan Hussain, DOT! Short and outside off as Hussain goes for the big swing but misses completely! That should be it for BCC!
9.4 Faraz Ali to Akash Deep, full and outside off as Akash lobs it to the long off fielder for a single. 10 runs needed from 2 balls
9.3 Faraz Ali to Faizan Hussain, pitched up as Hussain runs it down to the mid on region for a single
9.2 Faraz Ali to Muhammad Adnan, CAUGHT! pitched up and Adnan goes for the big heave on the leg side and skies it high in the air! The square leg fielder takes the catch and the dangerous Adnan has to depart. Adnan goes after scoring 21 runs from 13 balls and that is possibly the final nail in the coffin!
9.1 Faraz Ali to Muhammad Adnan, FOUR! What a way to start the over! Full and outside off as Adnan drives it through the covers finding the gap as the ball races to the rope. Half volley and goes for the taking! Bisected the fielders perfectly.

12 runs needed from 5 balls.
End of the penultimate over
BCC 60/7
Extras Given : 7
16 runs needed from 6 balls
8.6 Ahsan Akram to Zain Iftikhar, EDGED AND CAUGHT! The short, quicker one outside off from Akram and Zain slashes hard at but gets the edge with an easy catch for the keeper! Iftikhar departs scoring 14 runs from 18 balls.
8.5 Ahsan Akram to Zain Iftikhar, Short and outside off again as Zain fails yet again to connect on the ball. Three dots in a row!
8.4 Ahsan Akram to Zain Iftikhar, angled in by Akram as Zain tries to flick it on the leg side but misses out on the connection again
8.3 Ahsan Akram to Zain Iftikhar, short and on the stumps as Zain tries to cut behind square but misses the shot
8.2 Ahsan Akram to Zain Iftikhar, FOUR! back of the length from Akram and Zain has clobbered that over the bowler's head and the ball beats the two fielders converging on it and goes past the rope for a boundary! Pierced the gap with perfection!

However, it looks like the batsman has hurt himself immediately after playing the shot and the medics are attending to him!
8.1 Ahsan Akram to Muhammad Adnan, full and on the stumps as Adnan gets the inside edge down to the fine leg fielder for a single
At the end of the 8th over
BCC 55/6
21 runs needed from 12 balls
7.6 Faraz Ali to Muhammad Adnan, quicker one at the stumps from Ali as Adnan punches it watchfull to the cover region to keep strike for the next over with a single
7.5 Faraz Ali to Zain Iftikhar, full and outside off as Zain runs it down to the mid off region for a quick single
7.4 Faraz Ali to Zain Iftikhar, BOUNCER! Shorter one from Ali and the batsman is not able to connect on the pull shot there!
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