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Berlin Eagles CC 62/4 (7 ov)
USG Chemnitz 65/1 (6 ov)
USG Chemnitz won by 9 wickets
That's it from this exciting clash between Berlin Eagles CC and USG Chemnitz. Good Bye, fellas! Keep following SportsKeeda for live cricket coverage for ECS Dresden T10 and many more leagues.
BECC started the game well with an excellent partnership between the openers. Their partnership came to an end during the fifth over when Sahith Reddy picked up 3 wickets and ended up with figures 3/13 in his 2 over spell. The team somehow managed to put a total of 62 runs on the board. USGC were too slow and struggling while chasing the target and the openers were struggling and it seemed difficult for them to get past the line. After the fall of the first wicket, Abdul Basir came into the middle and smashed 31 runs off just 9 balls which included 4 sixes which guided the team to a victory. 
Abdul Basir is on fire! 4 sixes off the 6th over. USGC won by 9 wickets (with 6 balls to spare)
5.6 Younis Ahmadzai to Abdul Basir, SIX! to finish the GAME!  Where did USGC activate this beast mode from! Full ball sprayed down the leg, Abdul Basir, in the punishing mood, swings the bat haphazardly and connects it sweetly and the ball goes behind square for fourth SIX of the over!
5.5 Younis Ahmadzai to Abdul Basir, back of length delivery, it seems like Basir has Younis's number here as he tonks him for third six of the over in the same direction but even further! Phew! BASIR unleashed! 
5.4 Younis Ahmadzai to Abdul Basir, length ball, batsman was ready for it deep back in his crease and when he sees it coming, absolutely knackers the white kookaburra ball over deep square leg for another monstrous SIX!!
5.3 Younis Ahmadzai to Abdul Basir, full ball, hits the batsman on his rib cage, seems like the pace was too much for him on the occasion 
5.2 Younis Ahmadzai to Abdul Basir, full ball in the slot and SMOKED over deep midwicket for the first SIX!
5.1 Younis Ahmadzai to Abdul Basir, short ball banged into the pitch and batsman is nowhere near that ball! Excellent thinking from the pacer!
A much needed over for the batting side as they score 13 runs off the over. USGC move to 41/1. They need 22 runs in 12 balls at 11 RPO
4.6 Nasir Khan to Rajesh Nagaraja, tossed up and turned away to vacant mid on area for a couple
4.5 Nasir Khan to Abdul Basir, full ball yet again and worked to deep midwicket for a single
4.4 Nasir Khan to Abdul Basir, length ball and slapped to deep midwicket for second boundary of the over
4.3 Nasir Khan to Abdul Basir, tossed up, new batsman sweeped it blindly and  got a top edge to third man for a double
4.2 Nasir Khan to Abdulsamad Stanikzai, OUT< pre-meditated scoop from the batsman and hit straight into the lap of short fine-leg fielder. Poor batting from Stanikzai
4.1 Nasir Khan to Abdulsamad Stanikzai, flighted delivery and dispatched straight down the ground for a powerful boundary, need more of that
USGC got several singles this over but the need a lot more than that. USGC are 28 for no loss after overs. USG Chemnitz need 35 runs in 18 balls at 11.66 RPO. BECC were 41/0 at this stage.
3.6 Bashar Khan to Abdulsamad Stanikzai, tossed up on offside and played gently to long off for another solitary run 
3.5 Bashar Khan to Rajesh Nagaraja, flighted yet again but all the batsman can do is push the ball to long off for a single
3.4 Bashar Khan to Abdulsamad Stanikzai, tossed up and hit powerfully to short cover for a single
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