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Mechelen Eagles CC 75/5 (10 ov)
Beveren CC 76/6 (9.2 ov)
Beveren CC won by 4 wickets
That's it from the ECS Belgian League. Hope you enjoyed our company. This is Bala signing off on behalf of Dwijesh and Team Sportskeeda. Goodbye!!
Beveren CC win by 4 wickets with 4 balls to spare. They have won the ECS Belgium League 2020.

Comfortable victory in the end for Beveren CC. After a slow start in the first five overs, they really teed off. The key was that they attacked the straight boundary and scored some timely boundaries. Abdul Rashid played a good hand of 34 off 21 balls. Cameos from Saber Zakhil and skipper Hakim Said were also important in BCC chasing the target down comfortably.

Shakirullah Khogyani was the pick of the bowlers giving away just 12 runs and picking up a wicket in his two overs. Ikramullah Naser was late into the attack but bowled a good over giving away just 2 runs. A bit more runs on the board might have given a better chance for the Mechelen Eagles bowlers.
9.2 Ikramullah Naser to Khalid Ahmadi, edged past the keeper for a single but that doesn't matter as BEVEREN CC ARE THE ECS T10 BELGIUM 2020 CHAMPIONS!
9.1 Ikramullah Naser to Shahidullah Otmanzai, ANTI-CLIMAX! Naser fires one outside off and Otmanzai dabs one to the fielder at point, who inflicts a direct-hit to send the batsmen back to the pavilion!
Scores are level going into the final over. The field is up in the circle.
BVC 75/5 after 9 overs
8.6 Khurram Cheema to Shahidullah Otmanzai, length ball on off-stump, Otmanzai pulls it to the man at deep midwicket for just a single. So, the game does go into the final over!
8.5 Khurram Cheema to Hakim Said, full ball outside off, Said guides it towards the third-man fielder for just a single! He clearly wants to stay till the end. 2 more runs needed.
8.4 Khurram Cheema to Hakim Said, FOUR! Short ball angled into Hakim, who gets on top of it and cuts it away to sweeper cover for a brilliant boundary! A bit of width and it was punished. That should do it. Just 3 runs required now.
8.3 Khurram Cheema to Hakim Said, full ball on middle stump, Said plays it straight to the bowler, who makes a good stop! 7 runs required from 9 balls now.
8.2 Khurram Cheema to Hakim Said, full ball on the leg-stump, Said drives this one past the bowler towards long-off and again pinch a double! It was hit straight to the long-off fielder, but the lack of timing becomes a blessing for the batsmen. They get enough time to come back.
8.1 Khurram Cheema to Hakim Said, Said drives a full ball towards the cover region and comes around for a double! They need to be much more tidy on the field in this situation.
Excellent over from MEC, just 3 runs came off it. Is there a twist in the tale? 11 runs required off the last two overs.
BCC 65/5 after 8 overs
7.6 Ikramullah Naser to Shahidullah Otmanzai, length ball bowled outside off, Otmanzai tries to cut it but misses as Naser finishes up with a dot!
7.5 Ikramullah Naser to Hakim Said, a full toss from Naser and played along the ground towards sweeper cover for another single. The batsman would feel that he missed out there. It was a juicy full toss outside the offstump.
7.4 Ikramullah Naser to Shahidullah Otmanzai, Otmanzai gets an inside-edge past the stumps and towards fine-leg for a single
7.3 Ikramullah Naser to Shahidullah Otmanzai, full ball on the stumps, Otmanzai looks to heave it away but gets it straight to the man at short midwicket! Good fielding this time.
7.2 Ikramullah Naser to Shahidullah Otmanzai, full ball outside off, Otmanzai tries to go big but fails to connect! The keeper fails to collect it as well.
7.1 Ikramullah Naser to Hakim Said, length ball on the stumps, Said plays it along the ground towards the off-side for a single. There was a fielder at short covers, but he was on his heels, giving away a non-existent single.
A bit wicket came in that over, but 14 runs came along with it. Just 14 more runs required now from 3 overs. They are placed in a comfortable position.
BCC 62/5 after 7 overs
6.6 Muhammad Ismail to Hakim Said, full ball on the leg stump, Said turns it behind square for just a single as the over comes to an end!
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