Minister Rajshahi 169/10 (20 ov)
Beximco Dhaka 167/5 (20 ov)
Minister Rajshahi won by 2 runs.
What an exciting contest this has been to kickstart the Bangabandhu T20 tournament in Bangladesh! Minister Rajshahi have beaten Beximco Dhaka by just 2 runs in a topsy-turvy thriller!

MRA managed to put on 169 on the board and looked like they could defend it from the very first ball. Tanzid Hasan (18) and Mohammad Naim (26) got starts but threw their wickets away quickly. Skipper Mushfiqur Rahim gave some hope to the Dhaka side with a composed knock of 41 runs off 34 balls. Although he scored just 3 boundaries and a six, his innings along with the 19-year-old Akbar Ali kept MDH in the balance! Seamer Muktar Ali swung his bat around and collected 3 sixes in the penultimate over to take the game deep but failed to put away Mahedi Hasan in the final over of the innings!

Talking about Mahedi Hasan, he was easily the pick of the bowlers with figures of 1/22 and that magnificent final over under pressure. He was supported by Ebadat Hossain, Arafat Sunny and Farhad Reza, who picked a wicket each in the second innings to win their first game of the tournament.

Minister Rajshahi are off with a win and be proud of the 2 in the points table! Do join us for the next game where Fortune Barishal and Gemcon Khulna lock horns from 6 PM IST!

Until then, I, Sameer Deodhar and my colleague Pradeep Somashekar take your leave. Good bye and take care!
19.6 Mahedi Hasan to Muktar Ali, MAHEDI YOU BEAUTY! Single handedly won the match for Rajshahi! Muktar was looking good to take it home but a breakthtaking final over from Mahedi ensured they win this just by 2 runs in the end. That was another yorker length outside off and Muktar failing to get enough bat on that, drills it down the ground to mid-on for just a single!
19.5 Mahedi Hasan to Muktar Ali, and it doesn't make any difference for Mahedi, another yorker, fired on the leg stump, Muktar unable to get any bat once again, dot ball again! 4 required off the last ball!
19.5 Mahedi Hasan to Muktar Ali, gets it right on the money again, doing his thing, yorker again, fired on the leg stump, Muktar failing to dig it out again, this is brilliant death over bowling from Mahedi, what a day he's been having! Umpire has gone upstairs for a stumping appeal! OH DEAR, the replays suggested that it's a NO-BALL! Twist in the tale here. 4 required off 2 balls!
19.4 Mahedi Hasan to Muktar Ali, FOUR! OH BOY! That was a full toss, Muktar swivels across and hammers it behind square for a boundary, poor delivery from Mahedi that! 5 required off 2 balls!
19.3 Mahedi Hasan to Muktar Ali, BRILLIANT! THREE DOTS ON THE TROTT! Yorker outside off, Muktar unable to get bat on ball here, another one that he couldn't dig it out! 9 required off 3 balls!
19.2 Mahedi Hasan to Muktar Ali, BRILLIANT, JUST BRILLIANT from Mahedi! That was a yorker on the pads, in the blockhole, Muktar fails to dig it out and another DOT! 9 required off 4 balls!
19.1 Mahedi Hasan to Muktar Ali, quicker delivery, on the pads, Muktar was late on to it, raps on the pads in the end, no run. DOT BALL! 9 required off 5 balls!
Mukhtar Ali has brought back Beximco Dhaka in the contention with three sixes in the penultimate over! BDH now need just 9 runs off the final over and the pressure has now shifted onto the bowling side! Mahedi Hasan to bowl the final over

BDH 161/5 (19.0 ov)
18.6 Farhad Reza to Muktar Ali, full delivery, outside off, Muktar hammers it down the ground towards long-off for a single. What an over for Beximco Dhaka that was!
18.5 Farhad Reza to Muktar Ali, SIX MORE! Muktar Ali YOU BEAUTY! That was a slower one, outside off, it was full, in the slot and Muktar waits for it and POWERED it all the way for another maximum! This is getting bad to worse for Rajshahi!
18.4 Farhad Reza to Muktar Ali, SIX! This is not good bowling from Reza. Full toss, just below the waist high and he SMOKED it over the deep square leg boundary for a maximum, huge hit! Muktar Ali turning the screws here! It was a gift from Reza and Ali didn't say no to it!
18.3 Farhad Reza to Sabbir Rahman, back of a length outside off, Sabbir hammers it straight down the ground to long-off for a single, they were thinking of taking a second, but decides not to go for it.
18.2 Farhad Reza to Muktar Ali, lower full toss on the middle and leg, Muktar smashes it straight to the deep mid-wicket fielder, single taken
18.1 Farhad Reza to Muktar Ali, SIX! Poor delivery first up, it was full in the slot as Muktar moves across and PUMMELS it over the deep square leg boundary for a maximum, nicely picked up the slower delivery in the end. Ali has already delivered with the ball and now he's delivering with the bat!
That over has helped Minister Rajshahi gain a strong hold over this game, especially with the dangerous Mushfiqur Rahim back in the hut!

BDH 140/5 (18.0 ov) need 30 runs off 12 balls!
17.6 Ebadat Hossain to Sabbir Rahman, short delivery, outside off, Sabbir pulls this one away towards cow corner, fielder from deep mid-wicker runs across to cut it off, comes back for a second in the end
17.5 Ebadat Hossain to Muktar Ali, short delivery, outside off, Muktar fails to put it away, hits it straight to the extra cover fielder, single taken. Beximco are under a lot of pressure here!
17.4 Ebadat Hossain to Sabbir Rahman, slower delivery, giving no pace at all, it was short onto Sabbir who pulls this one away towards deep mid-wicket for another single
17.3 Ebadat Hossain to Muktar Ali, slower one, a cutter, it was short and wide, Muktar cuts it and what a diving stop from the point fielder in the end, keeps it to just a single
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