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Black Panthers 67/9 (10 ov)
Punjab Warriors 70/4 (7 ov)
Punjab Warriors won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Hardeep Singh-Jr
Warriors get an all important win to lift their spirits and get points on the table, but they will be back in about 25 minutes to play their second game against the Royal Stars, which should be another cracker of a contest, with both teams eyeing that top spot. Do join us for that game in a bit. For now I have been Ankit along with Pratyush signing off. 
An Anti Climatic finish to the first match of the day, but have no doubt, it was a thrilling low scorer we've witnessed. Both teams were struggling with the bat on this pitch which was really troubling the batsman with the odd low bounce and taking the pace away through the game. Not a lot of maximums were scored in the entire game with just one being scored in the chase that too of the final ball. That goes to say something about the pitch's behaviour, which could play an even more important role in the coming matches today. 
Warriors have won the game as expected, but not without a lot of help from the Black Panther bowlers who have helped the batting team get half their runs through extras. As many as 34 runs came in extras in a score of 70. Half of the runs have been gifted to the Warriors who could have been in trouble, had the bowlers bowled legal deliveries. The pitch was not good to bat on no doubt, and the Warriors lost three wickets in quickly with Pepsi holding fort at one end. But the bowlers went haywire, were unable to stick to their lengths and have bowled themselves out of the game. 
First boundary for Raza, to calm his nerves a bit, to relax his mind, and get in a couple of boundaries to win this game with a maximum. Punjab Warriors win by 6 wickets. 
Over: 7 | Summary: 1lb 1 0 0 4 1w 1w 6 Bowler: Balwinder Singh Score: 70/4
6.6 Balwinder Singh to Umair Raza, SIX! RAZA FINISHES THINGS OFF IN STYLE! Good length delivery on off stump, Raza heaves it over midwicket and that was six from the moment it left his bat! 

Punjab Warriors win by 6 wickets.
6.6 Balwinder Singh to Umair Raza, that's another one going down the leg side. Wide called.
6.6 Balwinder Singh to Umair Raza, drifting down the leg side for a wide
6.5 Balwinder Singh to Umair Raza, FOUR! SHOT! A touch short outside off stump, crunched firmly towards cover, to find the fence
6.4 Balwinder Singh to Umair Raza, good length delivery outside off stump, Raza swings and misses
6.3 Balwinder Singh to Umair Raza, good length delivery on middle stump, Raza swipes it towards the fielder at shor tmidwicket
6.2 Balwinder Singh to Jagdeep Singh, full delivery on off stump, driven towards cover, for a single
6.1 Balwinder Singh to Umair Raza, good length delivery hitting the batsman on the pads, gets a single towards cover. Chaotic minute of play, with both the batsman down the same crease, and the fielding side unaware of what's happening with an LBW appeal being turned down. A lapse in judgement from the batsman who was almost on his way back. 
Shrimali gets his second wicket, it's a bit late for a comeback but he's not giving up just yet, and that's the way it should be. 12 needed off 24 balls. There could be a late twist in the game, but Pepsi holds the key. If Panthers get rid of Pepsi, they are still in the game with a chance. 
Over: 6 | Summary: 0 W 1w 0 0 1 0 Bowler: Puneet Shrimali Score: 56/4
5.6 Puneet Shrimali to Jagdeep Singh, good length dleivery on off stump, tapped back to the bowler by Jagdeep
5.5 Puneet Shrimali to Umair Raza, full delivery into the pads, clips the pads of Raza and gives them a single towards fine leg
5.5 Puneet Shrimali to Umair Raza, full delivery outside off stump, batsman swings and misses
5.4 Puneet Shrimali to Umair Raza, good length delivery wide of off stump, deceives the batsman with that one
5.3 Puneet Shrimali to Umair Raza, drifting down the leg side for a wide
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