Bohemian CC 61/6 (10 ov)
Prague CC Kings 64/3 (8.4 ov)
Prague CC Kings won by 7 wickets
A tighter affair than most of us anticipated. The cautious approach to chase this one down almost cost PCC Kings, as they lost wickets in a heap towards the end. Sharan Ramakrishnan and Arun Ashokan got their side off to a brilliant start with a 50-run stand, to get this game done and dusted really, but the pressure seemed to mount up on the middle order when both of them departed in a matter of a couple of deliveries.

Bohemian CC can take the positives out of this one. They were perhaps 15-20 runs short of a good target and might have been able to defend it had they scored something around the 80 run mark. Their batting will have to come good quickly if they want to progress to the latter stages of the tournament. They can't be having only two batsmen in double-figure scores and depend on their bowlers to get them out of a rut every time. 

As for Prague CC Kings, this was a clinical as a performance gets. They outplayed Bohemian CC in all three departments and thoroughly deserved this victory. They'll want to build on this win and do more of the same in their next game against the Prague Spartans Mobilizers, which will get underway in around 20 minutes' time. 

Do join us for that game as well. That's it for now though! This is Pratyush, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator, Prashanth, as the two of us take your leave. Remember to wear your masks, sanitize your hands and stay safe in these difficult times. Take care, see ya!
Thanks for coming, says Kushal Mendon as he hammers that one over mid-wicket to finish things off in style!

Prague CC Kings beat Bohemian CC by 7 wickets
8.4 Waseem Khan to Kushal Mendon, SIX! Full and straight at the stumps, Mendon clears his front leg and pumps this one over mid-wicket for a maximum to end proceedings here
8.3 Waseem Khan to Kushal Mendon, back of a length and coming into the pads, Mendon gets hit on the pads trying to turn this one away
8.2 Waseem Khan to Prakash Sadasivan, full-length ball outside the off-stump, Prakash has driven this one hard down to long-on for a single and gets off the mark
Is there still a sting left in the tail? Pressure is slowly mounting up on the PCC Kings. Surely they can't lose this one from here?

Prakash Sadasivan, right-hand bat, comes to the crease.
8.1 Waseem Khan to Sudesh Wickramasekara, OUT! CAUGHT! What is happening here? Length ball outside the off-stump and Sudesh has tapped this one straight into the hands of the backward point fielder. Is there a twist in this tale? Surely not you would think
Waseem Khan is back into the attack.
Just 5 runs coming off that over, but PCC Kings won't mind that too much. Surely should be the last over of the game.

Prague CC Kings need 5 runs in 12 balls at 2.5 rpo.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1W 1 1 1 0 Bowler: Ravindra Singh Bist Score: 57/2
7.6 Ravindra Singh Bist to Kushal Mendon, length ball tapped away to the point region, dot ball to finish the over.
OUCH! The Bohemian day gets worse. Their skipper, Javed Iqbal has been hit on the shin and is being helped off the ground by the medical staff. It was right off the knee cap. Those ones sting!
7.5 Ravindra Singh Bist to Sudesh Wickramasekara, DROPPED! Full and on stump line, Sudesh pumps it hard to the long-on region and it goes off the shin as he was hurt. They take a single. He is limping off the field now!
7.4 Ravindra Singh Bist to Kushal Mendon, full and outside the off-stump, Mendon gently taps this one into the off side for a quick single to get off the mark
7.3 Ravindra Singh Bist to Sudesh Wickramasekara, full-length ball angling into the pads, Sudesh flicks this one away to the leg side for a single
UTTER CHAOS! Needless from PCC Kings there. To be fair to Ashokan, he slipped as he tried to turn back for the second and simply just gave up on it after that. They had enough time to get back as the keeper missed the ball, but neither batsmen was going to turn back for it.

Kushal Mendon, right-hand bat, is the new batter at the crease.
7.2 Ravindra Singh Bist to Sudesh Wickramasekara, OUT! OH MY! Back of a length on stump line, Sudesh taps it to the off side and comes back for two. Ashokan is run out as he slipped and in the end both the batsman were at the same end. Jeez!
7.1 Ravindra Singh Bist to Arun Ashokan, JUST OVER! Length ball on stump line, Ashokan tries to pull it away over the mid-wicket fielder but gets it just over the short mid-wicket fielder after getting a top edge
Ravindra Singh Bist comes into the attack.
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