Prague CC Kings 83/3 (10 ov)
Bohemian CC 84/5 (9.3 ov)
Bohemian CC won by 5 wickets
Bohemian CC pull off a stunning five-wicket over Prague CC Kings!

was all but written off at the end of the seventh over after losing four wickets inside the first five overs. Just when it seemed all merry for the Prague Kings, Bhuiyan (36*off 20) and Iqbal (21 off 14) took the attack to Martin Glew, who conceded 20 off his only over. A brilliant comeback win for Bohemian CC, who end atop the league table at the end of day's play. Much to ponder for PCC, who face Prague Barbarian Visigoths tomorrow. 

That brings today's ECN Czech T10 Super Series coverage to an end and what a day it was? There are four more games scheduled for tomorrow as well, including the knockout games! Until then, this is Dwijesh Reddy and my senior partner, Habil Ahmed signing off. Take care and keep washing your hands!
9.3 A Ashokan to S Bhuiyan, takes a single to finish things off in the end. Easy win for the Bohemians, almost. Looks much easier than it was at 24/4 for sure!
9.2 A Ashokan to S Bhuiyan, another double of the second ball. 1 to win now!
9.1 A Ashokan to S Bhuiyan, hits that to the deep for two
9.1 A Ashokan to S Bhuiyan, takes a single to start things off in the last over after tit is signalled wide. BCC will not mind!
It does come down to the last over! BCC needs 6 runs off 6 balls! Who is going to come up trumps? Only time will tell..
8.6 S Dias to R Bist, dot ball to end the over! ANTI-CLIMAX! 6 needed off the last over.
8.5 S Dias to S Bhuiyan, pitches it shorter this time and the batsman has no idea what is happening there. Plays it onto his own body for a single.
8.4 S Dias to S Bhuiyan, driven towards midwicket for a couple there! Good running between the wickets! 7 needed off 8 balls
8.3 S Dias to R Bist, slightly overpitched and on the leg stump and he pushes it to midwicket for a single after the fielder fumbles. CHOAS EVERYWHERE! 9 needed off 9 now..
8.2 S Dias to J Iqbal, swings and he misses. Pitches it slightly shorter than the previous ball and the ball absolutely wrecks the stumps. OUT! Is there another twist in the tale? 10 needed off 10 now!
8.1 S Dias to J Iqbal, slightly overpitched and he's smashed that over midwicket for a HUUUUUGE six! BCC is smashing it's way to a win! WHAT A SHOT under pressure from the BCC captain! The RRR is under 6 now!
68-4 after 8 overs! BCC needs 16 runs off 12 balls!

A potentially match-winning over for Bohemian CC. 20 off that Martin Glew over. 
7.6 M Glew to S Bhuiyan, charges down the pitch and smacks that through the gap between deep midwicket and deep square leg! GAME ON!
7.5 M Glew to S Bhuiyan, he's hit that in the over and between the men at deep cover and long off! FOUR! WHAT A GAME-CHANGING OVER this is turning out to be!!
7.4 M Glew to S Bhuiyan, hit up in the air towards long on and it pops right out of the fielder's hands and over the line for six! BCC are back in the game!
7.3 M Glew to J Iqbal, charges out at the bowler and hits it towards the covers for one. 
7.2 M Glew to S Bhuiyan, loopy delivery and it is smashed towards deep cover for one run. This brings Iqbal to the firing line
7.1 M Glew to S Bhuiyan, batsman comes down the pitch and pierces the gap between the men in the deep behind the bowler and gets four! Great start to the over as Bhuiyan comes to the pitch of the ball. Could we see more of this in the over?
Martin Glew is into the attack. Is this the over for BCC?
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