Botanic Garden Rangers won by 27 runs.
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BGR have defeated LSH by a margin of 27 runs!

After posting a mammoth score of 72-0 on the board after the flurry of runs from Emmanuel Stewart and Hyron Shallow, BGR were in a commanding position in the match.

LSH began under the cloche with the big score to chase down and Kimari William's first over saw them crumble with two wickets in the first over itself! They had too much to chase down and the batsmen never got going as they struggled to find the boundaries! Only Dilon Douglas and Kavem Hodge managed to get into double figures as they kept losing wickets at regular intervals. 

Zemron Providence was the pick of the bowlers for BGR picking three wickets in his over and conceded just seven runs!

An easy win in the end for BGR as they won their second match in a row courtesy some strong hitting from their top-order batsmen. LSH have now won one and lost one in the tournament. 
4.6 Romario Bibby to Benniton Stapleton, FOUR! Ends the match with a boundary as Stapleton gets a thick edge over the short fine leg and runs away from the fielder at fine leg for a boundary and Rangers win this comfortably as their bowlers proved to be too good in the end for Hikers batsman!
4.5 Romario Bibby to Tilron Harry, on the good length, Harry gives himself room on the middle stump and swats it away towards deep mid-wicket for only a single
4.4 Romario Bibby to Benniton Stapleton, short delivery, Stapleton goes for the hoick and gets a bottom edge past the keeper and they scamper for a quick single
4.3 Romario Bibby to Benniton Stapleton, short delivery, Stapleton gives himself some room and swats it away towards deep covers and come back for a couple of runs in the end, Umpire says one short as Stapleton did not cross the crease in his hurry to get back on strike!
4.2 Romario Bibby to Tilron Harry, short delivery on the off stump, Harry pulls this one on the on-side and is happy to just take a single
4.1 Romario Bibby to Tilron Harry, full delivery, on the 4th stump line, bowled away from Harry and he goes for the almighty swing at it and misses, DOT BALL!
LSH have scored 36-5 after 4 overs!
Final over up next and they need 36 in 6!

Kavem Hodge begins the over with a cut over backward point for the boundary but holds out to the man at long-on with a pull on the shorter delivery as Zemron Providence got his man! The left-arm spinner got another wicket as Othneil Lewis had to depart after mistiming his hoick and Dilon Douglas was bowled on the final delivery as Providence got three wickets in the over and conceded just 6 runs at a crucial time!
3.6 Zemron Providence to Tilron Harry, fired it into Harry who tucked it away on the on-side and runs a single to get off the mark
3.6 Zemron Providence to Tilron Harry, WIDE! Bowled way outside the off stump and Umpire calls that a wide
3.5 Zemron Providence to Dillon Douglas, OUT! TIMBER! Fired it into Douglas, kept it wicket to wicket, Douglas goes for the swing, misses and it rattles his stumps in the end and things are getting out of hand for Hikers now! Hat-Trick ball up next!
3.4 Zemron Providence to Othneil Lewis, OUT! Quicker delivery, it was full and Lewis goes for the hoick and ends up hitting it in the air towards long-off boundary and the fielder converge and takes an easy catch and the Hikers are falling like a pack of cards now
3.3 Zemron Providence to Dillon Douglas, tossed up, it was full into Douglas who looked to hoick it and toe ends it towards deep square leg and just a single as the fielder did well to quickly get on it!
3.2 Zemron Providence to Kavem Hodge, OUT! Short delivery into Hodge as he goes for the pull and he hits it straight to the long-on fielders throat and he holds on to it easily in the end, Hodge has to go here after looking in fine touch!
3.1 Zemron Providence to Kavem Hodge, FOUR! Quicker and shorter, outside off, Hodge rocks back and dispatches it over the point region and that races to the fence, welcome boundary for Hodge who begins well for LSH!
LSH are 30-2 from 3 overs.

The two batsmen Hodge and Douglas are running brilliantly between the wickets as they ran for everything around the park. Five braces in the over from Donald Delpleche as LSH need 43 in 12 balls to win!
2.6 Donald Delpleche to Kavem Hodge, full delivery into the pads, Hodge goes for the hoick and misses, it thuds on his pads and they steal a leg bye, Donald does it well by not conceding a boundary in that over
2.5 Donald Delpleche to Kavem Hodge, short delivery on the middle and leg, Hodge smashes it towards deep mid-wicket and the fielder comes across and stops it just infront of the boundary and they come back for another couple in the end
2.4 Donald Delpleche to Kavem Hodge, excellent change of pace from Donald, Hodge plays this one early and toe ends it towards covers, once again they come back for a second in the end
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