Brescia Cricket Club 107/2 (7.3 ov)
Brescia Cricket Club won by 8 wickets
With the third straight loss, the chances of ALCC are not left with any realistic chance of advancing in the tournament. BRCC on the other hand looks really good with their third win on the trot. It has been a day of some entertaining cricket at the Rome T10 league. We will be back with more action tomorrow. Do join us. Until this, this is Prasanth and Bala signing off. Goodbye! 
Yasir Nawaz and Babar Hussain did the job for BRCC. Babar was more conventional among both of them. He hit 5 boundaries and 3 maximums and remained not out at the end scoring 45 runs from 22 balls. It was absolutely brutal stuff from Yasir Nawaz from the other end. He cleared the fence 5 times before falling for 42 runs from just 15 balls. 

There wasn't much joy for the ALCC bowlers. All of them went for plenty. Lakhwinder Pal was the only one who went for less than 10 runs an over. He conceded 8 runs and picked up a wicket off his solitary over. 
That was some hitting by both the openers. Never gave the bowlers any let off. It must have been really entertaining to the viewers, but not quite for the bowlers on the field who bore the brunt of it.
BRCC beat ALCC by 8 wickets with 2.2 overs to spare
7.4 Amandeep Singh to Ammad Khan, BYES! FOUR BYES! Tossed up delivery outside off-stump beats everything and it races away to the third-man fence and that marks the end of the contest.
7.3 Amandeep Singh to Ammad Khan, SIX! Tossed up well outside off-stump and the batsman goes down on one knee and slog sweeps over long-on for a maximum. Ammad Khan wants to have some fun before the game concludes.
7.2 Amandeep Singh to Babar Hussain, short delivery outside off-stump and cut away to the fielder at point and a misfield means they get a single.
7.1 Amandeep Singh to Babar Hussain, SIX! Tossed up outside off-stump and the batsman comes down the track and sends it over long-on for yet another maximum this time. Right to the pitch of the ball, and he send it sailing over the long-on fence. Brilliant hit!
Eight runs came from the over along with a wicket. But not sure how valuable will that be. Just 13 more runs to win now. BRCC looks to be cruising along.
BRCC 94/2 after 7 overs
6.6 Lakhwinder Pal to Imad Khan, OUT! Tossed up and once again trying to send it over long-on but this time the fielder at long-on doesn't make any mistake. That was an action replay of the earlier shot, the only difference being that the fielder managed to hold on to it this time.
6.5 Lakhwinder Pal to Imad Khan, tossed up delivery outside off-stump and the batsman gets a top edge on the sweep as he gets back for two. Shouts of catch, but it just evades the fielder at short fine-leg.
6.4 Lakhwinder Pal to Imad Khan, short ball and the batsman fails to make contact on the cut shot.
6.3 Lakhwinder Pal to Imad Khan, tossed up delivery played back to the bowler this time. A rare dot ball.
6.3 Lakhwinder Pal to Imad Khan, WIDE! Well outside off-stump this time. The batsman tries to reach it, but it is too wide for him.
6.2 Lakhwinder Pal to Babar Hussain, DROPPED! Tossed up delivery lofted straight to long-on and its' put down by the fielder. That is really sloppy stuff. It was straight to the man, but he never looked in any position to take that catch.
6.1 Lakhwinder Pal to Babar Hussain, FOUR! Tossed up well outside off-stump and the batsman reaches out for it and sweeps to the square-leg fence for a boundary. That was dragged from way outside off, but timed well. Lot of muscle in the shot.
A big wicket came their way, but the over still cost them 10 runs. It is a real tough task for them to come back into this game. Just 21 runs required from 24 balls now.  
BRCC 86/1 after 6 overs
5.6 Hashmat Dhindsa to Imad Khan, full-length ball outside off-stump lofted over the infield for a couple this time
5.5 Hashmat Dhindsa to Imad Khan, SIX! Full and in the slot and he creams this shot over long-on for a huge hit. That sounded dangerous and it ends up over the boundary ropes. Nothing wrong with that shot, you would say. The elbow was as straight as it can possibly get! Beautiful cricketing shot.
5.4 Hashmat Dhindsa to Babar Hussain, full and on stump line played to mid-wicket as they set off for a quick single
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