Brescia Cricket Club 50/10 (7.3 ov)
Cividate 9/1 (1.4 ov)
Match Abandoned
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Cividate had a golden chance to pull off a miracle as they had reduced one of the tournament favourites, Brescia to just 50. But the weather gods were not by their side as it started raining heavily when the chase began. Brescia getting off jail. As a result both teams will be sharing a point each. 
UPDATE! The official word coming in is that the match has been abandoned
The rain has got very heavy. The two umpires are having a word and the players have been taken off the field. We will have a rain delay! For the match to complete Cividate will have to play at least 5 overs. So the remaining 3.3 overs need to be bowled in the next 30 minutes or the match would be called off. Hopefully, we have action soon. Stay logged on to Sportskeeda for all the live updates. 
1.3 Zai Mushtaq to Kuljinder Singh, drifting down the leg side for another wide. Seems like that might be the last bit of action from this game.
1.3 Zai Mushtaq to Kuljinder Singh, another full and wide delivery going away with the angle. Umpire signals for a wide this time!
1.3 Zai Mushtaq to Kuljinder Singh, OH! Full delivery on the fifth stump line, Singh is done with the extra pace and is lucky to not get an outside edge.
1.2 Zai Mushtaq to Kuljinder Singh, another full delivery angling away from Singh, this one just creeps inside the tramline. Just! 
1.1 Zai Mushtaq to Kuljinder Singh, full delivery angling away from the right-hander, seemed like a wide but the umpire didn't think so
Zai Mushtaq to bowl. 
It is raining heavily now! But the umpires are going ahead with the contest for the moment. For the match to have a conclusion, Cividate will have to play at least five overs. 
Seven runs and a wicket from the first over. Faisal Shah bowling with great aggression and picking the wicket of Dara Shikoh. Shah then beat the outside edge Abdul Rehman's bat on the last three balls. 

Over: 1 | Summary: 6 0 0 W 0 0 Bowler: Dara Shikoh Score: 6/1
0.6 Faisal Shah to Abdul Rehman, OH! Full delivery angling away outside off-stump, some late swing on offer but nothing to trouble Rehman, who was beaten by pace
0.5 Faisal Shah to Abdul Rehman, back of a length delivery angling away from off-stump, Rehman gets beaten as he goes for a loose stroke
0.4 Faisal Shah to Abdul Rehman, full delivery wide of off-stump uses the angle nicely as the ball creeps just inside the tramline
0.3 Faisal Shah to Abdul Rehman, No ball called! High full toss on the stumps, Rehman swings his bat at it and gets a thick outside edge that flies towards the third man fence
0.3 Faisal Shah to Kuljinder Singh, full in-swinging delivery, looking for that cracking delivery again, Singh watchfully works it towards mid-wicket, for a single
Kuljinder Singh walks out to bat. 
0.2 Faisal Shah to Dara Shikoh, CLEANED HIM UP WITH A PEACH! Full in-swinging yorker, Dara plays all over that one and looks back at his stumps being an absolute mess! Pleasure sight for the fast bowler. Brescia get their ideal start!
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