Brescia Cricket Club won by 6 runs.
Player of the match: Imad Khan
Huge ups to Mushtaq who delivered a strong last over and saw his team through. Great game comes to an exciting, wet finish. The ECS spirit is alive and kicking. These boys will continue playing even if the earth decides to separate from beneath their feet. See y'all soon, stay tuned for more live action. 
Then came the leggie Iqbal who was taken to the cleaners by Waseem Ahmed which gave Janjua a burst of life and hope in the chase. What came after was rain and a whole lotta woodwork! At one point they needed 86 from the 36 and then before you knew it the equation was 23 from 12. The rain helped the ball come onto the bat quicker which enabled strokeplay. 
King Jafri and Faisal Shah started off brilliantly, bowling tricky lengths with some shape and most importantly, offering no room to access the ball easily. 
Brescia have doooone it! Wow! After looking to be well and truly in control of the game in the halfway mark, they were put under the pump by Janjua in the last five. 
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 2 1b 2w W W 0 Bowler: Malik Mushtaq Score: 100/5
9.6 Malik Mushtaq to Ahmadullah Safi, HE'S DONE IT! MALIK MUSHTAQ PREVAILS! BRESCIA CC PREVAIL IN AN ABSOLUTE THRILLER OF A CONTEST! On a full length outside off, Safi gives himself room and looks to open up the off-side but is beaten for pace as the ball goes through to the keeper! What a contest we've had today amidst the rain pelting down heavily! Brescia CC win by 6 runs! Phew!
9.5 Malik Mushtaq to Shiraz Utmanzai, OUT! BOWLED HIM! WHAT A MOMENT IN THE GAME! Straight at the stumps, back of a length and Shiraz pulls hard but to no avail as the ball beats the bat to uproot the middle stump! SIX TO TIE - GOLDEN BALL ANYBODY?
9.4 Malik Mushtaq to Suleman Ali, RUN OUT! IS THIS THE GAME? Back of a length and angling wide outside off, Suleman swings and misses before teeing off for a bye but a sharp underarm throw from the keeper catches Nasir short of his crease! DOT BALL AS WELL!
9.4 Malik Mushtaq to Nasir Ramzan, WIDE! OH DEAR! Sprays it well down leg and past the keeper's reach; fine leg picks up as the batsmen complete an extra run!
9.3 Malik Mushtaq to Suleman Ali, swing and a miss outside off, but they will cross over nonetheless and complete a bye!
9.2 Malik Mushtaq to Suleman Ali, slashed high over mid-on; the bowler's shoe comes off as he charges towards the ball! Goodness me we have seen everything today haven't we? Two runs it is as the batsmen charge back in time!
9.1 Malik Mushtaq to Nasir Ramzan, full outside off, walks across and toe-ends it to the keeper as he looks to ramp but his partner pulls him across for a run! Gutsy single!
That was a blockbuster of an word. A catch that split two fielders who are clearly wearing banana skins as shoes. A caught and bowled by the bowler who gives a gentle pat on his victim's helmet and another dropped catch. 13 now needed from 6. Umpire seems to be in a mood of continuing even a tsunami shows up. That's the ECS spirit. Try finding it elsewhere. Actually don't. You. Will. Fail. 
Over: 9 | Summary: 2 1w W 0 2 2 1 Bowler: Muhammad Iqbal Score: 94/3
8.6 Muhammad Iqbal to Nasir Ramzan, a touch short around off, pulled towards long on as Nasir retains strike! This is going down to the wire here! And what's more? Add five penalty runs in favor of Janjua owing to a slow over-rate from Brescia CC! 13 needed now off the last over!
8.5 Muhammad Iqbal to Nasir Ramzan, pulled around the corner behind square as the fielder picks up; Nasir wants the strike though and he charges back for the second!
8.4 Muhammad Iqbal to Nasir Ramzan, DROPPED! WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE! Heaves a length ball over long on where the man runs in to fluff a rather simple one; Nasir races back to complete the second run!
8.3 Muhammad Iqbal to Nasir Ramzan, on a length outside off, swings and fails to connect!
8.2 Muhammad Iqbal to Waseem Ahmad, OUT! CAUGHT AND BOWLED! Miscues a length delivery outside off, the ball is skied high before dropping into the hands of the bowler who slides and holds on to it! Huge moment in the game!
8.2 Muhammad Iqbal to Waseem Ahmad, WIDE! PRESSURE! Sprayed down leg, has to reload!
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