Brescia Cricket Club 108/10 (9.5 ov)
Brescia Cricket Club won by 43 runs.
That's all from the Rome T10 league today. Hope you have enjoyed our coverage. We have more matches coming your way tomorrow. Do join us! Until then, it is goodbye from Sameer and Bala!
That was a run chase that never got going. When you are chasing a target of nearly 11 runs an over, you have to get going right from the beginning. Unfortunately for RBCC, none of their batsmen could do that. The openers tried to build a platform, but they were a bit too slow, to begin with. It meant that by the time Hossain Fahad got out for 11 from 16 balls in the 5th over, it was too much pressure on the batsmen to follow. All of them ended up getting dismissed going for the big shots, and it was an easy enough win for the Brescia CC.

All the bowlers bowled well for BRCC. Javed and Shadnan started well giving away just 24 runs in the powerplay. Then it was the turn of Basharat Ali and Imran Naveed. They gave away just 16 runs between them in their 4 overs and picked 2 wickets each. Basharat Ali was really unlucky to have missed out on more wickets. In the end, the target of 109 was just too much for the Rome Bangla side.
BRCC defeats RBCC by 43 runs!
9.6 A. Khan to H. Adnan, Swings and misses the slower full delivery just outside off-stump. And that wraps up a comfortable victory for the Bresica Cricket Club.
9.5 A. Khan to K. Abdul, Steps out and misses the slower one that passes over the stumps, keeper fails to collect it and allows a bye
9.4 A. Khan to K. Abdul, FOUR! Steps out and connects the heave over point for a boundary! Something to cheer about for Abdul. He sliced it away well over the point region.
9.3 A. Khan to K. Abdul, Gets too much on the backfoot and fails to reach the ball well outside off. He was late on that cut shot.
9.2 A. Khan to H. Adnan, Pushes the length ball on the off-side for a single. The fielder at point tidies it up well.
9.1 A. Khan to H. Adnan, Misses the slog on a slower full delivery outside off. He is just swinging for it now.
9.1 A. Khan to H. Adnan, Full delivery on the wide line, called wide by the umpire
9.1 A. Khan to H. Adnan, Roams everywhere around the pitch and misses the swing on a wide delivery outside off
Last over coming up. RBCC are definitely out of this now. It's just formalities remaining.
RBCC 57/6 after 9 overs.
8.6 I. Khan to K. Abdul, Steps out and swirls it uppishly to deep mid-wicket for two runs. It was a desperate dive from the fielder at the boundary but fell just short of him. Good attempt.
8.5 I. Khan to H. Adnan, Taps one behind point for a single. He waited for that to come to him and just placed it on the off-side.
8.4 I. Khan to H. Adnan, Misses the slog on a full delivery just outside the off-stump
8.3 I. Khan to K. Abdul, Miscues the sweep to short mid-wicket and scampers for a run
8.2 I. Khan to K. Abdul, SIX! Brings out the slog sweep over deep square and hits the first six of the innings! The batsman finally times one well and nails it over the mid-wicket boundary.
8.1 I. Khan to K. Abdul, FOUR! Gets a top-edge on the sweep and the ball runs away to the thirdman fence for a boundary! That boundary took a long time coming. He would not be proud of that shot, but a boundary it is!
Just two overs remaining now, and the Rome Bangla team would be resigned to their fate. They require 66 runs from 2 overs, which seems difficult unless someone hits 11 sixes or thereabouts.
RBCC 43/6 after 8 overs
7.6 I. Naveed to H. Adnan, The rising delivery gets big on him and Adnan misses the cut. He was really late on the ball that time.
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