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Brisbane Heat 115/3 (10 ov)
Melbourne Stars 110/5 (10 ov)
Heat won by 18 runs (D/L)
Player of the match: Chris Lynn
We've had just about everything in this game! Fours and sixes, rain, wickets, spectacular catches and some edge of the seat action. It's been a nail-biting chase for sure. Chasing 129 in 10 overs after a rain-curtailed first innings, wasn't going to be easy for the Stars. But they fought, and fought pretty well. With Maxwell and Stoinis going soon, it looked like the Heat were going to have it easy in the end. But it wasn't to be! Larkin played a magnificent cameo in the end. What a brilliant effort from him but it just wasn't enough in the end to see the Stars over the line. Although, he's given us some wonderful entertainment for sure! 

Mark Steketee with three wickets the stand out bowler for Heat. Those included the big one's of Maxwell and Pooran. Which did push the Stars back a bit and built the momentum for Heat. Gregory got Stoinis at the right time as well and that gave them the edge. Some good catching and fielding on display as well. Always helps while defending a score! It was those last two overs that costed Stars the game while Heat were batting. 42 from them and indeed, that cameo from Joe Burns proving to be the difference between the two sides in the end. 

Full points from the game for Brisbane as they managed to grab the Bash Boost Point as well. They're up and running after a poor start and this is gaining momentum at the right time in the tournament. They've made a turnaround and this will further boost their confidence. For the Stars, fourth loss and they drop down to sixth. Not too far away from Heat and the others at the top obviously with games still to come, but it's the momentum from these losses that gets hampered. They've got to look to regroup quickly. The race for the final four is only getting more and more interesting with every game going by! 

This is me (Rishab) and Pradeep signing off! Hope you enjoyed our coverage of this exciting clash from the BBL! 
What an excellent final over from Bartlett under pressure! Perfect execution and he's done it for Heat! It's another win from them and they are turning on the Heat in that points table for themselves! Stars gave it their all and this was certainly a thrilling chase, but they've held their nerves and pulled off a win! It's an important one and they move to the fifth spot now! 
Over: 10 | Summary: 1lb 0 1 1 1 W Bowler: Xavier Bartlett Score: 110/6
9.6 Xavier Bartlett to Seb Gotch, Xavier Bartlett you beauty, holds his nerve in this final over. That was full on the off stump as Gotch backs away to smash but hits it straight to the mid-off fielder who holds on to it brilliantly. Brisbane Heat win this match by 18 runs!

Ground umpire goes upstairs as the replays suggested that the ball touched the ground first before the fielder took the catch and Gotch remains NOT OUT in the end!
9.5 Xavier Bartlett to Nick Larkin, full this time on the off stump line. Larkin sets himself up for a hoick but once again doesn't get it of the meat of the bat and hits it towards long-on for just a single
Should be the game for Heat, unless they do something silly from here
9.4 Xavier Bartlett to Seb Gotch, full toss just below waist height as Gotch goes for the hoick and manages to hit it towards long-on for a single, brings Larkin on strike
9.3 Xavier Bartlett to Nick Larkin, slower delivery into Larkin on the full on the middle and leg as he goes for the hoick but doesn't get it of the meat of the bat as the ball rolls towards mid-wicket for just a single
9.2 Xavier Bartlett to Nick Larkin, EXCELLENT from Bartlett as he bowls a yorker wide outside off and Larkin had no clue whatsoever who looked to carve that one out but misses, through to the keeper
9.1 Xavier Bartlett to Seb Gotch, slower delivery into Gotch on the middle and leg as he swivels to pull this one away but misses, hits him on the thigh as they scamper through for a quick leg-bye
Xavier Bartlett has the ball
The fielding has been excellent from the Heat! With all the catches and efforts. Full from Gregory as well but he's failed to get it right this time! This has turned out to be another expensive over and this game is not done just yet! The Stars are fighting and how! Nick Larkin is on fire! Is this going to be a match-winning cameo? This is a massive over. Total carnage! It's 23 off the last over! 
Over: 9 | Summary: 4 2 4 1nb 6 2 4 Bowler: Lewis Gregory Score: 106/5
8.6 Lewis Gregory to Nick Larkin, FOUR! UP AND OVER. Larkin you beauty, what an innings he's playing and has kept Stars hopes alive. That was short and wide. Larkin gets under that and upper cuts that one way over the backward point region for a boundary to finish the over
8.5 Lewis Gregory to Nick Larkin, slower delivery, short outside off. Larkin waits for it and pushes it past the point region and they come back for a second in the end, brilliant running!
8.4 Lewis Gregory to Nick Larkin, SIX! KABOOM! Full in the slot on the off stump. Larkin stands still in this crease and POWERS this down the ground and way over the long-on fielders head for a maximum! GAME ON FOLKS!
8.4 Lewis Gregory to Nick Larkin, NO-BALL! That was full in the blockhole on the leg stump line as Larkin had no idea about it and misses, through between his legs. Umpire calls that a front foot no-ball. FREE HIT COMING UP!
8.3 Lewis Gregory to Nick Larkin, FOUR! Alright, that was full on the fourth stump line, in the arc for Larkin as he backs away to smash it towards deep extra cover for another boundary
8.2 Lewis Gregory to Nick Larkin, OH MY WORD! Simply unbelievable fielding this from the Heat as Bryant plucks it out of thin air and throws this one back into the play. What a save this from Bryant. Save a certain boundary. That was a slower one, it was short as well. Larkin reads it well and smokes it away towards deep mid-wicket and Bryant pulls up a stunner at dep!
8.1 Lewis Gregory to Nick Larkin, FOUR! Full outside off. Larkin plants his front leg away and clobbers that one over the extra cover region and picks up another boundary
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